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Cancer Theory and Electromedicine Treatments

-Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy,
-Prof. Enderlein, who spoke of endobionts,
-Tamara Lebedeva ,
Dr. Hulda Clark, who sees a intestinal parasites as a cause,
All of these researchers observed the link between cancer and microorganism independently, using different techniques, thus named these microorganisms differently and  also proposed & developed different solutions to this problem.
profesor Gaston Naesenss observed these microorganisms around 1950, with the microscope he developed (called somatoscope) and named these microorganisms according to their pleomorphic shapes, from somatids, spores, double spores. etc.; as a solution he developed an immune re- balancer called 714 X to re-balance the immune system.
Dr Royal Rife observed this link between microorganisms and cancer, in 1930,  with the powerful microscope he developed and called these microorganism , according to pleomorhpic state they were observed  in, but differently, from BX, BY, etc.; Dr Rife developed an electromedicine device for killing these microbes, wich, in 1930 achieved 100% cure rate with terminal cancer patients:
Royal RIfe
Royal Raymond Rife (1888 – 1971) was a brilliant scientist who developed technologies which are still in use today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation.
During the 66 years that Rife spent designing and building medical instruments, he worked for Zeiss Optics, the U.S. Government, and several private benefactors.
Using a remarkable new microscope he designed and built, in 1930 Royal R. Rife cultured tissue from a breast cancer sample, in Kendall medium, and isolated a micro-organism.

He followed this experiment with a series of other studies in which he cultured an organism in Kendall media, from tissue taken from a human breast cancer. He then injected this microorganism into 412 healthy rats, and found that without fail they all developed breast cancer.

 Finally, he was then able to isolate the original microorganism from the tumours which grew in the rats. In the process Rife became probably the first person ever to fulfil Koch’s postulants, for cancer causing microbes.
Koch’s Postulants are a set of rules to prove the causation of disease by microorganisms. They state that to prove such causality the microorganism must first be isolated and cultured. It must then be shown to have infected a health animal, and finally the same organism must be recoverable from the now infected animal.
The cancer virus which Rife named Cryptocides Primordiales or the BX virus, was a minute 1/5 micron in length and 1/20 micron in width. It was highly motile, aerobic (requiring free oxygen for its survival) and highly pathogenic.
Rife discovered that while exposing the virus/microorgansims to a temperature of 42C for 24 hours would kill the virus(an additional reason why hyperthermia works), it remained unaffected by exposure to either X-ray, UV or Infra-red waves.
While the discovery of a cancer virus was in itself an incredible feat of scientific endeavour, Rife was to make yet more discoveries destined to rock the scientific status quo.
The BX virus was observed & shown to be a polymorphic (meaning it has/can change in many forms) virus, able to change its states according to the culture in which it was grown.
When a BX virus was cultivated in a different media/ environments, it was seen to change into a BY virus. When the media/ environment was changed yet again it developed into a monococcoid in the monocytes of the blood, and with a further change of media/environment it morphed once again, this time into crytomyces pleomorphia fungi.
At any stage along this journey of polymorphism, the original BX virus could be grown again by adding any one of these forms to the original media/environment.
Everything was documented with film, photographs and meticulous records.
1.The pleomorphism has also been observed and confirmed by other researchers and scientists, independently.  using other methods (ie. profesor  Gaston Naesenss observed this usign the powerful microscope he developed, called somatoscope and gave these microorganisms different names ).
2. These cancer microorganisms can take up to 16 forms :
In a healthy person, with a strong immune system, these microbes can be found in 3 forms: somatids, spores & double spores (as named by professor Naesenss);  These forms are harmless (harmful forms are killed by the immune system)
Once the immune system is weak, if the environment is favorable( acidic , optionally high in sugar) , thse microorganism can take an additional 13 HARMFUL forms  and the forms they can be found in/ all shapes & sizes they can take, depend on the environments PH ( acidity/alkalinity/ oxygen level).
Next Dr Rife was able to use a certain frequency of energy produced by a machine he developed that could destroy these cancer causing viruses in the body without harming any normal cells.
Royal Rife’s electromagnetism machine had a 100% cure rate of terminal cancer patients.
  All of this was in the 1930s.
Everything was documented with film, photographs and meticulous records.  
Rife’s work was vigorously discredited by the conventional medical establishment, and it remains so to this day – as was and is the case with Dr Stanislaw Burzinski , Dr Philip E . Binzel. Dr. William D Kelley, Dr Max Gerson, professor Gaston Naesenss amd  all great researchers that made an important contribution in curing cancer using methods that , besides being effective and NO-toxic, cannot be patented – profit cannot be made as with medical drugs  .
The AMA(American Medical Association) persecuted Royal Rife to the extreme.  His lab was burned down, one of his associates was murdered, his equipment was hunted down and destroyed.
A group in England claimed to obtain a Royal Rife machine that was not destroyed.  A website which discussed old versions of the Royal Rife machine and other versions of it, and has a copy of the English report can be found at this web site:
Also see this web site (this is a vendor and a source of superb information):
There are now thousands of websites devoted this little-known genius and humanitarian, and his amazing contributions to the welfare of us all.
1. Electromedicine devices decribed in this article – Rife machines ,  mean very gentle electrical devices which are designed to get rid of cancer cells without the need of nutrients!!
These devices use SAFE radio waves , NOT DANGEROUS ionized radiation used in radiotherapy.

