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Vitamina C si CITRINA(vitamina P)

Buna seara,

Doresc sa fac o corectie legat de administrarea de vitamina C in doze MARI.pentru a o tolera , organismul are nevoie de CITRINA(bioflavonoid din complexul numit vitamina P):

Uncovered by the Nobel prize-winning biochemist who also discovered vitamin C,1 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, these brightly colored nutrients are also known as citrin, vitamin C-2, flavones, flavonols, and flavonones.2 Let’s take a brief look at some of the names used to identify the bioflavonoids, and what they mean: Bioflavonoids are nutrients with vitaminlike qualities; they are water soluble and always occur in combination with vitamin C. Bioflavonoids could be defined as compounds that perform biological functions in the human body.

Within citrin are hesperidin and other bioflavonoids. Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid found in the skins and peels of citrus fruits. Quercetin and rutin are names for two individual members of the bioflavonoid family. Rutin, which occurs in buckwheat, is sometimes sold separately. Trioexethyl-rutin is a rutin-related flavonoid effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Vitamin C complex or C-2 is used to describe the inseparable partnership of the flavones and vitamin C. Vitamin P symbolizes the positive effects that bioflavonoids have on the permeability of the capillaries. Confused?

And last but not least, vitamin P, a group of elements called bioflavonoids with names like rutin, citrin, hesperidin, and quercetin.

Atentie, CITRINA(din citrice) , NU citrulina(din coaja pepene verde)(desi nici citrulina nu va dauna, ci din contra, va fi transformata de cele mai multe tipuri de cancer (cu exceptia hepatocarcinoamelor , melaniamelor si cancerelor renale) in arginina si mai departe in Oxid Nitric cu rol anticnacerigen (imunomodulator , antiproliferativ, respiratia celulara,etc)

Cautati vitamina C cu Bioflavonoide ce includ CITRINA daca doriti sa beneficiati de efectele vitamina C in doze RIDICATE.

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