How Stress Causes Cancer

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This is a very important article, explaining how cancer occurs in the body over a period a time.It explains the connection between stress (meaning various stress factors), acidity/low PH, fungus , sugar fermentation, hormones & immune system, etc.

Everybody should read carefully this post if he/she wants to have a real chance in PREVENTING, HEALING & KEEEPING CANCER AWAY!

Cancer occurs when the body’s cells become depleted of adrenaline, high in sugar and low in oxygen due to prolonged internal stress (caused by various factors: psychological, physiological , chemical, etc ) .

At a cellular level, these lead to a breaking of the cells oxygen Krebs cycle causing cell „mutation”.

At a systemic level( meaning whole body level) various stress factors (that add up) will eventually cause a weakness in the immune system and the number of cancer cells will grow out of control .

There are a number of factors that create stress on the body’s cells:

Psychological stresses include (and are not limited to):

inescapable shock, repressed emotional pain, grief, trauma, anger, depression , other „bad”/ stressful emotional states that lead to poor sleep ( lack of melatonin ) or prelonged stress, etc. .

Physiological stresses include (and are not limited to):

poor and toxic nutrition, chemicals, toxins,GM(Genetic Modified) foods irradiated foods,  radiation( ionized &  EMF, NOT moderate sunlight),  lack of  sunlight and lack fresh air, lack of exercise, a weak or sick organ (i.e: liver or colon or kidney or lung disease) ,parasites, etc.

In the vast majority of those with cancer there exists both a combination of psychological as well as physiological stresses that have contributed to the formation of cancer in the body.

We have simplified into six separate phases, how cancer forms within the body at the cellular level over an 18-24 month period.


Phase 1 – Stress factors weaken the immune system  
Phase 1 occurs approximately 18-24 months prior to the cancer diagnosis.

Various stress factors( Psychological and / or

Physiological )

weaken the immune system (every human has cancer cells in his/her body; the immune system is responsible for identifying & killing and keeping the number of caner cells under control ;when  the immune system is weak the number of cancer cells might get out/grow out of control  )  

Thus, the number of cancer cells might get out/grow out of control  
This migth be where someone(the cancer personality) experiences an Inescapable Shock or emotional trauma, or anything affecting deep sleep and the production of melatonin within the body (including working at nights, etc).
Melatonin(click here) is necessary for inhibiting cancer cell growth and is the primary hormone responsible for regulating the immune system; in particular production of interleukin-2 (IL-2) which protects against microbial infection and regulates white blood cells (T cells, B cells and Natural Killer NK cells) responsible for immunity.
As discovered by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer every cancer has a different emotional cause. During this initial phase a part of the emotional reflex centre in the brain slowly breaks down as a result of the specific emotional trauma. Each part of the emotional reflex centre controls and is connected to a different organ of the body, and when this emotion centre starts to break down, so does the organ of the body it controls, to later form cancer, which occurs through a direct and ongoing suppression of the immune system, as outlined below.
The above(lack of melatonin due to  Inescapable Shock or emotional trauma) are examples.
ANYTHING that weakens the immune system(any stress factors) can be the start point of cancer.


Phase 2 – Stress Causes Immune System Shut Down, Bacteria/ Fungus „installs” and „takes over”
Stress factors (the same ones or others )  weaken the immune system further, almost until it’s shutdown.
During phase 2 the immune system almost gets „shut down”.
For example, by a subconscious wanting to die, caused by high stress hormone cortisol levels depleting all-important serotonin/dopamine levels.
An individual experiencing inescapable shock and prolonged stress often feels tired of life and deep down wants out of the never-ending struggle and pain of life, sending subliminal messages to the immune system to shut down
NOTE: This is why wanting to live/ the willing to live is crucial for PREVENTING, HEALING & KEEPING CANCER AWAY.(the immune system must NOT be shut down as the immune system is the one that keeps cancer cells under control, identifies, kills & elimneate parasites in our bodies.
The immune system „shut down” causes somatids, tiny organisms (necessary for life) that live in our blood to pleomorphise into the cancer-fungus.
In a healthy person, where the immune system is functioning properly, these somatids are limited to 3 stages in their life cycle – somatid, spore, double spore.
 When the immune system is impaired or suppressed, somatids pleomorphise (or change) into a further 13 stages (16 altogether).
These further 13 stages are pathogenic (harmful) to the body and include viral, bacterial, and yeast-like fungus forms.
Professor Gaston Naessens, who discovered the somatid after inventing the world’s smallest microscope (the Somatoscope) in the 1950’s, discovered that these further 13 stages always progressed over an 18-24 month time period when the body was under severe immunicological stress, which manifested as all types of chronic illness, notably cancer.
Below: The Somatid 16 stage Cycle, as discovered by Professor Gaston Naessens.



