Hello all!


ANP Coalition is pleased to present our new sister website the Burzynski Personal Therapy Patient Group: www.BurzynskiAPT.org.


Until recently I was completely unaware of what the Burzynski Clinic has accomplished with respect to their gene targeted personalized therapy. Having had a child on Antineoplastons, I have spent the last 17 years narrowly focused on that aspect of Dr. Burzynski’s work. During our recent campaign to support the development and eventual approval of ANP, I’ve had an opportunity to speak with some amazing patients. I thoroughly expected that their stories of life saving treatment would encompass ANP, but in fact they do not!


Dr. Burzynski and the Clinic staff have been on the forefront of a whole new approach to the treatment of cancer patients. This treatment involves a medical perspective of the patient’s genetics, coupled with Dr. Burzynski’s years of experience and is producing complete remissions in patients who were given only months to live by their primary physicians.


Those of us who are thoroughly familiar with the Clinic’s work have long come to appreciate Dr. Burzynski’s amazing talent of preserving life where no hope previously existed………I think that you will find these testimonials every bit as compelling! There are no FDA restrictions and the approval issues surrounding ANP do not apply. Insurance often does pay for some if not all of the treatment!


Please look the website over and then if you know anyone with cancer…….encourage them to investigate the Burzynski Clinic Gene Targeted Personalized Therapy program. Always feel free to provide me with your feedback and understand that the BurzynskiAPT website is a work in progress! The website is meant to increase awareness and provide perspective patients encouragement to investigate what the Clinic has to offer. I hope that we have succeeded in that goal, and that you will join us in our newest endeavor!


Ric Schiff

Director of ANP Coalition


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