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About the author:

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My name is Cristian Gologan.
On October 17, 2012, my mother, Rodica died, after more than three years of struggling with a teminal colon cancer and, most important, after massive surgery, over 2 years of regular chemotherapy , in great pain , due to cachexia( wasting away of the cancer patient’s body, reduced to skin and bones) ,in an oncology hospital, under the supervision of doctors who were unable to do anything.
I remember very well how hard and late she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, after „dragging” through  hospitals and begging doctors for several months.I remember my mother crying at the doors outside doctors’ offices , telling them about the intense pain and bleeding and the way we where sent after papers and papers .. And time was running out .. Very hard and late she was diagnosed with cancer in the last phase which had spread enormously(metastasis) through lymphatic system and lymph nodes, and to major internal organs.
Superficiality, indifference, carelessness from the „medical system” – issues that I’m sure many of you have faced.
An extremely difficult surgery followed that removed a good part of the intestinal system and more. I remember my mother before and after surgery – she had lost over 20 kilograms within a week. He had become a „skeleton” in just one week. The whole family and everyone that saw her then was shocked!
Over 2 years of regular chemotherapy followed:every 2 weeks. When chemo could not be performed by IV(IntraVenously) , because the veins could not accept any more drugs, another surgery was performed so that the chemicals could enter the body via an „intubation” (a hole in the neck done by surgery through which a tube entered )I will avoid now to describe in detailed condition after a chemotherapy session Side effects such as hair loss did not matter compared to others …
She died in the end, in great pain, after 5 weeks of permanent qualified medical supervision, in a hospital, due to cachexia ( wasting away of the body, reduced to skin and bones), something common to about 80% of advanced cancer patients that literally kills 40% of them. The „surprising” thing was that the qualified  oncologists who supervised her said they had no ideea what was going on and how to stop it.
Revenge on the medical system or similar things I will NOT bring relief and won’t help anyone.
All I ever wanted was for my mother not to suffer and, most importantly, I always hoped she would do well.
I wanted to tell you about what  my mother went through, as to let you know in advance what to expect.
I wish NOone to have to go through similar experiences(though , from what I’ve learned during my research , most of the people go through the same things; unfortunately my mother was not an exceptional case, she was the typical case) !
I remember mother’s words before she died in Oncology Hospital,after her last  5 weeks of torment where her only food were infusions as doctors just supervised as she shriveled ( like grapes turn into raisins,) due to cachexia( a symptom common to about 80% of advanced cancer patients) :
„My biggest regret  is that I could not do otherwise and I ve let you ,my loved ones, see me torment!”
Once my mother was diagnosed with cancer and mainly due to the effects of each session of chemotherapy that only worsen  my mother’s condition, I began to thoroughly study this disease, more and more present nowadays.
I am an IT&C engineer (I graduated Automation and Computer Science Faculty ) with a Master Degree in Licenses, Trademarks and Patents for Inventions , qualifications that helped me in my research and understanding of the truth about the „war on cancer”.
In addition, I always had a  passion and proactive attitude to health, vigor, good tone, physical energy and psychical energy- positive mental attitude  – health that experience has taught me that neither money , NOR the medical system cannot provide.
I have always loved and I will always love my mom! 
Therefore, I wished with all my heart, that my mom will get well and I wanted to provide her those options that could offer her the best chances of survival and beating her cancer. For this, over the years, I have invested all the resources I had  to find those options. All the time, energy, knowledge in the field, the power to discern and especially GOODWILL!
I tried to provide my  mother those  alternative  cancer treatments that were most efficient, safe (non-toxic), with solid  scientific explanation and that have worked in as many cases as possible. 
I did NOT want to console myself with the idea that my mother will not be around longer and to limit just to offering her ” the last beautiful moments of her life „
I wanted my mother to receive the best information so that she would  be able to choose from what’s best to have maximum chances beating the disease!   
In this desperate search of mine where I focused ALL my resources (energy, time, money, etc.) in researching for best options that could help my mother when she was still alive , I came to know and even become friends with  people that are very competent, valued and recognized worldwide in the field of alternative cancer treatments, „personalities” among the internationally recognized (it would be inappropriate to say the most recognized because it is extremely difficult to compare people like Dr.Iosef Issels Dr Johanna Budwig , Dr Max Gerson, Dr.William  Kelley, Dr. Gonzalez, Dr Phillip E. Binzel, Dr. Burzinski, Dr. Royal Rife or any other personalities in alternative treatment of cancer , each with its own approach, complex treatments and therapies, success rates, etc..), including chairmans of TOP foundations and institutes renowned worldwide in research and treatment of cancer, both alternative (includes natural) and conventional medicine – all the ways that actually helped thousands of people worldwide.
They support for my initiative, but I’ve  mentioned the above primarily in order to understand what I say, as you will see, that treating and beating cancer is not done miraculously , but everything is based on solid science, (not as conventional  medicine states: „miracles” (needless to say that conventional medicine even now, in 2013,  states they do not know how a cell turns cancerous, thus, conventional medicine claims it does NOT know how to treat cancer) ) and to provide support for my statements and add credibility and authority (as ALL information presented here and in the book represent the CUMULATIVE result of both my research and, more important, research of the „authorities” above mentioned ,         world renowned in the field, based on decades of studies, research and experiments confirmed by hundreds of thousands of cases of healings, research independent of financial interests ! ).  
Note: You will find all the scientific studies I’m referring to above, cited both on this website and in the book!

About the book:

While there are more than 400 alternative cancer treatments(in fact, about 600, with a solid scientific foundation   and confirmed by hundreds of thousands of healings. that can cure or help significantly newly diagnosed cancer patients, very few of these treatments will be helpful for someone who has had a large number of conventional cancer treatments (chemotherapy / radiation), since most alternative cancer treatments are not sufficiently powerful or not working fast enough for those affected by chemo / radiation or for those who are very advanced( the painful truth is that about 50% of all cancer patients already have metastasis when they are diagnosed and many have chemo/ radiation after diagnosis ).