Read more about what Professor Gaston Naessens discovered regarding cancer and his solutions to this problem .I will write an article on this topic (714x) as well.


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Phase 3 – Stress Depletes Adrenaline, Causing Cell Glucose Levels to Rise
During phase 3 high stress hormone cortisol levels deplete all-important adrenaline levels within the body. There are only limited reserves of adrenaline in the body and when a person is under constant stress these reserves are depleted quickly.
This causes glucose (sugar) levels to rise within normal bodily cells in the following way: Insulin is used to transport glucose into cells and adrenaline is used to transport glucose out of cells to supply energy for general bodily use. When adrenaline reserves are depleted, glucose (sugar) levels increase sharply within the cells – leaving little room for oxygen.
This is why so many cancer patients are weak and lethargic because they have little adrenaline left to convert the glucose in their cells into energy for the body, and their cells subsequently have very little room left to accept oxygen from passing blood.


Phase 4 – Fungus Enter Cells to Feed on Glucose
During phase 4, pathogenic microbes (viral-bacterial-yeast-like-fungus) that thrive in this acidic , high sugar environment, have pleomorphised and established themselves in the weakened part of the body, then enter normal cells to feed on these high glucose levels.
These microbes/fungus/bacteria, once installed in an environment they like ( anaerobic/acidic/low PH, high in sugar) will do many things to protect themselves and the environment they live in, including steal cell energy , secrete a protein coating around its host ( host meaning the cancer cell)  that will protect it from the immune system and will intercept more glucose and keep oxygen out of the cell, release mycotoxins, etc. see cancer causes click here

Below are some details about t

hese microbes that  do many amazing things to help cancer cells do their damage and protect themselves:

1) Due to a weakened cell membrane, which can be caused by a carcinogen or many other things, a microbe is able to enter inside a normal cell (as Dr. Young stated, the microbe is pleomorphic and this can help the microbe get inside the cell which is still normal at this point),

(Note: the microbe(s) can also get inside a cell during the cell division of a cancer cell. For example, when a cancer cell, which already contains microbes, divides, there will likely be microbes in both cells which result from the cell division.)

2) The microbe, once inside, intercepts the glucose entering the cell (most microbes eat glucose),

3) The microbe excretes “mycotoxins,” dangerous hormones and perhaps a thick slime (mycotoxins are the normal excretions of microbes),

4) Because mycotoxins are very, very acidic, the inside of the cell becomes highly acidic, which is a characteristic of cancer cells (in fact the longer a cell is cancerous, generally the more acidic it becomes),

5) The cell’s mitochondria (which convert glucose into energy) get very little glucose because the microbe has intercepted most of the glucose,

6) What the cell’s mitochondria does get is lots of mycotoxins and other harmful garbage, which it cannot convert into energy,

7) The mitochondria’s energy level (ATP provides the key energy of a cell, but ATP is created by the Krebs Cycle and ETC) plummets because it is living in a sea of filth, meaning the ATP energy drops,

8) Signals are sent to the insulin receptors and glucose receptors on the cell membranes to grab more glucose,

9) More glucose enters the cell (about 15 times to 17 times more), but most of the glucose is intercepted by the microbe (which may be multiplying) and the mitochondria are bathing in an increasingly large sea of mycotoxins, dangerous hormones and possibly slime. Technically, the glucose is normally converted into pyruvate and it is the pyruvate that enters the mitochondria, but without glucose there is less pyruvate.

