Cancer, Metastasis, and Cancer Stem Cells

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„A recent article I wrote to reflect work on cancer as it relates to STEM cells.

Cancer, Metastasis, and Cancer Stem Cells

Awakening the Sleeping Giant – The White Elephant in the Room

Special Thanks To Dr. Weeks, Dr. Wicha, and Dr. Weinberg for influencing our work and helping to bring clarity and hope to cancer treatment

What are some of the first words or phrases we hear from those coming to use with cancer or concerns about cancer? “I am afraid _____ fill in the blank, “I am so fearful because they said I have a tumor and I must have chemotherapy right now.” Fear cannot be the guide of any decision or you end up with the wrong goal. One of our favorite quotes, shared with us by Dr. Weeks, is the following:

As Thomas Pychon said, “if you can get people to ask the wrong question, the answer does not matter”. That is the case with cancer and most diseases. With cancer and most diseases, you must treat the person, the whole person, the body ecology, if you are to have success and restore homeostasis. If your doctor says “take this drug”, you should ask “what part of my body function does it replace, improve, or fix”. The answer to this will clarify your decision process.

Cancer’s treatments current goal, albeit, misguided, is “I want my doctor to shrink the tumor until it disappears”. Caveat: If you get people to set the wrong goal, the result doesn’t matter.

Cancer in your body is a message and you don’t just kill the messenger. We know that chemo and radiation cause cancer to get worse. What is one reason, well known and documented? Cancer stem cells are the alarm bell on a tumor set off by surgery, chemo, biopsy, and radiation. Cancer treatment is not a battle or war to be won. It is a lack of homeostasis. You have to teach cancer now to behave. Cancer exists in all bodies and is not to be feared, but trained. Dealing with cancer should be considered a long run not a sprint. You are not trying to outrun it you are trying to control it.

What is the process? Working “with” cancer is a process, not a battle. Enhance the immune system. Reduce or kill cancer cells, both directly related to the tumor but also in the blood, urine and connective tissue, and re-educate (control) cancer STEM cells, so you do not get blindsided by a metastasis you are actually creating or encouraging by mismanagement of your current condition. You must keep serum amino acid proteins at adequate levels, which may not be a vegan diet, for the enzymes the body produces and the specialized enzymes we give, to work and to allow the body to use the enzymes to decrease the cancer load on the body. Remember, it is a process of retraining the body and reducing the burden; in the case of cancer, the burden is not just the cancer tumor. If protein falls below a minimal level the body will not heal or have the capacity to deal with metabolic issues like cancer. This needs to be measured and addressed. Understand this and you have a good chance of establishing a healing base. The demand for absorbable protein for someone with metabolic issues like cancer can be greatly exaggerated over those without cancer so adjustments in protein intake without overloading the kidney and liver is difficult. If you don’t do this properly the person can experience great pain or muscle wasting. Protein in does not equal protein used. It is dependent on amino acids for absorbability. The human body can synthesize all of the amino acids necessary to build proteins except for ten called the „essential amino acids”. These ten must be included in the diet or supplemented to be in adequate supplies. Failure to obtain enough of even 1 of the 8 essential amino acids has serious health implications and can result in degradation of the body’s proteins. Muscle and other protein structures may be dismantled to obtain the one amino acid that is needed.

Remember, it is estimated less than 5% to 10% of all who succumb to cancer do so because of the original tumor. What do we mean by that? Over 90% of the issue is the metastasis which is related to the cancer stem cells and the approach you take to control the cancer. You cannot stop the sinking boat by just bailing water, you must plug the hole. (Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are like bailing water with a strainer). It distracts you from the real issue and way from the real problem, the hole in the bottom of the boat (metastasis and STEM cells).

Less than 1% of a cancer tumor is stem cells. Most of the original tumor is not dangerous (aside from the steric, obstructive factors of the tumor). According to Dr. Diehn, less than 1% of cancer stem cells can give rise to colonies. How are these STEM cells stimulated? The threat or exposure to the original tumor, from surgery, biopsy, chemotherapy, or radiation seems to have the most vigorous stimulation to STEM cells. The radiation can come from cells phones, EMF, wireless signals and other daily toxic exposures (mercury fillings and root canals).