Chemotherapy and radiation are not only very inefficient but they only add to the damage, and add significantly( besides simply no scientific evidence as chemotherapy/radiation can extend the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers” , they affect, intoxicate, irradiate and damage ALL cells in body( they make NO difference between cancer cells and healthy cells), besides visible side-effects, they destroy  a patients immune system making the patient very vulnerable to more aggressive types of cancer, are carcinogenic (they induce cancer even in healthy people), often kill a patient’s vital organ such as the liver or heart, thus can even KILL a patient a long time before the patient would have died if he opted not for NO treatment at all.

That is how bad chemotherapy /radiation really are and it has all been confirmed by extended studies.


I will mention one study, performed by a german epidemiologist from the Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic, Dr. Ulrich Abel , who has done a comprehensive review and analysis of every major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done. His conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to embark on the Chemo Express. To make sure he had reviewed everything ever published on chemotherapy, Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centers around the world asking them to send him anything they had published on the subject. Abel researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the world knows more about chemotherapy than he.

The analysis took him several years, but the results are astounding: Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling” because there was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can “extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers. Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rarely can improve the quality of life. He describes chemotherapy as “a scientific wasteland” and states that at least 80 percent of chemotherapy administered throughout the world is worthless, and is akin to the “emperor’s new clothes” – neither doctor nor patient is willing to give up on chemotherapy even though there is no scientific evidence that it works! – Lancet 10 Aug 91 


Surprinzing, radiation theraphy uses doses of at least 20,000 mSv to ” treat ” cancer (doses can be much higher, depending on the „treated” area ) when accidental ionizing radiation is FATAL for the human body  is 10,000 mSv and ionizing radiation that is higher than 100 mSv (annual dose at which increased lifetime cancer risk)  causes cancer (including  X-rays, mammograms , higher doses from CT scans and radiotherapy).



Prof. Jones (1956 Transactions of the NY Academy of Medical Sciences, Vol 6):

„My studies have proven conclusively that UNtreated cancer patients live up to four times longer than medicinal treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing, he will live longer and feel better than if they undergo radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, except when operations are used in life-threatening situations that immediately. ”

See also http://breakfornews.com/sickofdoctors/articles/medicalignorance.htm


There are many, many other extended studies that confirm the above mentioned about both chemotherapy and radiation. Read more about  chemotherapy / Radiation (click here) or my post on blogs.naturalnews.com: http://blogs.naturalnews.com/should-one-use-conventional-cancer-treatments-chemotheraphy-or-radiation/


The worst part is that most patients already had significant chemo/radiation sessions before trying alternative and natural medicine, and those 600 treatments rarely can be of any help. In fact there are only about 15 alternative cancer treatments that can offer a patient with advanced cancer who is in critical condition, heavily affected by chemo and/or radiation a REAL CHANCE of survival.It was also my mothers case, thus this is what I focused my research upon.

This type of treatments I detailed  in my first volume:

Alternative cancer treatments reported to be most efficient and safe for the body(NON-toxic) in the most advanced cancer cases ( including those affected by chemo / radiation.) 

Everything I’ve included  is solidly based on science, scientific studies, completed with feedback from cancer patients  and you will find solid studies regarding treatments described cited in the book !

To help those in critical conditions, in this first volume I will try to present in particular those protocols( combinations of) effective alternative cancer treatments that:

  • „Gain time” (extended one’s life) – to give other treatments enough time to become effective
  • STOP the spread of cancer
  • Prevent & STOP CACHEXIA( the „cycle of death” that KILLS about 50% of ALL cancer patients)
  • Safely and Effectively „get rid” of cancer cells
  • Deal with other issues and needs of a cancer patient(including damage from chemo/radiation)

The  priority of this volume is fighting and remitting cancer.

„Surprisingly” most of these treatments and also  some of the most powerful treatments , can be done at home, without major costs and or sacrifices and do NOT require travelling to clinics or institutes  but I also mentioned clinics and institutes for those interested as their experience can sometimes prove vital.

„Surprisingly” in fact is not very surprising and is due to the fact  these treatments involve changes in entire lifestyle as they focus on re balancing a weak patient, on covering as many of the priorities and needs of an ( advanced ) cancer patient , from energizing and keeping the patient alive(making sure he/she survives during and after the treatment), preventing & stopping cachexia, preventing & stopping the spread of cancer, killing cancer safely and effectively, strengthening the immune system and on dealing with many other needs of an (advanced) cancer patient.

Of course, being suitable for advanced cases, they  are suitable for newly diagnosed cases but newly diagnosed patients also benefit from the enormous advantage of NOT being destroyed by chemo / radiation therapy.

In addition, these treatments try to repair the damage from chemo / radiotherapy, although this is very, very difficult: many advanced cancer patients(with metastasis and cachexia) have wrote and have thanked me as they got well after being sent home to die , being told by doctors that there there was nothing they could do for them, but these patients do not know how much  being sent home without any chemo/radiation matters. In my mother’s case, after 2 years of regular chemo, nothing worked!


So here is what I have detailed thoroughly in this first volume(328 pages)


1.In addition to the powerful treatments presented in detail in the book , OVER 214 alternative&natural treatments are described briefly in the book.

2. You will also get 4 FREE ebooks of 4 famous doctors on treating cancer.


0.Understanding treating cancer:

   0.a Mental Attitude

The importance of a positive/optimistic mental attitude to defeat cancer and studies(i.e. :After twenty years of research and therapy with over 31,000 patients, Dr. Hamer finally established firmly, logically and empirically how biological conflict-shock results in a cold cancerous or necrotic phase and how, if the conflict is resolved, the cancerous or necrotic process is reversed to repair the damage and return the individual to health;studies on psyche and immunity, psyche and acidity, psyche and nutrition , psyche and healing faster, etc  )

„A study of 400 cases of cancer that went into spontaneous remissions that had little in common: Some people drink grape juice or ingest massive doses of vitamin C, .. others prayed, took herbal remedies, or simply have cheered. These highly diverse and patients only had one thing in common: at some point in their illness, they suddenly knew, with complete certainty, that they will do well, as the disease was just a mirage and the patient suddenly went beyond it in a place where fear and despair and of any disease no longer existed.  http://www.paksearch.com/globe/1999/April/HIGHER.html 

More details in the book.