2.a.  It has been demonstrated many times that if you kill all of the microorganisms inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell ( as nothing will prevent the cell from restoring it’s normal functions ). 
 2.b. Some good examples of treatments that kill these microbes inside cancer cells,  you can do at home right now:
2) fruit juices (i.e. dark skinned grapesberries, etc)
3) Treatments using honey as carrier( i.e. turmeric and honey, ginger & honey, cinnamon & honey, etc)
4) All DMSO / All MSM treatments ( similar to honey as carrier treatments but, unlike hoey/ glucose, these CAN be used by patients with severe cachexia – see my book, english/international version),
2.c. One of the most efficient ways to kill these microbes is with electromedicine Rife devices.
Original RIFE devices-High Frequency RF Rife machines were designed especially to kill the pleomorphic microorganisms that can cause cancer.
Do NOT confuse these powerfull electromedical devices with the Zappers (Hulda Clark) or Bob Beck devices.
Rife replica devices will do the job Zappers and Bob Beck devices do (clean the blood and areas such as liver,lymph & dental area from micoorganisms) AND, IN ADDITION  , also kill the microbes INSIDE cancer cells, restoring these to normal cells.
They use a Radio Frequency(RF) for killing cancer microbes and another RF as a carrier for the first  “cancer killer RF” inside cancer cells .
This allows the cancer cells to revert to normal cells because nothing prevents ATP energy production when microbes are dead.
This is the best and safest way to kill and cure cancer, because there is no dead cancer cells debris in the body( only debris from  dead microorganisms, witch is far less toxic )
There are some other cases where these gentle electromedicine treatments would be highly suggested if one can afford it for the treatment of cancer.
The cases are:
1) The patient cannot eat very much,
2) The patient has significant problems digesting their foods (e.g. they have had stomach or colon surgery),
3) The patient cannot extract nutrients from the foods/supplements they take (e.g. due to significant chemotherapy that damages digestive tract ( as it has fast growing cells)),
4) The cancer is fast-spreading,
5) The cancer has spread throughout the body.
2. d . So how do these devices kill the microbes which are inside of a cancer cell?
It is generally believed that each of the 16 shapes and sizes of the cancer microbe has a different „Mortal Oscillatory Rate” or M.O.R., meaning they have a different frequency at which they vibrate until they explode and die.
Think of a wine glass being shattered by an opera singer. At a certain frequency the glass will shatter.
Likewise, each microbe/microorganism has a specific frequency (i.e. M.O.R.) at which it will „explode” and die.
In theory, this would imply that it would take 16 different frequencies to kill the „cancer microbe.”
Well, it is not that simple.
The Independent Cancer Research Foundation will determine these frequencies if they ever get enough funding. But for now understand that it has been shown by those using electromedicine, by trial and error, that taking some ionized water makes the device more effective.
This makes perfect sense because at the larger sizes and shapes, finding an effective frequency to vibrate them until they explode may be very difficult. This may be exacerbated by the shapes of the larger sizes. Some shapes may prevent a uniform and consistent vibration.
By taking some ionized water the alkalinity inside the cancer cells will go up and the size of the microbes will go down into the mid-size range of the microbe sizes.
However, it has also been shown that when too much ionized water is taken, in conjunction with an alkaline treatment, that the microbe becomes too small to kill by the frequency range of the device.
These conclusions were based on case studies.
Much more research needs to be done in this area, but for now realize that the cardinal rule of using electromedicine is to take a reasonable amount of ionized or alkaline water, but do not be fanatical.
By using moderation the size and shape of the cancer microbe will be in the middle range and it will be easier to kill the microbes by using vibrations. This is a highly theoretical discussion, but the theory coincides with the actual success of the devices.
Dr Rife  observed these cancer microbes can NOT be killed faster than they can spread in an acidic (low PH/ low oxygen ) environment.
 Thus, raising cellular alkalinity /cellular oxygen levels (STOPping the spread of cancer) is more important and comes first( these microorganisms are mostly found in the blood and liver in a healthy person but once the cellular PH is low, the acidic cells can be invaded by these microorganisms, if the immune system is weak as well; these microorganisms will NOT develop and spread in an alkaline environment/where the PH is high/high oxygen levels or where the immune system is strong enough; unfortunately strenghtening the immune system is harder as it takes a long time;alkalinity remains your  only option for stopping the spread of cancer ).
This can be done safely with the help of an alkaline diet or alkaline water ( both are not needed ; to much alkalinity can make these microorganisms  difficult to kill using electromedicine;  methods as
Cesium should also be avoided with Rife electromedicine;
Calcium or Ozone/Oxygen therapies, used in conjuction with proteolitic enzymes (protease will digest the protein  layer that prevents oxugen & Calcium (as an oxygen carrier) form entering a  cancer cell and raise it’s oxygen level/PH might also be sufficient alkalinity – more studies need to be conducted here)