How are STEM cells they fed? The same way cancer is fed, by sugar. Does “juicing” help? It depends on the juicing. Does eating animal protein exacerbate the situation, sometimes not as much as juicing? It depends on the juicing constituents and combinations; keep the program logical relative to the need at hand. What feeds cancer = glucose. Alternative, non-toxic treatment does not have the same affect (remember an ineffective program may not address these issues either – from years of testing we have not seen the simple cottage cheese and flax seed oil reverse advanced conditions, or the molasses and baking soda, for two examples). Test and verify anything you decide to do. “Feeling good” is not the benchmark. Most of the people with whom we work who have stage 4 cancer, “feel good”. It does not mean their risk has been lowered.


What does chemo, radiation (Semin Radiat. Oncol. 2009, Diehn, M.), and sometimes surgery or biopsy (78% of the time there will be metastasis according to Dr. Revici) do? These approaches can, and most often do, make cancer worse and more virulent. Resistant cells survive and reproduce in a system often referred to as “survival of the fittest”, but it is also the collateral damage or stimulation to the STEM cells. Cancer cells can also mutate and replicate in response to a threat. If you don’t address the cancer STEM cells the cancer will come back and it will spread. Why is there a 5 year cutoff for convention treatment benchmarks? That is approximately how long it takes cancer to return and make itself manifest by a tumor large enough to see by conventional evaluations. The CaProfile would have demonstrated years before there was an issue and allowed you to react more quickly to address the threat that remains.

Chemotherapy increases cancer STEM cell proliferation. It also increases the numbers and virulence of cancer in the body, thus leading to a higher tumor forming capacity. (Dr. Li and Huang, J Natl. Cancer Inst. 2008). This is not “new” news. The problem is, when we treat cancer cells with chemotherapy, the CANCER STEM CELLS ARE BEING STIMULATED TOO. Before treatment they are most often dormant. Sadly, these mesenchymal STEM cells, when mixed with tumor cells, the tumors are shown to grow more quickly. (Wicha, M., Prof. Oncology, UM). We also know that stopping blood flow to the tumors with drugs can also stimulate cancer stem cells, but stopping blood flow to the tumor with natural agents does not have the same effect. When Avastin was given for angiogenesis the STEM cells were negatively stimulated, but this did not happen with natural remedies carefully chosen. It is also noteworthy that a patient considering surgery is advised to establish a base of healing and inhibition of STEM cells before surgery so as to retard the stimulation and proliferation of STEM cells and corresponding metastasis.

How do you monitor it? One way is with PET scans and the other is a very accurate, simple test called the CaProfile. You need a baseline like you need a map. If you don’t monitor where you are going, you will get lost, and not know if you are getting closer or further from your goal, which is better health and less cancer presence.

According to doctors like Dr. Wicha, standard cancer treatment not only often fails (99%) to eradicate cancer, but can make it worse unless you are paying attention to the STEM cells. Dr. Wicha is not a “fringe” of alternative medicine, he is the founder of the Cancer Center at the Univ. of Michigan, and prolific researcher and pioneer into why cancers recur and spread to other parts of the body.

If you have just completed treatment by surgery, biopsy, radiation, or chemotherapy and have not been tested for how much metastasis you have, you are proceeding without a map and no lights on to a dark road full of holes and cliffs. We know that dental issues, emotional issues and continued exposure to radiation (including cell phones) can also stimulate the spreading, metastasizing factor of cancer.



Tumor shrinkage is the gold standard. Should it be? With this as the gold standard in the area of conventional treatment, we have not seen an improvement in the outcomes for any form of cancer; this according to Dr. Daniel Haber from Mass General Hospital. (Not considered the bastion of alternative therapy). They are also saying, “Pay attention to stem cells or you will not see any improvement”. Only 1% of the treatment centers, including alternative treatment centers, addresses, or test for metastasis exacerbated by STEM cell proliferation.

Mesenchymal STEM cells are the SOS of the body. If ANY tissue, tumor, skin, etc. is damaged, the mesenchymal STEM cells come to the site and help to repair by recruiting cells of like kind; hair for hair and tumor for tumor. How is this stopped?

Anti-inflammatory agents must be a part of the treatment regime. The treatment goal: to interrupt the IL-8 cytokine “SOS” and allow differentiation of cancer stem cells. Some fermented products are extremely effective for cell differentiation. Choose products, in the right form, to decrease cytokines (including IL-8). J. Nutr. January 2006. Some fermented products will take a stem cell and stimulate it to function like a regular cell (differentiation), allow the body to handle it more effectively thus reducing the rest to more proliferation of cancer cells (metastasis, a.k.a., PHI). There are many other supplements and juicing protocols that weaken the systemic issue of cancer growth and spreading factor, and those must be pursued and incorporated into any effective program.