   0.b.What is and what causes cancer:

-lots of scientific evidence(including those of Nobel Prize Winners:Otto Wartburg, Linus Pauling, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi   ) of what causes a cancer cell to become cancerous and how this happens as well as why these cancer cells can grow out of control and one is eventually diagnosed with cancer.

-how to use the above information to treat cancer.

More details in the book.

   0.c.Treating advanced cancers :

MUST KNOW issues for an advanced cancer patient(i.e.: about cachexia cycle,, what they must urgently do(i.e . make sure they survive first than focus on killing cancer), things to do,  common mistakes  and other information crucial for an advanced cancer patient ) More details in the book.

   0.d.Strengthening the immune system:

a. nutritional alternatives such as well known Beta Glucans and medicinal mushrooms that strengthen the immune system and more powerfull nutritional alternatives that „in many published studies, the cure rate for all cancers has been high 90% and even for stage 4 lung cancer, complete remission are often observed in a few weeks.  

as well as

b. electromedicinal treatments that „supercharge” the immune system allowing it to focus JUST on safely getting rid of cancer (i.e. : the Bob Beck protocol, also a treatment for AIDS )

More details in the book.

1.Fast acting treatments.

1 .1 Alkalinity to quickly slow the spread of cancer. 

Note: For those who do not know how important alkalinity is for general health and reversing many degenerative disease, including cancer and heart disease watch this video where Mr. Bill Clinton talks on CNN on how he regained his health:


   Wheatgrass / barleygrass juice:

( 300 enzymes complementary to proteolytic enzymes; oxygen:SuperOxyde Dismutase, Cytochrome OxidaseClorophyll ; cancer killers : selenium, laetrile ; alkalinity; other nutrients; other roles than stopping cancer from spreading and killing it ).

More details in the book.


   Budwig protocol (Budwig Diet & other treatments synergistic with the Budwig diet): 

A very simple, effective, fast and safe(NON-toxic) alternative cancer treatment based on 2 NOBEL PRIZES awarded to Dr. Otto Warburg  (1931, for the discovery of prime cause of CANCER and proving that cancer cells are anaerobic and cancer can NOT grow in an environment with maximum oxygen) and to Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1937, for discovering that essential omega 3 fatty acids, combined with rich suphur protein (such as those found in dairy products) produced increases oxygenation the cells and body. „) developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, biochemist and senior expert of the German government in fats and drugs, 7 times nominee for the Nobel Prize, considered one of the world’s leading  authority on fats and oils .

This treatment alone:

STOPS cancer from SPREADing through both ALKALINITY and raising cellular OXYGEN levels, it STABILIZEZ weak patientsthis „diet” is famous for energizing  non-cancer cells in a “forced” manner by recharging cells both electronically and photonically (from the sun) – TOP 3 priorities that MUST be  considered by an advanced cancer patient when making a protocol (a combination) of alternative treatments to fight cancer .

The diet also has other multiple benefits that make it one of the best and fastest treatments on earth:

 –begins to work very quickly;

does NOT cause swelling / inflammation (can be used safely by those dangerous tumors – brain, lungs, other tumors close to organs or blood vessels or places where swelling / inflammation can be fatal);

-patients can now stand sunlight or ozone treatments;

many other additional powerfull treatments , complementary to Budwig diet are also detailed in the book (both nutritional and electromedical) and others that make it perhaps the most powerful alternative available.

Dr. Budwig had over a 90% success rate with this protocol with all kinds of cancer patients over a 50 year period.

Many research studies done in the last ten years support the cancer-fighting value of the foods, juices, sun exposure and relaxation she recommended. There are many testimonials on this site written by members of the Yahoo Group, FlaxSeedoil2, who have regained their health by following this protocol after being diagnosed with cancer – many of them terminal. The plan has helped people to overcome other conditions as well. You can read about some of them in our Testimonial section.

„It’s amazing how fast the tumor, for example, colon cancer is eliminated. Even with a patient aged 84 years who was scheduled for colon surgery because of danger of becoming blocked , I was able to realize complete elimination of the tumor and restore the health of patients within a few days. These are not isolated cases, in fact, 99% of patients who come to see me as I use this cancer  biological method are cancer patients who have had operations and radiation sessions, or who have been diagnosed as being too advanced for surgery to be any – help. Even in these cases,  health can be restored, usually within a few months in 90% of cases  „.  Dr. Budwig in „Der Tod des Tumorile, Band II” (Death of the tumor, Vol II)

This protocol proved successful in many cases where traditional medicine has failed!

More details in the book.


   Cesium chloride:

Cesium treatment achieved a cure rate of 50% in patients with VERY ADVANCED cancer, some already in a coma. 47 of the 50 patients were „hopeless” and some had only days to live http://www.newswithviews.com/Howenstine/james14.htm


Excepts from „Cesium Therapy in Cancer Patients”:

„Treatment was performed on 50 patients during the last three years at Life Sciences Universal Medical Clinics in Rockville MD and in Washington D.C. All patients were terminal subjects with generalized metastatic disease. Forty-seven of the 50 patients studies had received maximal modalities of treatment, i.e., surgery, radiation, and various chemotherapy, before metabolic Cesium-treatment was initiated. Three patients were comatose and 14 of the patients were considered terminal due to previous treatments outcome and cancer complications.

The Cesium-treatment was given in conjunction of other supportive compounds under diet control in addition to the utilization of specific compounds to produce adequate circulation and oxygenation. […]

The 50 cancer patients studied over 3 years had generalized metastatic disease, except for 3 patients. Initial death occurrences for the initial 2 week treatment was in the same order and magnitude of these recorded for the 12 month period. The percent of survival of breast, colon, prostate, pancreas, and lung cancer accounted to approximately, 50% recovery which was higher than that noted for liver cancer and the lymphoma patients treated. An overall 50% recovery from cancer by the Cesium-therapy was determined in the 50 patients treated. Data from the autopsy made indicated the absence of tumors in patient dying within 14 days of the Cesium-treatment. One of the most striking effects of the treatment was the disappearance of pain in all patients within 1 to 3 days after initiation of the Cesium-therapy.
Cesium chloride not only kills cancer cells , it immediately stops the metastasis of cancercan start shrinking tumor masses within weeks , and almost always stops the pain within 24 to 48 hours, depending of the pain.”

