Who Survives Cancer /Cine supravietuieste cancerului

iata un studiu realizat de Lothar Hirneise despre cine supravietuiste dpdv statistic cancerului – prezinta caracteristici comune celor ce supravietuiesc cancerului.Articolul ii citeaza declaratiile Click aici pentru limba romana


by Lothar Hirneise

Lothar Hirneise is a knowledgeable advocate and writer on alternative healing who spent years traveling and searching for the most successful cancer therapies.

The following is an excerpt from one of his extensive lectures: Lothar Hirneise:—

„In the last few years I have interviewed several hundred so-called final stage so-called survivors, meaning patients who were in the final stage of cancer and who are all healthy again today. And already after, let me say 50 patients, did it become rather clear to me, what was actually going on here. Very simple, there are three points:

1. One point, which I discovered with 100% of all survivors, is the energy work. I will come back to that.

2. In approximately, hmm – I will say 80% of all patients, I found a nutritional change.

3. And in at least 60% of all patients did I find intensive detoxification therapies.

Diet and Nutrition

If anyone says there is no cancer diet, give him my telephone number. That is a lie. I have shaken the hands of many people, who, thanks to an extreme dietary change became well. And if anyone comes, any of these much too clever professors and goes „Cancer diets are nonsense”, send him to me. I can prove the opposite. I have collected enough cases and I know these patients personally. When we talk of nutrition, we naturally also talk about getting energy. We must understand that we have three ways and means of getting energy into our bodies.

1.  The first means is the light. Light is naturally our number 1 source of energy. Of that I am 100% sure.

2.  The second way is organic nutrition. I emphasize the word organic, of course, because it is of no avail to eat this hamburger stodge. Because there is nothing in it anymore. On the contrary, when you eat this, you lose energy every time, which you then have to compensate for.

3.  Either through going out into the light, or through a third possibility which you have, can you let energies flow into your body, namely your thoughts. Think about the last time that you were in love. Maybe some time has gone by since then but you can surely remember it. My goodness, how we felt, didn’t we? Wasn’t it fantastic? Yes – but what was it? Did our DNA change? Did our cell respiration change? No, nothing changed. The East Indians would say our chakras were open. Something in our body was open so that the energy that is there could flow again. That is the secret of health, not only to produce energy, but also to let the energy flow. That means our thoughts, our mental-spiritual side is enormously important.

Back to nutrition. Of all nutritional theories that I have investigated, the one in first place is Dr. Johanna Budwig. I had the luck through thousands of so-called coincidences, that she allowed me to investigate all her cases of the last thirty years, and nowhere in the world have I found not even remotely such fantastic cases as with Dr. Budwig. It’s phenomenal. People in a coma, who received her so-called Electron Differential Oils (ELDI Oils), and who were only rubbed [massaged] with this oil, did again awake from their coma. They were able to eat again and they walk around normally today. It is simply phenomenal. Therefore, once again, if you don’t know Dr Budwig, if you don’t know her Oil-Protein Diet, that is the absolute basis of the nutritional therapy for cancer patients.


The second point that I found is detoxification. Detoxification actually covers two points.

1.  The first is naturally to avoid toxins and poisons. (Cosmetics, Toothpaste, etc.)

2.  And the second point, which naturally belongs to detoxification, is not to add any toxins in future. The most important point is definitely diet. I don’t think it needs any further belabouring. That is the absolute point. We poison ourselves today with what we eat. And I think it is better not to eat than all this rubbish that one can buy today.

The other point are the teeth. Here too I believe I don’t need to talk much about it, because you all know that (healthy) teeth (and gums) are phenomenally important. Heat is a very, very good way to expel poisons. (See: Fever Therapy and Hyperthermia). All the parasite cleanses(i,.e, Hulda Clark ), of course.  Colon cleansing(i.e . Dr Kelley/Dr Gerson coffee enemas) , ELDI-Oils (an important part of the Budwig Protocol). People should drink a great lot of  clean water(preferably prefiltered & ionized water).

Trampoline (rebounder) muscle training and out into the sunlight.

. Not only Dr. Budwig, the late professor Julius Hackethal M.D. sent his patients every day into the sun as well. He would say, five minutes on each side, and whenever possible, twice daily. Unfortunately we have this new phenomenon today that the sun is suddenly supposed to be bad for you: it causes skin cancer and all that nonsense. Forget it. We are all children of the light, we need the sunlight. We need no sunburn, with that I agree, but we definitely need sunlight. Go outside. We don’t need the sun, we need light. Even if it’s raining today go outside. And tell this to your patients. Even when they are in a coma must they be wheeled out. You must go twice daily into the light. (Light from the sun increases Melatonin that fights cancer cells, increases Vitamin D, important for the liver as the master immune system organ and increases the body’s energy levels).

Energy Work

I am coming to the most important point: energy work. I divide it into mental energy(i.e. emotions  & psyche) and spiritual energy work.

What did I discover with cancer patients?