Reducing the underlying issues of dental work, diet issues, EMF exposure, wireless exposure, and emotional issues all play a part in the foundation of a growing cancer presence, so reducing the exposure to this will minimize the future risks from it. If anything from your life before cancer diagnosis contributed to your cancer, then you must eliminate it or change it after diagnosis. If you have a fungus in your lawn, and treat it with a fungicide, the fungus in the lawn is still an issue. How do you fix this problem? You improve the soil? The same goes for the human body.

If someone has been exposed to chemotherapy, radiation, biopsy or surgery, the treatment program must address the issues promulgated by these treatments and reverse the cascade of events or what is often referred to as the “cancer cascade”. The issues created by these treatments is a new exposure, or toxin, the body did not have before cancer diagnosis. It is an added burden to a body with cancer and it must be addressed.

The goal for any good program is homeostasis and a lifetime of good health with cancer relegated to a low position of “authority” or presence in the body. To “rid” the human body of cancer is a foolish notion. It is always there. To understand how the cancer manifested in the first place will tell you how to address your life in the future. You take a different road and follow a different map and you will arrive at a different, healthy destination.

Do not fear cancer. It is one of life’s potential guide posts. Understand it purpose and put it in its proper place. You cannot understand something you are running from. You can address anything you need to face without fear and great expectation that what you need to know you will find. Think of it this way. If you have a pain in your knee from excessive exercise or injury, do you damage it further to help the body recover from it? The same applies to cancer.

Summary: Stem Cells and Cancer, the “real” issue

  • Cancer mortality is directly related to cancer STEM cells activity (metastatic and proliferative processes) Not the size of the tumor(s). Do not be seduced by focus on “the Tumor(s)
  • Chemotherapy and radiation do NOT kill cancer STEM cells;
  • Chemotherapy and radiation make cancers grow faster and more virulent;
  • Treatment (of people) with cancer requires adjunctive care and not just chemotherapy and radiation;
  • Treatment which fails to address the toxicity of cancer STEM cells is futile and irresponsible. (Weeks, B. M.D.)

Understand the issue before you, face the issue, pray and/or meditate about it, and you will give your body the opportunity to heal. Make the journey one of joy and expectation of healing and you will stimulate your body to do so. The body follows the mind and the heart and spirit of the person. Healing is a synergy of your physical and spiritual and emotional life.

Special thanks to Dr. Weeks for bringing this information to all of us who are working with people who have metastatic issues. He is a blessing to all of us.

In light of this research, please consider the following for any successful program:

  • Supplements to stop STEM cells from proliferation and metastasis
  • Adequate amino acid protein base to support cellular health, utilization of pancreatic, proteolytic enzymes
  • Detox, including daily infrared sauna, and lipolysis of the fat cells
  • Attending to dental health with careful choices of dental practitioners
  • Daily exercise routine at your aerobic capacity. Goal should be minimum of 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
  • Meal planning include food combinations, and types of protein considered safe for metabolic issues like cancer
  • Joyful expression all day long, starting with giving thanks for the sun rise and looking for a beautiful sunset each day. Giving and receiving loving hugs all day long.
  • Minimize impact from radiation, and EFM, including cell phones and electronic clocks by your bed, and notebook computers which can be one of the most impactful bad sources of EFM.
  • Sleeping in a very dark room
  • Keep your cell phone 10 feet from your body, especially when you sleep.
  • Adequate hydration, with minerals, which you may obtain from Himalayan salt, both on your food and in your water.
  • Working on GUT health, repairing if necessary, restoring it back to homeostasis. Knowing what you can about leaky GUT and its implications on overall health.
  • Evaluation of your hormones, and correcting any issues WITHOUT bio-identical hormones.
  • Fully expect to heal because the body you were given is perfect and can return to a healthy state but only if you expect it to.
  • Give thanks for each breath, the fragrance of your favorite flower, and each smile you receive from a child. If you are joyful the child will always give you their best smile.
  • One hour of sunshine, without chemical blocks on your skin, and without soaping your entire body removing all the vitamin D you were just given for free by washing it off with soap.
  • Use soap sparingly, and be sure of the source and quality-if there are chemicals you cannot spell or pronounce don’t use it.
  • Drink only filtered water
  • Avoid plastic containers, especially water. It has probably been sitting on a truck, in the heat, leaching plastic into the water.
  • Fear has no place in the healing process.
  • Do not use toothpaste with chemicals, especially fluoride.
    • If your dentist gives out the commercially popular toothpaste, change dentists.
  • Get plenty of good fats each day, and that does not include vegetable fats from vegetable oils. If you don’t know how to choose them we can help.
  • Take a nap once a day like Thomas Edison did his entire adult life.