 „Many human trials have been carried out by [late] Dr. H. Nieper in Hannover, Germany, … as well as a number of other physicians Overall, the results were satisfactory Oart f .. He noted that all pains associated with cancer disappear between 12 and 24 hours, except in very few cases where there were problems of morphine waiver, which requires a few more hours. „

Many celebrities and executives in America went to Germany to be treated by Dr. Nieper, including a U.S. president. Dr. Nieper died in 1998. http://www.cancer-coverup.com/brewer/printbrewerreport.htm

More details in the book.

1.2 Oxygen/Ozone to rapidly slow the spread of cancer.

„Ozone has been found to be an extremely safe medical therapy, free from side effects. In a 1980 study done by the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, 644 therapists were polled regarding their 384,775 patients, comprising a total of 5,579,238 ozone treatments administered. There were only 40 cases of side effects noted out of this number which represents the incredibly low rate of .000007%, and only four fatalities. Ozone has thus proven to be the safest medical therapy ever devised. Considering that about 100,000 Americans a year die from drug reactions and interactions, ozone therapy is amazingly safe.”

   Infusion bottles Ozone Therapy, IntraVenous (IV) Ozone &  IntraVenous (IV) Ozone RHP

Only the RHP oxygen based treatment qualifies as a „Stage IV treatment” (i.e. a treatment strong enough to give advanced cancer patients a chance of survival and healing). This treatment is new and it is very different from other ozone treatments. It is a different concept and more importantly, it is safe and very effective for Stage IV patients. This treatment is an alkaline treatment, meaning it alkalizes the cells. But it also kills cancer cells so potently that it is best to work with someone over the phone who can answer your questions. For example, a symptom that is thought to indicate a problem may in fact be a sign that the treatment is working!

More details in the book.

1.3 Stopping spread of cancer using Dr. Matias Rath cellular solution

Tissue cancer cells(NOT leukemia) spread by secreting protein-dissolving enzymes (protease).

 „Cancer cells produce and secrete millions of enzyme molecules, which, like scissors, cut collagen and tissue that surrounds cells… Cancer cells use these enzymes to cut little holes in the blood vessel wall and get into the blood stream where they can travel to other organs, such as the lungs. Using the same mechanism, cancer cells can settle there and start new tumor growth.”  Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Rath Foundation

In 1991, Dr. Matthias Rath found that the amino acid lysine, when combined with vitamin C, appeared to inhibit the action of protease – In 2002, he and his research team announced that they had discovered that  adding the amino acid proline and an extract of green tea called EGCG  stops the protease destruction of connective tissue collagen.

By itself, the Rath Cellular Solution has cured both brain cancer and bone cancer –according to testimonials (but they probably also included a controlled diet).  Lysine, proline and vitamin C are also espoused by the two-time Nobel-prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling as the ingredients to prevent and treat heart disease by strengthening artery walls. (The Rath Cellular Solution is essentially the therapeutic dose of the Rath/Pauling Therapy with extra proline + EGCG). Dr. Rath and Dr. Pauling worked on  this together. (The Osiecki Cancer Treatment is a similar, but independently developed plan, with equal effectiveness).

   Green tea

Many scientific studies on how green tea fights and heals cancer , doses needed for efficiency, what to do about caffein,etc.(i.e. Japanese researchers were able to show that green tea extract (EGCG) inhibits telomerase in cancer cells in two different tube cancer in leukemia and solid tumor type.within three months, most of them were dead; the telomerase of normal cells remain unaffected; the experiment was repeated several times with the same result.)

   Vitamin C and Extending  life by up to 16 times more (Dr. Abram Hoffer/Linus Pauling method)!

Dr. Abram Hoffer’s , MD, Ph.D.  nutritional program of respiratory vitamins( vitamins that raise oxygen levels)!

Scientific studies, doses needed for efficiency(i,e: min 10 grams vit C daily), best sources and supplements.

   Coenzyme Q10 – CoQ10

Studies and doses needed for efficiency:

„In late 1993, Dr.Folkers arranged for the first clinical trial of coenzyme Q10 in a clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark. Doctors treated 32 patients with advanced breast cancer. In addition to proper surgery and conventional treatment, each patient was given 90 mg of CoQ10 wper day They also received other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids .. On this regimen, 6 of the 32 patients showed partial tumor regression significantly. Then, in October 1993, a strange thing happened: one of these six women, on their own, increased her dose of 90-390 mg per day of next month, her doctors wrote, „there was NO palpable tumor and next month, a mammogram. confirmed the disappearance of her tumor. After that, a different group of women also increased,  doses to 300 mg. Her tumor was gone soon, and also a clinical examination revealed no tumor, no distant metastases.” Antioxidants Against Cancer „, Ralph Moss

2.1 Boosting non-cancerous cells with nutrients and minerals

Super-nutrients to energize the cells to keep the patient alive:

2.1.1Dr. Gerson and  Dr. Kelley therapies: 

   a. Details and analyses upon Gerson Therapy. 

Comments and improvements.

Types of cancer that respond well and cancer that do NOT respond well(according to Gerson institute)

Gerson Therapy Cancer Survival Studies            

1.  36 patients with Colon cancer that had metastasised to the liver where placed on the Gerson Diet against 36 control patients with similar diagnosis, not on the Gerson Diet. Mean survival with Gerson Diet: 28.6 months. Mean survival without Gerson Diet: 16.2 months. Duration of treatment unknown. [Study conducted by Germany’s Lechner P, Kronberger J.  Erfahrungen mit dem einsatz der diat-therapie in der chirurgischen onkologie. Akt. Ernahr-Med 1990;15:72-8.]