10) Because there is a limit to how high the activity of these two types of receptors can become there is no way for the mitochondria (and thus the ATP) to get enough glucose/pyruvate and energy,

11) The cell is now officially cancerous because its energy level drops (the ATP energy levels can be compared to the steps of a ladder) and it is defined to be anaerobic.

In this process, two things happen:

First, because of the microbe(s) the break in the Krebs Cycle and ETC are broken as long as the microbe(s) are inside the cell.

Second, each sick cancer cell contains very healthy microbes living inside!! Because the microbe(s) are healthy, and the cell is sick, it makes it very difficult to kill the microbe without killing the cell.

The bottom line in all of this is that the cell’s mitochondria, instead of swimming in a sea of pyruvate (which is made from glucose), are swimming in a sea of highly acidic mycotoxins because the microbes not only steal glucose (and thus pyruvate) from the mitochondria, they excrete highly acidic mycotoxins.

The body’s tissue and cells become highly acidic (low pH) due to the mycotoxins released by the viral-bacterial-yeast-like fungus.

Thus, the ATP prodution in the mitochondria drops to virtually nothing. The cell is forced to survive by using fermentation (of glucose)which creates a very small amount of ATP energy.

Over-acidification of the body also occurs due to fermentation of excess stress hormones in the body, poor diet (low pH value foods), and lack of exercise. (Viruses, bacteria, yeast, mould, fungus, candida and cancer cells thrive in a low pH acidic environment.)

The microbes also modify the cells DNA and create a thick protein coating on the outside of the cells wall  which not only attracts glucose but also blocks oxygen.




Phase 5 – Fungus and Cancer form Symbiotic Relationship
During phase 5 viral-bacterial-yeast-like fungus (cancer-fungus) form a symbiotic relationship with newly created cancer / tumour cells:
The cancer-fungus feeds on the high levels of glucose present in the cancer / tumour cell to use for energy in their own reproduction.
The cancer-fungus provides a natural fermentation process in return, fermenting glucose within the cancer / tumour cell, providing energy and a natural growth factor.
The cancer-fungus uses the cancer / tumour cells as a host (like a home/house) for their rich reserves of glucose, and stimulates cancer / tumour cells to propagate more houses.
The result is a mass of tumour cells, or tumour sites.
The cancer-fungus prevents cancer / tumour cells reverting back into normal healthy cells (re-establishing their Oxygen Krebs Cycle), as they continue to release highly acidic waste products called mycotoxins, meaning cancer / tumour cells are literally held hostage to the cancer-fungus that inhabit them.
It is why these microbes must be killed if you want to revert a cancer cell back into a normal cell( providing that stress factors that made the cell cancerous are also solved)
Also, alkalinity(high PH/high levels of Oxygen) are crucial for making your inner terrain hostile to cancer & cancer bacteria/ microbes/ fungus.
As observed by Dr. Royal Rife(detalis in my book) and most other alternative cancer researchers, cancer canNOT be killed faster than it can spread in a favorable environment (acidic, high in sugar).
There are many ways to increase alkalinity/oxygen leveis (alkaline diet & water, alkaline minerals(CEsium, Calcium) Ozone/ Oxygen therapies ) and one should keep in mind that negative emotions(i.e. : anger, grief) create acidity,whereas positive emotions( i.e.: optimism, self confidence ) create alkalinity.