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With Best Regards,

Michael J. Rankin


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Acesta este articolul orginal pe care Dl director al celor 3 institute mentionate mi l-a trimis astazi(ei asigura si suport pentru testarea. monitorizarea progresului tratamentului cancer – se vedea si nota subsol).

Articole de pe acest site sinergice cu cele de mai sus(care arata ca tratamentele conventionale inrautatesc lucurile si prin stimulrea celulelor stem canceroase):

Articolul despre chimio & celule stem este in limba romana:

FAPTELE legate de chimio si radio sunt insa mai grave, deoarece  aceste lucruri , conform studiilor extinse, nu numai ca nu ajuta dar reduc drastic atat timpul ramas de trait daca nu s-ar urma nici un tratament(cei care opteaza sa NU faca nimic traiesc pina la de 4 ori mai mult si mai binecat si calitatea vietii (pe lange efectele vizibile la exterior, mai grav este ce se intampla pe interior: se distruge imunitatea aproape complet, se produc daune organelor interne precum inima , ficat, etc, daune de multe ori ireversibile, se distruge flora intestinala si tractul digestiv (chimioterapia tinteste sa distruga celulele cu dezvoltare rapida asa cum sunt si cele din stomac, radioterapia cat s chimio alimenteaza de pina la 30 ori cresterea tumorilor (celulele stem tumorale), de multe ori se ajunge la DECES datorita acestor daune- multi mor datorita tratamentelor conventionle,nu datorita cancerului) .