2.  153 patients with Melanoma cancer were treated with the Gerson Diet. All 14 early stage (I and II) patients were disease free at 17 years, compared to survival rates reported in the literature of 80% – 95%. Of the 35 stage III patients, the five-year survival rate was 71%, compared to survival rates reported in the literature of 27% to 42% (p=0.002). Of the 18 stage IV patients, the five-year survival was 39%, compared to 6% to 20% in the literature (p<0.001). Not included in this analysis were 53 patients who were lost to follow-up. [Study conducted by Hildenbrand G / L. Five year survival rates of melanoma patients treated by diet therapy after the manner of gerson: A retrospective review. Alternative Therapies 1995 Sep;Vol 1(4). http://gerson-research.org/docs/HildenbrandGLG-1995-1/

Gerson Therapy Cures Chief of Surgery at U.S. Hospital – Dr Lorraine Day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DYhyCu3DQY

More details in the book.

   b. Details and analyses upon Kelley Therapy. 

This is one of the most successful treatment plans ever, with a 93% cure rate on 33,000 patients, most of whom were declared terminal before they went to Kelley.  However, because it is metabolic oriented, it can take several months to become fully effective.  The program can be found in the book: Cancer: Curing the Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation, by William Donald Kelley.  Kelley was mercilessly persecuted by orthodox medicine and his treatment had to move to Mexico.

More details in the book.

Note: With my Ebook you will also get Dr. Kelleys EBOOK (included for FREE)


   Things to learn & include in your treatment plan from Gerson-Kelley metabolic therapies:

i.e. pancreatic enzymes(especially protease)

It was also discovered, around the 1950s, that natural pancreatic enzymes, made by the pancreas(especially enzymes that digest protein aka proteolytic ezimes/protease) could dissolve this protein coating so the immune system could identify and thus kill the cancer cells.

Cutting apart these enzymes thus may help other treatments, such as hydrogen peroxide or MSM, work better. For example, any hydrogen peroxide, ozone, etc. cancer therapy may be aided greatly by the proteolytic enzymes because the proteolytic may help get more and more oxygen inside the cancer cells by cutting apart the enzymes.

Proteolytic enzymes have a long history of use in cancer treatment. In 1906, John Beard, a Scottish embryologist, reported on the successful treatment of cancer using a pancreatic extract in his book ‘The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer and its Scientific Basis’. Proteolytic enzymes have been promoted by numerous alternative cancer practitioners for many years, including Dr Max Gerson and Dr W Kelley.

They are currently under study by Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. of New York, who is evaluating the benefit of proteolytic enzymes in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer in a large-scale study funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. This larger trial is a follow-up to a smaller study that showed dramatic improvements in these patients. These enzymes include the pancreatic proteases chymotrypsin and trypsin, bromelain (pineapple enzyme), papain (papaya enzyme), fungal proteases, and Serrapeptase


It is VITAL to clean, restore and protect the liver REGULARLY, before, during and after an alternative cancer treatment .

An effective fight against cancer implies heavy toxins being released from the cells in cascades(when cancer cells die, when alkalinity is build up,etc) toxins that will tax the liver(already weakend) if proper and regular detoxification is not done. Such a release can overwhelm an already damaged liver and can be FATAL if one does not take measures to protect and regenerate the liver.


If the toxins accumulated in the liver are not removed, it may lead to  a death liver, thus a  patient’s DEATH!

Cleansing / detox / liver regeneration methods used by Dr. Gerson, Dr. Kelley, Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. John R. Christopher, Jon R Baron and many other things to help the liver. 

More details in the book.

2.1.2.Other super-nutrients to energize the cells, keep the patient alive and kill cancer microbes:

   Grapes(dark skinned) and other powerful anticancer fruits and their juices.

Johanna Brandt  achieved and incredible 100% cure rate in 1920 using ONLY dark skin grapes – it means she cured every cancer case she treated. Many of them were colorectal and many terminal.Though , due to changes (chemo, radiation, etc.) , that cure rate does NOT apply nowadays, it is still a very powerful treatment, more powerful than the Gerson therapy at killing cancer.There is a major reason i do NOT recommend this treatment by itself, but there are lots of things to learn and include in your protocol, from the grape cure.

Other fruits might be juts as powerful as dark skinned grapes, according to recent studies.

More details in the book.

   Limu juice(Fucoidan).

Fucoidan anti-cancer effect is well proven and has been the subject of many scientific studies that are published even in PubMed. Fucoidan kills cancer cells safely with NO damage to non-cancerous cells. Found in brown algae and in other seaweed and sources(including in Limu juice). This treatment, based on Fucoidan molecule is a recommended for those very  advanced for its ability to keep a patient alive.

More details in the book.

2.2 Cachexia.

   Definition & Characteristics; 

   Preventing and Stopping Cachexia :

       3 SIMULTANEOUS STEPS( lactic acid detox, adequate nutrition, breaking the cycle in cancer cells and in the liver)

   2 Protocols(combination of synergistic treatments) regarding cachexia;

   Stopping cachexia cycle in the cancer cells;

   Hydrazyne sulphate and breaking cachexia cycle in the liver;

   Dealing with Nausea & vomiting.

   Other things to consider in cachexia(i.e.:coffee enemas prevent weight loss, Omega-3 builds muscle mass in cancer, nutrients that can get passed lactic acid blockage and feed cells, etc.)

Details on each of the above in the book.

3. Special Electromedical devices to energize cells (keep cancer patient alive) and to kill cancer microbes

Description and comparison on best electromedicinal devices used in alternative cancer treatments:

   Photon Genius and Genie. (i.e. one of this devices extends life on an indefinite term, in many cases.– details in the book)

   Quantum Pulse/Vibe Machine.

   Royal Rife Machines

Dr. Royal Rife was a microbiologist who knew that cancer was caused by very unique viral microbes which were inside of cancer cells.  Dr Rife called them BX and BY cancer viruses. Research has also established that Helicobacter Pylori (often found in the stomach) can be another cancer-causing microaerophilic bacterium.

Royal Rife’s electromagnetism machine had a 100% cure rate of terminal cancer patients.  This infuriated the AMA.  The AMA persecuted Royal Rife to the extreme.  His lab was burned down, one of his associates was murdered, his equipment was hunted down and destroyed,A group in England claimed to obtain a Royal Rife machine that was not destroyed.  There are many types of Rife machines on the internet but most of them do NOT work.  A website which discussed old versions of the Royal Rife machine and other versions of it, and has a copy of the English report can be found at this web site.