Naturally, you begin meditating and reflecting about life, ‘Why do I have cancer and what is the purpose of my life, why am I on this earth?‘, and so on and so forth. But I noticed something else. I call it SYSTEM CHANGE. We all live in Systems. In our marriage, in our house, in our job, etc. Many, many, many of these cancer patients made system jumps. They kicked their husband in the butt and threw him out. They quit their job, they moved, they not only moved their bed, they moved out of their apartment, they went to other countries. Does it mean that you have to do all of these things?  I don’t know. Quite honestly, I don’t know. But I can tell you from my experience, it’s just remarkable to what extent people changed their life before they were in a position to get well.

Dr. Bodo Kohler wrote in his book about light that he was almost sure that he could heal any cancer patient. How? „I take him by the hand and fly him to an oasis in Africa. Let’s see whether the tumor can survive this. Now what happens in an oasis? The sun? – sure, the sun can help. But something else is more important. When you have cancer and you fly to an oasis in Africa you have more or less left all the systems in which you live here. And this makes it difficult for a tumor to survive in your body.”


„There is no spontaneous remission, there are only people who positively change their life and regained their health that way.”


Personal note (of the author of this site  – Cristian Gologan)

So let’s recap common aspects:

1 energy work:

mental energy (i.e. emotions  & psyche) and spiritual energy

2. nutritional change(alkaline, ORGANIC / BIO cancer diet but also rich in energy(preferrably from healthy fats))

. When we talk of nutrition, we naturally also talk about getting energy. We must understand that we have many ways and means of getting energy into our bodies.

–  sunlight. Light is naturally our number 1 source of energy.

organic nutrition. rich in energy(preferrably from healthy fats))

thoughts(i.e. emotions  & psyche).

ionized  alkaline water(rich in oxygen responsible for energy production and detox)

Rest & Melatonin after moderate muscle training  out into the sunlight & nature.

3. intensive detoxification therapies( Fever Therapy and Hyperthermia). All the parasite cleanses(i,.e, Hulda Clark ), of course.  Colon cleansing(i.e . Dr Kelley/Dr Gerson coffee enemas) , ELDI-Oils (an important part of the Budwig Protocol). People should drink a great lot of  clean water(preferably prefiltered & ionized water). Trampoline (rebounder) muscle training and out into the sunlight.).

Notice how they all link to each other .

Also, I will quote Michael J. Rankin , Director Kelley Metabolic Center, Inc , Pain Free Life, L.L.C & Testing Cancer, L.L.C. 

„please consider the following for any successful program:

  • Supplements to stop STEM cells from proliferation and metastasis
  • Adequate amino acid protein base to support cellular health, utilization of pancreatic, proteolytic enzymes
  • Detox, including daily infrared sauna, and lipolysis of the fat cells
  • Attending to dental health with careful choices of dental practitioners
  • Daily exercise routine at your aerobic capacity. Goal should be minimum of 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
  • Meal planning include food combinations, and types of protein considered safe for metabolic issues like cancer
  • Joyful expression all day long, starting with giving thanks for the sun rise and looking for a beautiful sunset each day. Giving and receiving loving hugs all day long.
  • Minimize impact from radiation, and EFM, including cell phones and electronic clocks by your bed, and notebook computers which can be one of the most impactful bad sources of EFM.
  • Sleeping in a very dark room
  • Keep your cell phone 10 feet from your body, especially when you sleep.
  • Adequate hydration, with minerals, which you may obtain from Himalayan salt, both on your food and in your water.
  • Working on GUT health, repairing if necessary, restoring it back to homeostasis. Knowing what you can about leaky GUT and its implications on overall health.
  • Evaluation of your hormones, and correcting any issues WITHOUT bio-identical hormones.
  • Fully expect to heal because the body you were given is perfect and can return to a healthy state but only if you expect it to.
  • Give thanks for each breath, the fragrance of your favorite flower, and each smile you receive from a child. If you are joyful the child will always give you their best smile.
  • One hour of sunshine, without chemical blocks on your skin, and without soaping your entire body removing all the vitamin D you were just given for free by washing it off with soap.
  • Use soap sparingly, and be sure of the source and quality-if there are chemicals you cannot spell or pronounce don’t use it.
  • Drink only filtered water
  • Avoid plastic containers, especially water. It has probably been sitting on a truck, in the heat, leaching plastic into the water.
  • Fear has no place in the healing process.
  • Do not use toothpaste with chemicals, especially fluoride.
    • If your dentist gives out the commercially popular toothpaste, change dentists.
  • Get plenty of good fats each day, and that does not include vegetable fats from vegetable oils. If you don’t know how to choose them we can help.
  • Take a nap once a day like Thomas Edison did his entire adult life. „


WEB: www.testingcancer.com

WEB: www.allmypainisgone.com


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The above “Who Survives Cancer” has been translated by [http://www.healingcancernaturally.com] LOTHAR HIRNEISE: „Dear Puna Wai Ora!
Best of Health & of LOVE!
Cristian Gologan

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