Asta spun studiile, NU e parerea mea(nu am sa reiau informatie deja publicata dar  am sa va recomand insistent sa citit isi dvs pentru ca sunt lucuri pe care trebuie sa le cunoasteti si de care trebuie sa fiti constienti;In plus, de unele e posibil sa va fi lovit deja:
Avertismentul Prof. Dr, chirurg Teofil Lung(Cluj) despre chimio si cobaltoterapie (interviu TVR
Cele conventionale sunt DEMONSTRATE DE STUDII ca distrug mai tare , alternativele fiind sinigurele care pot oferi o sansa si salva(ati vazut ce spunea Dl prof doctor Teofil Lung dupa 35 ani :UNDE E ACEL CAZ VINDECAT CU CHIMIO/RADIO?)
PENTRU CEI BOLNAVI: poate ar fi bine sa intrebati medicii  niste intrebari de tipul:
-ce sanse de VINDECARE am daca urmez tratamentul recomandat de dvs?
-puteti sa imi aratati statistici oficiale?
-puteti sa imi argumentati prin studii?
-dvs ati urma astfel de tratament?
-daca NU(la toate de mai sus) , de ce imi recomandati acest tratamente?
-de ce imi recoamndati aceste tratamente daca studiile arata ca fac mai mult rau ?
DEMONSTRATIE si MARTURII IN JUSTITIE ca Tratamentele alternative functioneaza si sunt persecutate:
De asemenea, am tot scris ca va rog sa retineti ca NU ofer pareri , nici sfaturi.Pentru mine faptele, datele si rezultatele directe ale  studiilor si a cazurilor clinice vorbesc. Atat si nimic mai mult. Si asta petrnu ca , prin pareri (mereu impartite si subiective)  sisfaturi NU ajuti un om a carui viata este in pericol sa ia o decizie mai buna, mai rapid, ci doar ajuti la mentinerea starii de confuzie care se doreste mentinuta. De aceea, consider ca si pentru dvs tot faptele, datele si rezultatele directe ale studiilor stiitifice si cazurilor clince ar trebui sa vorbeasca, daca doriti sa aveti o sansa reala sa va ajutati intr-adevar pe dvs sau pe cei dragi dvs, macar de dragul celor care tin la dvs si vor ca dvs sa ramaneti pe aceasta lume .
Citez din carte:
Bazati-va pe lucruri concrete, NU va lasati influentati de pareri pentru ca , prin pareri , ajungeti in bataia vantului si vantul s-ar putea sa nu bata din directia portrivita… 
Lucrurile nu vor fi mai bine daca noi ca societate nu le vom schimba, multa lume va suferi si deceda in continuare, insa imi doresc ca macar copii nostrii sa aiba parte de o soarta mai buna!
LUPTATI pentru viata dvs si in special pentru copii dvs.:
AVETI si DE CE si CU CE! „
TREBUIE SA INTELEGETI FOARTE BINE BOALA (de ce apare,DE CE SE EXTINDE(in ce conditii:-aiditate celulara SI imunitate joasa), cum se combate) Cititi cauzele cancerului-click aici
Sper sa intelegi si sa retineti ca VINDECAREA CANCERULUI NU va putea fi facuta niciodata prin pastile/pilule/suplimente „minune” (desi unele suplimente pot ajuta pe termen scurt), CI SCHIMBARI IN INTREG STILUL DE VIATA SUNT NECESARE – UN PROTOCOL.(( insemnand O COMBINATIE de tratamente SINERGICE care sa combata cancerul din cat mai multe directii, incepand cu psihic, fizic, spiritual, etc si sa ENERGIZEZE, sa INTAREASCA si REechlibreze intreg organismul (inclusiv imunitar si dpdv al alcalinitatii))
La baza trebuei sa aveti un  PROTOCOL PUTERNIC(adica o combinatie de tratamente sinergice, de obicei nutritionale dar pot fi si minerale, electromedicale, etc, care sa asigure ENERGIE neceara suprevieturii(ide preferat  din grasimii permise in cancer in DOZE RIDICATE in locul carbohidratilor), alcalinitate , suplimente imunitare , care sa prelungeasca viata, sa omoare cancerul, etc) insa SCHIMBARI IN STILUL DE VIATA(de tipul celor mentioante de domnul director) AU UN IMPACT MAJOR.
Schimbari in stiul de viata sunt mult mai importante decat unele suplimente :
– incepand cu ATITUDINEA MENTALA(DORITI SAU NU SA CONTINUATI PE ACEASTA LUME?  – daca vreti sa depasiti aceasta condtitie si sa ramaneti alaturi de cei dragi , TREBUIE SA FITI DETERMNAT SA TRAITI(daca este ceva din trectut/prezent  care va macina trebuie lasat la o parte, impreuna cu atitudinea de „asta e”;Oricat de avasnasata ar fi situatia, exista mereu o sansa – va spun din experienta- am vazut reveniri e care initial le-am clasificat imposibile ).
Mai avem ceva important de facut pe aceasta lume? 
Mai sunt oameni care tin mult la noi si la care tinem si care ne-ar simtii lipsa, asa cum si noi simtim lipsa celor dragi?  
Daca vrem sa ne continuam viata trebuie lasam trecutul in urma , sa ne uitam in jur si sa gasim motivatia de a merge mai departe in cei dragi, care in ca sunt pe aceasta lume.
ACESTA ESTE PRIMUL PAS SPRE VINDECARE(si unul din cele mai importante;fara dorinta si motivatia de a trai efectvi nu se poate – este demonstrat stiintific ca se suprima sistemul imunitar si functiile care ne tin in viata-click).
-felul in care va desfasurati activitatile zilnice( va expuneti si la soare?sa cititi sa vedeti ce IMPACT CRUCIAL ARE EXPUNEREA LA SOARE prin vit  D3  si ENERGIE in cancer; tratment GRATUIT si simplu de pus in practica!- click ; cum a spus si domnul director, NU va spalati pielea imediat duap expunerea cu apa si sapun sa „scapati” de beneficiiel vit D creata )
– faceti putina miscare  intr-un mediu cat de cat curat(de exemplu o plimbare in parc) si aveti un mediu cat cat curat,lipsit de chimicale? (MISCARE MODERATA, NU SUPRASOLICITARE- plimbari/lucru prin gradina, etc)
-va odihniti suficient, in special noaptea? (iarasi IMPACT MAJOR MELATONINA! este si ca supliment dar somnul intre 22-03 este GRATUIT! conteaza sa nu va expuneti la radiatii EMF ( ex TV , computer ,tel mobil)  inainte de culcare precum si intunericul, etc)
-aveti o alimentatie corespunzatoare ,alcalina( menita sa impiedice raspandirea cancerului) , sa asigure energia necesara,( in special din doze adecvate de grasimi permise in cancer), sa omoare cancerul, sa asigure organsimului o nutritie optima, echilibrata, completa,  sa furnizeze toti nutrienti de care are nevoie sa functioneze in mod optim(sau va infometati aiurea cu un post mult prea restrictiv si periculos gen Breuss),  etc?)
Nu degeaba protocolul Dr Budwig (asa cum este descris si in carte) cu doze RIDICATE grasimi hidrosolubile omega3 are 2 premii Nobel ca fundament si a obtinut o rata de curabilitate 90% pe o periaoda de 50 ani!!
Si eu sustin si promovez apa alcalina ionizata de la un ionizator de calitate, care sa fie dovedit de teste independente si certificat, premiat, brevetat  ca face apa vie asa cum ar trebui pentru ca are mai multe beneficii unice potentiale pentru sanatate  , dar incerc pe cat posibil sa nu leg de ce fac pt cei cu cancer(am scris pe site de ce nu fac reclama la produse pe site, desi cei mai mutkl dintre dvs imi spun sa le spun ce si de unde sa cumpere si ar fi poate in avantajul meu, cum ramane cu increderea si asa firava a celor bolnavi?),Si, in definitiv, haideti sa nu facem din acest site unul comercial.
Apa alcalina e o modalitate simpla de a creste alcalinitatea(impiedica raspandirea cancerului) si nu numai alcalintatea(in mod specific in cazuri unde digestia poate fi problematica si apa poate ajuta cu multe) insa, orice ti pde apa ati vbea dvs  ATENTIE MAXIMA  sa fie FARA CLOR (clorul interfereaza negativ cu orice tratament cancer nutitional) si sa NU fei facuta la cani de alcalinzare(ex HUNZA) sau ionizatoare ieftin construite( ex CHANSON nu neaparat ieftine ca pret ) cu placi IRIDIUM(toxic pt sanatate si interzis in Japonia si Corea)
Desi pina si un ionzator de calitate scump isi amortizeaza costul destul de repede , de mutle ori e un lux  si fiecare trebuie sa se descurce cum poate, cu posbilitatile pe care le are , NU sa fie complexat sau sa se simta limitat .Cine isi poate permite e un plus cine nu sa  faca din apa cea mai curata de care dispune , pe cat posibil FARA CLOR(interfereaza cu TOATE tratamentele nutritionale) si alti contaminanti PLUS supliment de calciu+vit D3 SAU bicarbonat de sodiu alimentar(3 lingurite MAX) si 3-6 lamai in 2 litri apa
Cititi din carte la capitolul PRIORITATI.
Vindecarea tine in primul rand de :
3 cate daune de chimio/radio a suferit cel bolnav
Insa ce veti face dvs este alegerea dvs.IMPORTANT SA MONITORIZATI PROGRESUL/ SA TESTATI PERIODIC sa vedeti daca faceti progrese (observati ca lucruile NU se fac babeste).