Types that work are described in  the book.

   Bob Beck devices

Devices that „supercharge” the immune system, thus allow it to focus only on dealing with cancer.Rated as a stage IV cancer treatment, especially when it completes an alkaline nutritional program. Treatment developed inititally as a cure AIDS that also proved to be a very potent cure for cancer,

   Hulda Clark Zappers. 

   Comments on Electromedical devices.


What would I do if I had cancer?

Priorities to be taken into account when making a protocol (a combination of alternative treatments) to fight and beat cancer (advanced).

This is a very important chapter detailing what things to consider when making a protocol(a combination of synergistic treatments )  for cancer, with solutions to each problem.Cancer treatment should be done on many fronts:

    • you must SURVIVE long enough to treat cancer  and after that;
    • you must protect, energize and strengthen healthy cells and ;
    • you must STOP the spread of cancer;
    • you must KILL cancer safely and effectively ;
    • you must look out for and deal with cachexia;
    • you must detox Liver (and other organs) on a regular basis 
    • Cancer diet
    • you must deal with pain and other symptoms
    • you must deal with damage from chemo/ radiation
    • etc.

    Order of importance, solutions to each of the above, common mistakes to avoid, etc.

TESTS to MONITOR PROGRESS made ​​with selected treatments:
If you are using a cancer treatment,you should consider regular and periodic testing (i.e. once every two or three months).You MUST know how effective your treatment is and if you are making progress !! Some simple but Precise tests (better than tumor markers) , one can do at home to test treatments for effectiveness and monitor progress:  i.e.Navarro  Urrine ,CA Profile, Red Drop TK , Themograph, etc.
Annex 1.Powerful options for strengthening the immune system   

ABM has the highest concentration of Beta-Glucans  than any mushrooms  and contains Beta-(1-3) – D-glucan, Beta-(1-4)-D-glucan and B eta-(1-6)-D-glucan. 

When human subjects introduced in their diet ABM their NK cells growth of 3000% (30 times) a type of anti-tumor white blood cell (Natural Killer cells) observed in the blood within 2 -4 days .

Also contains other nutrients that when  introduced into white blood cells, eases work macrophage cells (those that destroy, delaying or preventing the spread of cancer cells).

According to a cancer clinical trial, which took place in South Korea in 2004, Agaricus Blazei Murill improved quality of life in patients with high-dose chemotherapy.

Results of research at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Tokyo and the medical department of the National Cancer Center of Japan (Prof. Dr. Hitoshi Ito and Keishiro Shimura):

TOTAL HEALING in 90. 4% of all cancer cases and halting of the disease in 99%.

More details in the book!

   Pau D ‘Arco (Tabebuia altissima). 

„Useful in cases considered hopeless by traditional medicine, doctors have found Pau D Arco won a war against unusual sources of illness and fantastic healing stories heve been generated . „
More details in the book!


Annex 2 Treatments using carriers (honey, MSM) to get cancer killers inside cancer cells. 

    Aloe Arborescens protocol

   There are more than 1000 testimonials over the past 20 years of people turning around even advanced stages of cancer using the ALOE mixture along with a corrected food program .

More details in the book.

   Treatments using Honey as a carrier. 

How to get up to 15-17 more cancer killers into cancer cells that in healthy cells.

   Treatments using MSM /DMSO as carriers.

There  are situations(about 50% of the advanced cancer cases) when using honey or fruits is NOT an option.That is where MSM and DMSO can prove VITAL.


Annex 3. 

General rules of a cancer diet(including Robert O. Young Diet) , Budwig Diet, Cesium chloride diet, etc.

What is the main role of a cancer diet, options of diets(as not all patients can follow the same diet), details about acidosis, glucose and cancer( cancer KILLing glucose VS cancer FEEDing glucose), enzymes,  nutrients(vitamins, minerals, anticancerigens( cancer killers), proteins(amino-acids), healthy fats and fats allowed reccomended in cancer,  complex carbs and glyconutrients, phytonutrients,  antioxidants, etc ), supplements – good or bad?, common mistakes made by a cancer patient( such as juice fasting- i.e. Breuss and other juice based regimens), why a DIET is important but NOT enough for healing cancer.


If you fill the order form below with ypur email address, you will also get a summary of the cancer diet FREE (it does not matter if you buy the book or not – just leave your email address so I can send you the pdf file.).

All the above are thoroughly detailed in the book, including scientific studies, human clinical case studies.

An addititonal  214 alternative & natural treatments are described briefly!


Some institutes recommended in the book:

1st recomended institute:

” NAME REVEALED IN THE BOOK  institute is is affiliated with the most advanced medical and alternative therapy practitioners in the world (all methods) in 41 countries. This offers the best alternative therapies available while specializes in alternative cancer treatments for all types and stages of cancer. CONSULTATION from this institute is very important (critical) to know what other steps should be made ​​to rebalance the body and solve the root cause of your cancer.

This Institute’s 50 year history in the alternative therapy field of electromedicine delivers energetic strength and harmonic balance to the body and provides electromedicine „power tools” for improved health as an alternative therapy and alternative cancer treatment”

(names and contact details given in the book)

2nd recomended institute:

With this Institutes Treatments, so-called ‘incurable’ cancer patients have led full cancer free lives, some for up to 45 years, and as follow-up to conventional treatment, the cure rate is as high as 87%. This has been attested by studies.

(names and contact details given in the book)

Other institutes are also mentioned(i.e. Burzinski clinic ( especially for brain cancer)).

If you are interested in finding an institute near you, NO matter where you live(worldwide) see the LEFT GREEN BOX, this site: http://www.cancervictors.net/  

I want to some things clear:

Many people can NOT afford treatment at a clinic and that should NOT be a problem:

Some of the best alternative cancer treatments can be done ENTIRELY at home , are very powerful and afordable.

It is more important how much you want to live! We have the science, we are only limited by ignorance!

Everything I described in the book is based on science and not solely on testimonials!