The bottom line with electromedicine protocols the way to maximize the effectiveness of these protocols is to use some alkalinity to put the microbes in the middle size range and stop them from spreading faster than they can be killed, but  not use too much alkalinity.
„Moderation” of alkalinity is a good term.

1. More than a hundred experts have tried to replicate Rife’s technology. More than one of these „machines” Rife was highly effective against cancer!


Most brands of so-called  Rife machines available on the market today are completely ineffective for cancer because they either do not have power or not the necessary /corresponding frequency range, carrier wave, etc.

But there are few that are extremely effective :
A research group had sufficient library and money resources to restore some original equipment Rife which were sold and delivered before Dr. Rife to be stopped by the AMA in 1939.
A frequency generator and Plasma amplifier that can transmit  Rife’s frequencies using Rife’s original  method is decribed in my book .

2. a. Please note that, as I’ve repeatedly stated & you’ve probably noticed, the purpose of this website is to adequately & OBJECTIVELY inform you of your best options, with scientific arguments (information based on scientific studies & confirmed by case studies and clinical trials).

From my point of view, being objective also implies being equidistant. Thus, I do endorse anyone, I do not make any type of recommendations neither when it comes to treatments, nor when it comes to vendors (though many of you have asked me to also mention vendors and brands).

What you decide to do,  if you decide to buy something, from who and from where you buy, etc, is ENTIRELY your choice. My purpose is to  adequately and objectively inform you of your options in order to ease / help you make a BETTER decision , FASTER.

HOWEVER, you should / MUST ask you vendor if he /she offers support for using this type of machine for cancer, and you should also ask him about results he/she have had – statistics based on case studies/ clinical trials. As vendors may be reluctant as they cannot offer medical claims (according to the law), I realise it may be difficult to find a good option in this area without doing some heavy research before. It is why with Rife machines I decided to include some links where you can find some RIFE replicas reported to have worked. But keep in mind this is not an official endorsement/recommendation from me. It is just meant to help you  with / ease your research .


Rife had a 100% cure rate in 1930.

Nowadays, there are very few Rife replicas. Most of electro-medicine devices sold on the internet as Rife machines do NOT work well enough as they do NOT have enough power or do NOT have the frequencies or do NOT replicate exactly Rife instructions or may even be frauds .(I do not know & I do not have the resources to test every machine or product that claims to be a „miracle” cure for cancer; THE BEST WAY TO KNOW if the product ( drug , supplement, electromedicine device , etc) is working is to TEST/MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS ON A REGULAR BASIS ).

One type that surely works is described in my book as the developers replicated it according to original Rife documentation and have successively tested it on humans with cancers .

But, once again: 


There are many factors to consider, each case is unique, each patient has it’s own cancer characteristics & needs ( type of cancer, stage of cancer , how fast cancer is spreading,cellular PH balance – that cannot be measured, how much cancer has spread, how much he/she has been affected by conventional cancer treatments, ability/inability of the digestive tract to use nutrients from food, physical energy , psychical energy, spiritual energy, desire to live etc.)

No matter what treatment you decide to use you must : TEST/MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS ON A REGULAR BASIS , in order to see if the treatment is adequate for your case or improvements, modifications or radical changes in treatment plan must be performed.


2.c. Some of these Rife devices(at least the ones I mention in my book) also include energizing protocols (meant to provide energy to your body) but they do not do the same great thing in providing energy such as Photon Devices or Quantum Pulse /Vibe Machines/Bio Pulsers) .

On the other hand , Vibe Machines & Photon Devices ( besides being far more expensive)  are best for providing energy to help keep a patient alive but do NOT kill cancer microbes as Rife devices do.

The choice depends on the situation.

A person who can affrod may use both devices. They do NOT conflict. A  RIFE device generating high-Radio Frequency RF  (electrode or plasma tube) is synergistic with one or both of the Photon devices.

When people can afford only one of the devices the rule is:

-if the main danger of cancer is lack of energy or a dangerous tumor(life-threatening), buy Photon device .

