Solutii la paraziti, microbi, mucegaiuri, Lyme, etc

Iata un articol interesant despre solutii la paraziti care pe langa cancer, sunt responsabili si de alte boli

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Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD and the Klinghardt Academy hosted „A Deep Look Beyond Lyme” May 6-8, 2011 in Redmond, WA. As has always been the case, this event was simply superb and enlightening. Dr. Klinghardt was joined by speakers such as Dr. Simon Yu MD, Dr. Stephen Fry MD, Tami Duncan, and others. I learned a great deal from this exciting weekend and will attempt to share some portions of it with you here.

The notes below were largely those I captured during the event, but they do not begin to cover all of the points made or even all of the speakers that presented at this event. I highly recommend the DVDs and binders from this conference if you would like to learn more.

Note: As this information may be updated as any errors are found, I kindly request that you link to this single source of information rather than copying the content below. If any updates or corrections are made, this will help to ensure that anyone reading this is getting the most current and accurate information.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – What Makes Us Sick? What Helps Us Heal?

  • It is rarely, or never, the microbe that makes us sick.
  • It is the immune response to the microbe that creates the majority of symptoms.
  • Transplant patients often live longer as their immune-system is suppressed in order to avoid organ rejection. The immune reaction is blunted which keeps the body in a calm state.
  • Treatment focus should be on immune modulation.
  • Classical homeopathy rarely works anymore.
  • Amalgam and root canal removal is still beneficial.
  • Cavitation surgery can still be big but is no longer a miracle.
  • Simple things that worked 30 years ago no longer work well.
  • Parasite treatment is still a big benefit.
  • Gluten-free is still big.
  • Mold and EMF mitigation are big.
  • Melatonin is big.
  • Treating Lyme, balancing the bite, and ballroom dancing can be very helpful. Ballroom dancing puts the autonomic nervous system in its most healing state.
  • Skilled practitioners may bring benefit in the areas of neural therapy, prolotherapy, osteopathy, cranial work, and Sanum therapy.
  • Newer areas of focus in getting people well include CCSVI, stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma, and mold mitigation.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Treatment Approaches

  • Correct KPU/HPU and insulin resistance (discussed elsewhere in this blog post).
  • Address interference fields – scars, dental issues, EMFs.
  • Decrease further pollution – remove/address amalgams, root canals, and cavitations. Mitigate mold exposures.
  • Ensure restorative sleep.
  • Bind toxins with chlorella, clay, plant sterols, chitin, DMPS, cilantro, cholestyramine.
  • Decrease microbial burden and address biofilms. Antimicrobials such as herbs and RX medications, antifungals such as Rizol Gamma, parasites treatments such as the „Modified Simon Yu” protocol, and the Klinghardt Lyme Cocktail. Address biofilms with liposomal solutions, Cistus tea/tincture, Sodium EDTA, Freeze-dried garlic, iodine (for lungs), grapefruit seed extract 10 drops twice daily, silica such as BioSil 10 drops twice daily.
  • Modulate the immune response with chlorella 5 grams four times daily 30 minutes before food, 2 grams fish oil, Sanum remedies, homeopathics, Actos, LDN, auto-urine therapy.
  • Correct regulatory peptides. ADH, VIP nasal spray, propolis or myrrh for increasing MSH, neural therapy (sinus pattern, tonsils, Pleo-Rec).
  • Increase microcirculation – Low dose EPO (may prove helpful in CCSVI as more is learned), EDTA, heparin. Biological options include Lumbrokinase, Pleo Sanuvis, Gingko, Vitamin E, Freeze-dried Garlic, ginger. Mitigate EMFs. Sanum Mucor racemosus.
  • Cistus is more potent than any other agent known for biofilms. Crosses the blood-brain barrier and is 100% absorbed in the gut. It is antiviral. Can rebrew the tea 4 times. Whitens the teeth (also a biofilm which causes yellow teeth), body fluid smells and odors reduce.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Parasites