15 gânduri despre „Cancer, Metastasis, and Cancer Stem Cells

  1. Two of the biggest changes have been the use of a saliva test for hormones and doing a parasite test at the same time, and second, the use of a specialized protein that is 99% absorbable vs. normal protein, like hemp, that is only 16%. The remedies are homeopathic and stimulate the body to restore, not replace, organ function.

    Nearly every person with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and so on, has hormone issues. They are told to take bioidentical hormones but they are toxic and cause the organs affected to atrophy.

    The hormone system, as you know, is the core of the immune system.

    The protein is highly absorbable putting little to no pressure on the kidney and liver that allows us better support for those with cachexia. As you know cachexia is very difficult to handle. So many get into trouble because they have little to no knowledge about the condition of the body. Someone exposed to chemo or radiation must do a very aggressive and methodical detox and nutritional support. They get pain because the organs are overwhelmed. Pain is held in the liver.

    Nearly everyone who contacts us needs to do more testing. They are trying to manage something without any knowledge except speculation. We can help people get blood tests inexpensively, with no markup, and we provide the prescription so they don’t have to find a doctor to do their own blood work.

    Please let me know if any of this would be of interest.

    Thank you again Cristian for all you do. It is inspiring. Together we can all change the paradigm of health. The research section is marvelous.

    With Best Regards,

    Michael J. Rankin

    Kelley Metabolic Center, Inc
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    „The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

    Thomas Edison

    • The reason a cancer cell has the characteristics of a stem cell is because microbes inside the cancer cells intercept glucose, which blocks the creation of enough pyruvate which leads to less ATP energy.

      The problem is microbes inside the cancer cells. Kill them and the cancer cells revert into normal cells.

      This has been known since 1890!! (not a typo).

      The Dirt Cheap Protocol is loaded with treatments which kill microbes inside the cancer cells.