This is because you need to rely on concrete things , that should  give you the confidence needed to succeed in your battle (unlike testimonials where credibility is subjectable).

Along with the desire to live and heal concrete things play an essential role in curing cancer!

Most cancer treatments are SIMPLE to DO AT HOME, do NOT require supplements (with rare exceptions, plus you will not find products advertised in the book!) yet are very EFFECTIVE and SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN !

We are in 2013 and things are demonstrated since 1931  .I would be absurd to talk of healing cancer and exact percentages without SOLID arguments.

For each treatment / solution it is explained exactly WHY TO TAKE , HOW TO TAKE, DOSES REQUIRED FOR EFFICIENCY , HOW TO COMBINE IT WITH OTHER TREATMENTS for MAXIMUM CHANCES OF HEALING! I have seen and read many books that present „collections of treatments” (things that could give results) but omit to mention simple things like dosages needed to get results .

It is important to talk about how to combine them to have real chances of HEALING (because even natural treatments can NOT all  be combined !!, many interact and may cancel each other, some can be FATAL(even if natural) , some can cause inflammation and swelling that can lead to instant DEATH, and so on ).

I presented objectively without making empty promises or guarantees or unsubstantiated allegations.

Everything is based on science and arguments/studies are provided .

I did NOT limit to alternative treatments and I mentioned the few benefits medicine may offer by surgery  – can be vital! 

Through these, by objective information, detailed and concise overview of your best options , I tried to offer you the power to discern and to choose your  own , BEST path to follow for BEST CHANCES.  CHOICE on what to do next is yours!

Treatment, alternatives and institutes discussed in the book are the strongest at the moment, worldwide, regardless of approach (homemade treatments, at private clinics, etc.). I state with confidence that there are NOT others that currently offers more chances, no matter where you look, and I encourage you to perform your own research to convince yourself  about this.

Also , if any other treatment that are more powerful emerge in the meantime and you here about them before me, please share with others so that others might benefit from information as well.

I am confident however that once you will be adequately informed, you will be able to make the right choices for your life and health!

I will NOT allow myself to play with your confidence (even less with your life),  offering  you guarantees / empty promises that if you follow those described in the book you will heal 100% secure. There is NO such thing. However, given the hundreds of thousands of people who have achieved healing by following those described in the book  ( see  testimonials section below: i.e. Kelley and Breuss therapies healed 33,000 , respectively 45,000 patients, and today there are things MUCH more efficient and NON restrictive, thus a lot safer) and statistically speaking, you have many overall chances to succeed  in healing yourself .

Best of health and success!

Cristian Gologan




Here’s what some of you who have bought the book have wrote to me:

 „Hi, I can only thank from the soul Mr. Cristian Gologan for absolutely everything : free help without any other hidden interests that he gives to all. The site is full as you can virtually start fighting cancer from first day you read the site. Obviously, if you want more details and better treatment options, you have to read the book, because there you can find the specific doses and  things for each type of cancer, and for me personally it was easier to use than a computer that I am not very used with. Anyway, even if you buy the book and recommended remedies, you will not spend a lot of money. All are affordable, readily available, although at first I was completely panicked, and I troubled poor Mr. Cristian Gologan. But he had the patience of an angel, and he looked up some things for me, advised me, and now things are going in the good direction. My father could not eat anything basically could not to swallow anything, He was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had been sent home to die, without any recommendation(in  whatever their opinion any effort was useless). Chance was , I think the same day, to meet Mr. Gologan. The next day I started taking all that I found faster then I bought along the others, and each day gives us more hope: my father began to eat, to get stronger. it was worth every second spent on this site. „

Liliana Atomulesei. For contact details, please contact me!


„Following a thermography and a CT done a month ago, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer with bone metastasis. In July we started giving doses of Zometa to strengthen bones. In parallel we gave antitumor herbal teas. His health improved

In April 2013  I started a diet,  strongly alkaline supplement with bicarbonate salt baths, high doses of natural supplements (calcium ,magnesium, vitamin C, , vitamin D, vitamin A Co Q10, ,), and the cesium therapy (described in the book). Bone pain ceased entirely and ,after the CT, the thermography did not find any active area of cancer. Tumor found at CT has been declared lifeless by the thermography. The doctor was surprised and said to continue what we started

Cristian Stanescu. For contact details, please contact me! 


Other testimonials:

  • www.brave-souls.org International Association of Defeat Cancer & Friends, Inc. (IACVF) and personal contact with cancer victors have won the battle against cancer collects:

1000 testimonials including bladder cancer, bone cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, carcinoma, cervical cancer, colon cancer, endometrial cancer, esophageal cancer, bowel cancer (renal) renal cancer, leukemia, cancer Liver, lung cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, mouth (oral) cancer, multiple myeloma, nasal cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, sarcomas, stomach cancer, uterine cancer metastasis , one of the objectives of this list is legalizingcollection and effective alternative treatments include our medical insurance for the sake of our children.


Enter your email address and you will receive via email THE CANCER DIET, for FREE!

You will also receive a Paypal Invoice via email , if you want to buy the book.

The  book is available for just 15 USD(fifteen) – price lower than other books on treating cancer ;

*this is due to the fact I want this book to be affordable to people in Romania and in other  countries that do not have adequate financial means.

*Paypal is the safest online buying method and you can get your money back if you are not satisfied.

*The Cancer Diet file above will be sent no matter if you buy the book or not.

*You will also get 4 FREE  ebooks if you buy the book:

1. Dr William D. Kelley’s book:

This is one of the most successful treatment plans ever, with a 93% cure rate on 33,000 patients, most of whom were declared terminal before they went to Kelley.

2.Dr. Philip E. Binzel’s book :

Dr. Binzel was using a natural substance (an „alternative cancer treatment”) called „laetrile” in his clinic. Laetrile normally is extracted from apricot seeds. He used a liquid version of laetrile on his patients and he had about an 80% cure rate.


3. Johanna Brandt’s book:

Johanna Brandt  achieved and incredible 100% cure rate in 1920 using ONLY dark skin grapes – it means she cured every cancer case she treated. Many of them were colorectal and many terminal.