Phase 6 – Stress Stimulates Tumour Cell Growth / Metastases
During phase 6 elevated levels of  norepinephrine and epinephrine (stress hormones) stimulate tumour cells to produce three compounds: MMP-2 and MMP-9 (both matrix metalloproteinases) and the growth compound VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor).
Tumour cells make receptors for these stress hormones on their surface, to stimulate these three compounds. MMP-2 and MMP-9 breakdown the scaffolding of tumour cell walls making it easier for microbes inside cancer cells  to travel to other parts of the body and establish a new colony where they find a favorable (acidic, high in sugar ) environment  , a process known as metastases.
Remenber: once you have a cancer diagnosis( one tumor), your immune system is already weak/”shut down” This means it is very poor at killing new cancer cells and this microbes/fungus/bacteria mentioned above.They can spread via blood more easily, but, as the immune system is weak, and more stress only adds up, new tumors may also occur just as the first  tumor occurred (by speculating a weak part of the body / without the spread of microbes)
VEGF causes blood vessels to grow in new tumour cells, cells get the excess  sugar and nutrients they need, these micobres  thrive in these environment, can multiply and spread more rapidly( in proximity ,causing local tumor growth or at another distant location , metastasis).
 Elevated stress hormone norepinephrine and epinephrine levels also increase ATF3 levels in macrophages (immune system cells) taken over by tumor cells, further increasing the rate of metastases.
Other metastasis (tumors in new locations ) can also be caused just by the news of cancer at this stage often becomes a further inescapable shock and the 6 phases begin again with secondary tumour sites forming in different parts or organs of the body.
As you can notice above , it takes time for cancer to develop , cancer is a complex disease and is usually caused by many/a variety of stress factors.
This is why, PREVENTING m CURING & KEEPING CANCER AWAY is complex as well and canNOT be done just by taking a miracle pill or supplement. It is the reason why there is and there will be no such thing as the miracle pill for cancer.
PREVENTING m CURING & KEEPING CANCER AWAY implies switching to an alkaline lifestyle (   this implies many things :
rebalancing & energising your entire body,
willing/wanting to live,  getting rid of as many stress factors as possible( both psychological & , and physiological) , getting rid of stress factors and streess hormones,  normalizing melatonin  levels and getting better sleep.
(re)alkalizing your body (re) balancing it to make it an environment hostile to cancer & cancer microbes, killing these cancer microbes(fungus that live inside cancer cells), strengthening your immune system, etc.)
The solution to PREVENTING , HEALING and KEEPING CANCER AWAY is complex and implies changing to an alkaline lifestyle (i.e. such as promoted by Bill Clinton).
Concrete things to do are:
  • getting rid of stress factors, including :
  1. adopting an  optimistic mental attitude & strong DESIRE TO LIVE, emotional support from the loved ones, trust in GOD;
  2. getting rid of chemicals in the environment you live in ( air, water, food, etc .as much as possible);
  3. avoiding GM food and irradiated food;
  4. avoiding radiation( ionized, EMF, etc) as much as possible;
  5. getting rid of toxins & heavy metals within(detox & chelation );
  6. etc.
  • ENERGIZINGre balancing your body( ensure you SURVIVE during & after treatment ) including:
  1. getting more sunshine on your skin for crucial ENERGY & vitamin D,
  2. doing some/ moderate physical exercise in a clean , oxygenated environment to pump lymph system for detox, push oxygen into cells, increase internal antioxidants levels such as gluthatione, regulate production of melatonin and other hormones responsible for feeling well ( as much as you fell it is good for you as to make you feel better, from a simple walk in the park , walking your dog, etc do NOT overwork /  do NOT put too much stress on your body )
  3. re – hydrating with energy rich  water (alkaline ionized water ) & energy rich foods (rich in healthy fats)
  4. getting adequate sleep & rest at night for vital melatonin
  5. using electromedical devices for energy (especially  advanced patients, as described in my book)
  6. etc.
  • (re)alkalizing your body (re) balancing to make it an environment hostile to cancer & cancer microbes:
  1. adopting an alkaline diet (including supplementing with alkaline minerals such as Cesium or Calcium , akaline water, etc)
  2.  killing these cancer microbes(fungus that live inside cancer cells) – alkalinity will kill part of them, many natural substances will kill most ( Colloidal SILVER, grape juice, turmeric, etc, especially when used in a treatment using honey as carrier); RIFE electromedicine achieved 100% cure rate at killing this microbes & healing cancer when used in conjuction with an alkaline treatment(environment)  ( as described in my book ) NOTE: as observed by Royal Rife, these microbes and cancer cannot be killed faster than it can spread in a favorable environment( acidic . high in sugar).thus, alkalinity is vital.
  3. using Ozone / Oxygen therapies to raise cells oxygen levels & strengthen the immune system
  4. strengthening your immune system(nutritional, electromedical)
  5. etc.
Of course. various supplements can be added and some could prove vital on the short term(i.e.: vitamin C for extending life and keeping a patient alive, Cesium for creating alkalinity fast, hidrazine sulphate for patients with cachexia, etc).
But, keep in mind,  these will only help on the short term (will solve a specific issue such as keep a patient alive or help create alkalinity fast, etc. On the long term, the only solution is an alkaline lifestyle; I personal know Stage IV cancer patients that went into remmision after following a Cesium therapy (as described in my book as well ), went into remission only  after a couple of months and when they returned to their old habits and lifestyle cancer returned; just alkalinity(i.e: cesium, calcium, baking soda, diet, ozone/ oxygen) is not enough- microbes can just go into one of their self preservation states; just killing cancer cells/microbes is not enough – they can spread faster in an acid environment; strengthening the immune system takes time; etc. ; plus, many other specific situations & complications can occur (i.e. cachexia, lack of energy ,malnutrition, pain,  etc)  ).THUS:
On the long term, getting rid of cancer for good can be done only by doing as many sinergic things to Energize, Re- Balance & Strenghthen your Body , Mind and Immune System to make it a machine „immune to cancer”.
Some of these things were mentioned above.
I’ve written a complete chapter on this topic in my book.
For more details read this article click here.
One should also keep in mind there is no such thing as perfection in real life.Be reasonable and do whatever you can . Use common sense, do what you can/ what is up to you. Even if you make mistakes, mistakes are part of being human. Do not worry to much about them. But try not to be superficial in order to maximize your healing chances.
I will be back with more articles on things to do to survive and beat your cancer.