-if the main danger of the cancer are cancer cells (when tumors are not considered life-threatening), buy RIFE device.

A compromise solution would be to purchase a Rife device that can be used both to energize and as a cancer treatment, but do not neglect a consultation from the Ed Skilling Institute , even without buying a Photon device. Their experience could prove crucial.


Again, it is your decision if / what you buy (if you buy something), according to your personal needs: do you have enough energy and need to kill a fast spreading cancer and rapidly supercharge the immune system with a Rife device, or are you a very weak patient that needs crucial energy ?

3.a.This is the type of machine I bought for my mother. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to test it . My mother went into severe cachexia and died very soon after I bought the Rife Replica from Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF)  Inc.  Thus. instead of using the device to help my mother, it is still in boxes with a layer of dust above them.


3.b.I’ve mentioned this as the ICRF have done a lot of research with  replicas of Rifes original devices over the years, they have clinical cases they report they have successively treated and they provide support. The ICRF is one of the premiere alternative cancer treatment research organizations and you can read more about them & support their research: Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

While I can offer these cancer treatments / protocols for free for anyone who wants this , I cannot guarantee they will work on the devices you buy, even if you buy them from ICRF Inc as each producer has it’s own software installed on the device.

All I can say about the protocols I have is that they will work on the device I have, with the sofware version installed on the device I have. Once again, ask the vendor if he/she offers support for treating cancer before you buy and about clinical cases .I do not endorse and do not make any guarantees for anyone.And test your treatment regularly  to monitor you progress.

3.c. Recent studies indicate that in many cases, the cancer causing microorganism is Helicobacter Pylori, when it gets inside of normal cells or when a cancer cell divides and creates two daughter cancer cells which each have these microbes. According to Independent Cancer Research Foundation, the evidence that H. Pylori causes cancer is very solid.

For example:

1) It is ubiquitous in the stomach and common in the bloodstream (all humans have some cancer cells at all times),

2) It is known to be a pleomorphic microbe,

3) The most effective herb at killing H. Pyloriturmeric, is also the same herb that is most effective at treating cancer,

4) More than one alternative cancer researcher has come to the same conclusion independently.

But regardless of what the cancer microbe is, it has been known since the 1930s (starting with Royal Rife and many others) that one of the best ways to cure cancer is to kill the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. In this way the cancer cells will revert into normal cells .

In addition, because just killing these microbes inside cancer cells is less toxic than killing cancer cells, these treatments can be applied SAFELY,  in much HIGHER doses that other treatments focused on killing cancer cells ( i.e .: than Vitamin B17 ) , making these a far better (MORE efficient and LESS toxic) option.   

These devices used specific square waves for  each specific microbe because each microbe has its own resonance frequency (meaning the frequency at which it dies ,just like an opera singer can shatter a crystal glass at proper resonance frequency) .

Fortunately the frequency of cancer microbe is well known (so it can be killed!).

In theory, this device can cure cancer in a single day.

So why does it not heal in a day?

First, the use of this great power would be unpredictable and it could be very dangerous for the patient for several reasons.

It would definitely cause Herxheimer reaction („brain fog” due to extreme detoxification). If you kill every microbe in the body in  one day a person could die of Herxheimer reaction.

There are patients with cancer who had a severe Herxheimer reaction (because they allow the body to adapt), and refused to use the Electromedical device again.

This is because detoxification caused by toxins (dead microbes) .

The device is very gentle. Usually, a person will not feel that electromedical device is on !

But abuses must be avoided.

Do NOT try to use it twice a day, before using the device for at least 10 days. Start with small doses and gradually increase them as the body adapts(as with every other treatment).

But, even with  full power, it will not kill all the microbes in a single day.  There are various reasons for this safety feature.


Rife method is a complete cancer treatment , but nutritional protocols are recommended to be added for patients with advanced cancer.

As Photon devices , RIFE devices always come with a nutritional combination of treatments (protocol). Dr. Rife noted that in highly acidic environment cancer spreads faster than it can be killed . Alkalinity IS ESSENTIAL.  whatever approach.

Cancer patients always have more problems than cancer cells, especially if they have had chemotherapy and radiation. Many cancer patients have died without many cancer cells in their body due to damage to healthy cells by chemotherapy and radiation, so nutrition, protection, energy are always critical.


Avoid the RIFE devices , Bob Beck devices and Hulda Clark Zappers  while chemotherapy is in the blood. 

Certain chemotherapy drugs remain in the blood for long periods of time given. While chemotherapy is in the blood one should not use such Electromedical devices.

The reason for this rule is that electro protocols create electroporation. Electroporation „opens” all cells ports, not just cancer cells ports. These devices will allow chemo drugs to enter into numerous non-cancerous cells. They will enter these cells anyway but helping this is NOT a good thing!

More details and more powerful options in my book.

Best of health!




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