pentru cei ce au ratat TTAC 2017 LIVE

Hey Cristian,

Let me start with one word here: AMAZING.

Everyone has been raving about TTAC LIVE 2017 and I do agree …

It was the event of the year – no doubt.

Over and over my team and I keep hearing phrases like “life-changing” and “life-saving” and “revolutionary” in relation to the 40 different presentations by the amazing doctors and other health experts we assembled.

And truly, my team and I couldn’t be more honored to have brought you this Live Event for the second year in a row. This event, to paraphrase another comment I heard quite a bit, will mark a turning point in how cancer and other serious diseases are prevented and treated in the USA and across the globe, and in how people take control of their own health to really help themselves.

So Cristian, whether you got to watch just one live presentation or many, THANK YOU for being a part of this history-making event.


There’s one complaint that we’ve been getting.

“I missed some of the event and wish there was a replay”

Guess what?

There’s going to be a full replay! 🙂

We’re broadcasting the whole event, in its entirety, starting Friday, 13 October at 8:30 am Eastern so keep an eye out for an email with a link to watch.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. None of this could be possible without your support.

Ty Bollinger

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