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Complete details in my book.
Best of health,

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  1. multumesc pentru articole;cind voi stringe bani pentru carte am sa o cumpar

    În Duminică, 10 Noiembrie 2013 10:33:57, „TRATAMENTE CANCER EFICIENTE, NON – toxice” a scris: cristigologan posted: „CLICK AICI pentru  limba ROmana(traducerea „aproximativa” utilizand google translate). This is a very important article, explaining how cancer occurs in the body over a period a time.It explains the connection between stress (meaning various stress fac”

  2. Citez clinca Serafin AG,ELVETIA:

    The most important part in defeating cancer is a well working immune system.

    Without a well working immune system, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation will not make a great sense. It is your body that has to fight cancer. After every radical treatment you will still have some cancer cells in your body. Your immune system has to do the rest of the work of recognizing, attacking and killing them. If your immune system does not work well, the remaining cancer cells have a pretty good chance of defeating you through metastasis or new tumors that will grow within the next 2-5 years.
    Research has shown that patients who get complementary treatments during their chemotherapy have fewer side effects.
    Remember, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation WEAKEN your immune system. Surviving cancer cells need to be killed by a strong immune system; therefore, you must start your complementary treatments as soon as possible.

    The NUMBER ONE immune SUPPRESSANT is your PSYCHE! Psychoneuroimmunology research has shown that stress, fear and pain are immune weakeners. Consequently our holistic treatment plan considers your physical, psychological and spiritual planes.

    If you have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy without any other treatment, the number of cancer cells after such treatment are lowered to a minimum but there are still some in the blood or organs. After conventional cancer treatments doctors will continue to search for new tumors through periodic follow-ups. Without complementary therapy, your chance to beat the remaining cells is very slim. It is in your interest to do more!

    Stress, anger, and sorrow (all part of human experience) work against your immune system. Understandably most cancer patients are afraid regarding their future; that fear itself is an added stress. It is important to be aware of how you respond to the stresses in your life so that you can develop healthy coping and stress management skills that fit your unique style and needs. In order to obtain inner peace and balance, therapies such as acupuncture, meditation, psychotherapy, psychosocial support groups, Bach flower remedies etc. may be helpful.


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