      Webster Kehr , ICRF

  2. Când am pus întrebări medicilor mi-au spus că sunt tâmpită la cap, că nu este alternativă decât moartea sau că nu ştiu în ce secol trăiesc. Deocamdată fac cataplasme şi mă feresc cât pot de chimioterapie. Cauza a fost că de oboseală nu am golit total sânii de lapte şi s-au împietrit, mai dădeam la copil şi lapte praf.

    • ei nu stiti in ce secol traiti- in secolul chimio/radio->moarte certa(mai devreme sau mai tarziu) ca de aia se fac statistici de catre medicina in termeni de supravietuire pe 5 ani si se susutine cu inversunare ca vindecarea de cancer NU exista. DA, NU exista vindecare de cancer cu chimio/radio, asa cum ei insisi afirma!

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  5. Bună ziua! Am cumpărat zilele acestea cartea dumneavoastră şi, citind primele pagini, sunt uimită că şi eu am ajuns cam la aceleaşi concluzii. Transportor nu este doar mierea, ci şi puţinele glucide din cerealele şi legumele nemărunţite. Dacă se mărunţesc atunci indicele glicemic creşte şi favorizează celulele canceroase. Reţeta la care am ajuns este: mult verde + foarte puţin dulce + puţin iute sau amar. În farfurie ar trebui să fie, din punctul meu de vedere: multe verdeţuri crude + legume + câteva nuci sau cereale înmuiate cu puţine seminţe; multe verdeţuri crude + foarte puţine fructe + puţine condimente. Verdeţurile absorb toxinele ca un burete (, p. 585). Nită Loredana

    • orice glucid hraneste o celulade caner de 15-17ori mai mult decat una normala.Insa, daca ii pui in acel glucid si anticancergieni in doze optime(ridicate), vei avea un cal troian, o arma letala pentru celulele de cancer – de aceea tratamentele pe bazade meire(miere +ALOE/ CUCURMA, GHIMBIR, SCORTISOARA, etc) si fructele sunt excelenti ucigasi de cancer cand sunt consumate pe stomacul gol.Si cerealele INCOLTITE(GERMINATE -NUMAI asa sunt ALCALINE- pH>7) PLUS condimente anticanergiene diverse pot functiona.

      Atentie la PREA MULT VERDE – prea multa vit K!

  6. Buna ziua Cristian bunicul meu nu se simte pera bine dottori dau din umeri spunid ca trebuie sa bea multe ceaiuri vroiam sa- ti spun ca are creatinina, uree, acid uric marite. Poti sa- mi spui dumneavoastra ceva. Am primit si cartea ta mama a citito pe toata.multumesc.

    • sincer nu stiu ce poate fi.Vad multi acizi in lichide dar nu prea e relavant in sensul ca si detoxifierea va duce la scotereade acizi din celuel si elimnarea lor prin urina.
      in acelasi timp paote fi un indicator de casexie, care ORICUM TREBUIE PREVENITA:

      foarte pe scurt- CITI RUBRICA DE MAI SUS CU ATENTIE. SUNT 3 -4 pasi DISTINCTI care se fac SIMULTAN.
      1DETOX acid lactic din sange,

      vit C IV(minim 10 grame zilnic)

      Vitamina C poate trece de acest blocaj de acid lactic și poate obține energie in celule slabe( oxigeneaza si prelungeste viata). MSM , de asemenea, si, în plus, poate ajuta scape de o parte din acidul lactic. Algele marine detoxifica si hranesc organismul. D-riboza de asemenea, hraneste si enrgizeaza dincolo de blocajul de acid lactic. Clismele de cafea detoxifica puternic.

      Doza de D-riboza este nelimitata, dar începeti cu 5 grame. Apoi, la minim două ore încă 5 grame. 15 grame este o doza zilnica destul de comuna, dar puteți folosi mai mult decât că, dacă se dorește.

      Pentru Vitamina C doza maxima este cat de mult poate fi luată s itolerata de orgnism. Începeți cu un gram și cresteti incet

      Doza pentru MSM este de asemenea, nelimitata. Obține cât mai mult puteti în sistem. Dacă aveți posibilitatea de a alege între pilula și versiunea de cristal a MSM, cumpărati versiunea de cristal.

      Gasesti MSM PUDRA LA”
      Auchan-ul din incinta Iulius -mall din Cluj.Sunt mai multe magazine naturiste acolo nu stiu exact din care ,am fost in toate.Am un telefon si o adresa de e-mail luata de -0744824762″

      Alge marine de asemenea, cat puteti lua. Cumparati sub forma de pudra BIO in loc de pastile(nu contine excipienti).