4.Dr.Matias Rath ebook on cancer

Matias Rath, developed the so called cellular solution for stopping the spread of tissue cancers by strengthening collagen in tissues(details in my book)


More about me and why I decided to do this:

I started this blog, primarily to help  all those affected by cancer, those who want to overcome this condition but do not know what cancer treatments to choose, either because they have tried various treatments without results (either classical or alternative (including natural , mineral, alkaline, oxygen based  and other techniques)) or due to confusion due to multiple existing information sources (websites, forums, foundations, institutes, so-called specialists and homeopaths that guarantee miraculous healing and you find out things are not working, etc.)
By all I mean everyone : both those who follow conventional medical treatment (chemo / radiotherapy) and those who
follow alternative treatments, both advanced and those recently diagnosed), regardless of budget.
If you are reading this blog, than  cancer is / may be a problem for you or someone you care about and want to know what to do to overcome this condition. You want to know exactly what and how to do and want to know which are the best / most effective cancer treatment options (which provide best chances for healing) and ,at the same time are  safe for the body (do NO damage, NO adverse effects), regardless of the approach (conventional (chemotherapy, radiation) or alternative – which includes natural treatments but is not limited to these) for healing.
This site offers FREE information( including alternative cancer treatments , alternative detection methods and much more) , as well as a book detailing  some of the best alternative and integrative (complementary to conventional chemo/radiation ) cancer treatments that can be done at home, treatments that can give all cancer patients a real chance.
This also site offers other information for those who shows symptoms of cancer , want to detect in advance, in a non-toxic and accurate manner cancer and / or just want to prevent cancer , but the main objective are the sick or the very sick of cancer, regardless of type of cancer (   breast, colon / intestinal / gastric / stomach, cervical cancer, skin cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer / brain tumors, cancer of the throat, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer / liver cancer, lung / lung, bone cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, metastatic cancer, etc..)
This blog shows the ways in which both I and , most important , great scientists, Nobel Prize winners, great institutes and foundations , with internationally renowned research and treatments of cancer, independent of financial interests, non-profit organizations consider cancer should be treated to be cured. 
All information presented on this website and in the book has informational, educational purpose and is solidly based on science and scientific studies as well as on experience and feedback from patients   .
See also Disclaimer note at the footer.
Through this book I tried to bring my small contribution to a better world.

Better not just healthier.

I decided to write this book because although my mother’s death due to cancer and chemo gave me  a desire to cease to exist at first , at the same time, my mother’s death changed my fundamental perception about humanity and divinity. I realized that we do not know what lies beyond this life (it’s very possible not to be the „salvation” that we hope for or it may just be…nothing)

It’s very possible that this life, as it is, is the only and the best thing we have so we must appreciate much more, do whatever we can to take care of and enjoy it, without waiting for „miraculous” help.

You also need to be aware that the majority of severe events that we have lived and live are due to us, the people!

Wars, nuclear accidents, cancers and other so-called „incurable” diseases,  we humans have caused them, all , not deities. We have intensified and worsened even the natural disasters.We are responsible for all by being ignorant by other human flaws that we all have, but we humans can as easy overcome EVERYTHING!

We should look first at US. What can each of us do for himself, to be a better person?           

If each would be fair to him only, and would not harm anyone, the world would become a „PERFECT” place!

Individual decisions affect all of us and everything around us (directly or indirectly)!

I recommend you watch this documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1XNWgNDBlY


We humans have enormous power(proven through the catastrophes we have  caused )but this same power  can be channeled into doing good.

It is enough for those who can intervene not to for evil to succed !

Therefore, those who have this chance to change something for the better, DO IT!

We can do much more than pray for miracles to happen.

If we want us and the world around us to be better, we must do to be better.


You might consider that I „brag” but I was very surprised to find out that my father decided to quit smoking, out of the blue. He couldn’t when my mother lived, and now, when his moral is down, he decided to quit and quit. From „2 packs a day … now nothing. Moreover he persuaded some friends and colleagues.

I am proud of him!

These are the things I’m talking about: common sense things.

Those of you who are still indifferent to the above, must take into account that you may have or want to have children / spouses, parents or people who you care about, which once affected, no one and nothing  will save them if we continue like this ! Evil is instinctually responded with more evil. The only thing that  benefits all is the win/win situation!

What is left when nothing else is? : Nothing to anyone. Not for the „bad” nor for the”good”. The best option is to take care of us now, while we are alive and can!                                       WE, HUMANS, have primarily to rely on us, HUMANS!

We can choose to continue to destroy ourselves carelessly OR NOT!

We have to change or mentality. We just have to be more responsible.

It’s enough that everyone STOPS doing damage for the world to become extremely GOOD!

I wish and hope to get and enjoy the grandchildren, just like our grandparents have.

I lost my mother. Nothing was more important to me. NOTHING. I have nothing else more important to lose or that I value more. It is why I want to change something for the better, by opening some eyes (for those who want this), so that others will not have to go through the same pain – once one is gone, NOTHING will replace or bring him back. Take care of you and your families, and enjoy one another and life, now, while you are alive!

I learned many things over the years and I want to share this information with you? Maybe you will be better, and in this way I will be better!

Maybe if we each contribute a little, we will all be better!

At least, let’s not ruin  if we can not do good!

I hope with all my heart that this information will help those in critical situations!

Although I can not and will not provide guarantees that you will be able to succeed if you choose to follow those described in the book(though many have), worst case scenario, you will enjoy life more, not suffering  from conventional treatments and I think you will find that you will overcome estimated time to live according to conventional medical data. 

But I am more optimistic than I can say now, regarding your situation!

And statistics are all in your favor!

I sincerely wish you healing and success in this battle! Why I use the word sincerely?

Because if you will be better and we will find a solution maybe  I will be better and maybe I’ll find some consolation that my mother’s death was not in vain …

 I really hope we will succeed together to heal most cases!

Let’s try together to make this world one in which we can live decently.                                          

You, the ones who you are dealing with such a disease should understand better!

 Best of health and success!

 Cristian Gologan

In memory of my mother, Rodica Gologan!

Disclaimer                      Terms & Conditions of Use                      Privacy Notice


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