Glutamina si Gentiana – suplimente de luat in calcul in casexie

Glutamina si Gentiana – suplimente de luat in calcul in casexie

citate de la cei dintre voi primite:

„Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. It is synthesized by most body tissues and is also found in foods such as wheat, corn, barley, peanuts, soybeans, and milk. Glutamine is essential for several bodily processes, and when patients are suffering from states in which the body is malnourished or breaking down its own muscle protein (a state called cachexia), taking extra glutamine can help replenish depleted body levels and prevent adverse health effects. For example, glutamine is the major fuel source of the cells that line the intestinal tract, and is therefore important in maintaining GI function. It is also the major fuel source for lymphocytes and macrophages, which are a vital part of the body’s immune defense. It acts both as a precursor for protein synthesis and a means by which excess toxic ammonia can be eliminated from the body. Finally, glutamine is important in the synthesis of glutathione, a molecule that helps detoxify foreign substances in the liver.
Glutamine may help treat cachexia (muscle wasting) in patients with advanced cancer and AIDS.”

e cu dus si intors in cazul suplimentarii cu glutamina in cancer si e bine sa aveti in vedere si acest articol:

Glutamine supplementation: cancer concerns and benefits

Personal nu as depasi 5 grame pe zi daca as avea cancer activ.

„Gentian is a popular digestive bitter. It is an ingredient in the famous Angostura Aromatic Bitters. It is used to stimulate the appetite and promote production of gastric secretions. As such, it is often used to overcome both anorexia and cachexia. but some traditional uses include topical applications on skin tumors.”

sunt suplimente oarecum controversate dar daca nici sulfatul hidrazina nu isi face treaba, omul e dator sa le incerce pe toate(ma refer la suplimente).

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