      Dozele pentru celelalte produse si cum se folosesc, inclusiv pentru sulfat de hidrazina sunt date in carte.

      APA ALCALINA IARASI – trece de blocajul acid lactic – MUST HAVE!
      DA, TREBUIE SA BEA MULTE LICHIDE ALCALINE(inclusiv sucurile de fructe legume si apa ionziata sunt lichide alcaline).

      CLISME SI OMEGA 3(doze mari -pe langa ulei in sunt si de KRILL la noi am vazut la TV reclama)

  7. Iti amintesc ca bunicul meu Are o tumoare la vezica urinara Are si o anemie severa ar putea fi o insuficienta renala? Multa sanatate iti dorim

    • sa faca si alte analize ca se paote sa nu fie casexie.ORICUM , CASEXIA TREBUIE PREVENTIA prIn acei 2-3 pasi( cei 3-4 FARA SULFAT)

      • SANSA e de a[rtea dvs in sensul ca am primti vesti bune de la cinevain situatie critica si cu okazia asta am vazut ca NU V-am trimis pe mail ce era important(butonul send nu era apasat,dar am apasat ACUM- VERIFICATI PE MAIL – E FOARTE IMPORTANT!!!

  8. Toate bolile sunt cauzate de felul cum gandim. Daca suntem stresati, frustrati, nervosi, depresivi sau daca ne e frica de ceva (de imbatranire, de moarte, de pierderi materiale), daca criticam tot timpul sau daca nu putem trece peste un necaz din viata noastra .. apar bolile pentru a ne face sa ne schimbam. Din pacate prea putina lume stie acest lucru si majoritatea se agata cu dintii de doctori. Dar medicina occidentala care se bazeaza pe „studii” este de fapt bazata doar pe vanzarea de medicamente chimice si mascarea temporara a simptomelor cu efecte secundare de genu: distrugerea stomacului, distrugerea ficatului, distrugerea rinichilor, cancer sau moarte fara a avea vreun interes in a trata cauzele sau a reface organismul pacientilor. Daca am incerca sa intelegem putin ce se intampla cu noi si de ce oare ne-am imbolnavit am putea deveni mai intelepti si poate mai buni. Totul in univers se bazeaza pe actiune si reactiune. Adica la fiecare actiune de a noastra apare o reactiune dupa ceva timp. Actiunile noastre sunt tot ceea ce gandim, facem si spunem. Daca suntem multumiti cu tot ceea ce avem, incercam sa vedem tot timpul partea buna a lucrurilor si dorim sa invatam o lectie din fiecare problema pe care o avem… poate am fi altfel.. cu siguranta mult mai santosi si mai fericiti. Din acest motiv v-as recomanda sa va uitati in sufletul dumneavoastra si sa vedeti cat de fericiti si multumiti sunteti cu tot ceea ce aveti si mai ales ce s-a intamplat inainte cu cateva luni de fi diagnosticat cu vreo boala grava. Va veti aminti ca o neliniste puternica a fost prezenta in perioada aceea in gandurile voastre.
    Daca puteti accepta randurile de mai sus vindecarea de orice boala devine mai simpla. Trebuie sa uitati si sa ignorati trecutul si sa priviti viitorul si tot ceea ce va inconjoara cu iubire si bunatate. Trebuie sa iertati pe toti pentru ce s-a intamplat pana acum pentru ca de fapt gandurile dumneavoastra v-au adus in starea in care sunteti. Dumneavoastra sunteti singurul vinovat dar trebuie sa va iertati pentru ca pana acum nu ati stiu aceste lucruri.
    Cateva terapii de vindecare pentru orice boala:
    meditatia: imaginarea unor energii in diferite culori care trec prin trupul dumneavoastra si va vindeca
    rasul continuu: schimbativa atitudinea pe care o aveti , faceti doar ceea ce va creaza o stare de bine
    tratamente naturiste:
    pentru hepatita si cancer -> Canticer, cordyceps, reishi…
    pentru diabet si refacerea pancreasului -> Gluconature
    pentru tromboflebita si subtierea sangelui-> lipitori
    Acestea sunt doar cateva pe care le-am descoperit eu. Sunt convins ca exista un remediu pentru toate bolile.. dar trebuie cautate.

    Si inca ceva.. Nu exista boala incurabila. Nimic nu este imposibil pentru Dumnezeu.

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