  • Dr. Klinghardt has found immense success in treating parasites as a focus. Many that think Lyme is their problem actually are suffering from parasites. The natural sequence is to treat the parasites first and then treat the Lyme. When this is done, years of antibiotic therapy turns into weeks or months.
  • Parasite patients often express the psyche of the parasites – sticky, clingy, impossible to tolerate – but a wonderful human being is behind all of that.
  • We are all a composite of many personalities. Chronic infections outnumber our own cells by 10:1. We are 90% „other” and 10% „us”. Our consciousness is a composite of 90% microbes and 10% us. Our thinking, feeling, creativity, and expression are 90% from the microbes within us. Patients often think, crave, and behave as if they are the parasite. Our thinking is shaded by the microbes thinking through us. The food choices, behavioral choices, and who we like is the thinking of the microbes within us expressing themselves.
  • Patients will reject all treatments that affect the issue that requires treating. Patients will not guide themselves to health when the microbes have taken over.
  • Viruses in the nervous system are likely not the cause of CFS. They are certainly often present, but when treated, the patient may only get a little better. The two main causes are parasites (mainly lungworm) and chronic nasal staph infection. These nasal infections enter the hypothalamus which then leads to suppression of MSH. One’s level of fatigue and level of MSH are directly related. MSH is depressed by bacteria and mycotoxins.
  • Parasite treatment may be needed for 6 months to a year.
  • Parasites induce changes in our system to make us a comfortable host.
  • Natural deworming treatments such as Hulda Clark formulations have been weak and disappointing.
  • Mimosa pudica powder is an Ayurvedic herb that is 30 times stronger than the best medical drug. Starting with 1/2 teaspoon twice a day two days a week and working up to 1 teaspoon daily for 3 months.
  • Can use rectal application of 1 capsule of BioPure Freeze-dried garlic, 100mg artemisinin, 1 teaspoon phospholipids with pure water in a bulb syringe from the local drugstore. Make the mix liposomal using the ultrasonic method used with the Klinghardt Cocktail. Hold it. This cleans the rectum and then gets absorbed such that many start to see visible evidence of worm elimination. A good first step in parasite elimination.
  • Parasite treatment is best done with concurrent colonic therapy. 2 colonics per week; 1 day after the other.
  • Nail biting is a sign of parasites.
  • Alinia and Albendazole both cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Deworming is significant in ASD kids. Every biofilm has worm DNA in it.
  • The more you deworm, the longer you live and the healthier you are.

Dr. Simon Yu – Parasites

  • When the latest medical therapies fail, think dental issues and parasites.
  • Dr. Yu uses EAV testing / Acupuncture Meridian Assessment to gain information about stressors in the body.
  • Unsuspected dental problems may be a significant factor impacting health – amalgams, root canals, TMJ, galvanism, implants, heavy metals, bonding materials, metal allergies, and microorganisms.
  • Dr. Yu sees amazing shifts in EAV testing results after parasite treatment. He rarely uses antibiotics.
  • Strongyloides is a common microfilarial worm. Could it be to blame for brain lesions? CCSVI?
  • Cancer may be related to dental issues, parasites, heavy metals, and unresolved emotions.
  • Most parasites are outside of the intestinal tract. They are deceptive, adaptive, and difficult to eradicate.
  • Parasites bring bacteria, viruses, and fungi with them.
  • Deworming horses regularly is known to increase their lifespan. Deworming is a good anti-aging therapy.
  • Parasites are like your children that don’t leave the house.
  • You can get parasites from inhaling parasite eggs.
  • Dr. Yu does not put people on nutritional supplements until the parasites are purged.
  • Parasites can control your mind.
  • Clove oil may be helpful. Black Walnut, Wormwood, Artemisia, and Citrus Seed may be useful.
  • Dr. Yu is not convinced that zappers will work for parasites.
  • He uses longer, higher doses of anti-parasite medications than what is described in the PDR. He also uses combination therapy.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – CCSVI

  • Chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency is a narrowing or „stenosing” of the veins that return blood from the head.
  • CCSVI was originally identified by Dr. Zamboni in Italy in MS patients.
  • Dr. Klinghardt has seen CCSVI in 100% of his tested MS patients, autism patients, Parkinson’s patients, ALS patients, and Lyme patients.
  • Treatment is to eradicate biofilm and endothelial infections such as nanobacteria, Rickettsia, Borrelia, Mycoplasma, and Chlamydia pneumoniae using the Klinghardt Biofilm Protocol.
  • Then the immune system is downregulated using BioPure Lyme Nosode, Sanum homeopathics for molds, EMF mitigation, and auto-urine therapy.
  • Next, circulation is opened using bee venom ointment, oral nanoized curcumin with black pepper, or Mucokehl.
  • To open the blocked veins, a dental splint, neural therapy in the tonsils and anterior neck veins, osteopathy, or the balloon dilation procedure may be used.
  • Out of 38 Lyme patients Dr. Klinghardt had scanned for CCSVI, all 38 were highly positive.
  • Once the balloon procedure is done to open up the veins, if Lyme is under-treated and vascular inflammation is still present, the CCSVI will reverse and re-stenose.
  • Buzzing in the brain, floaters in the eyes, and many neuro symptoms in Lyme may be related to CCSVI.
  • If seizures are present, the seizure focus is often on the same side as the CCSVI.
  • There is often iron buildup in the basal ganglia, which can be related to Parkinson’s disease. Iron has also been found in the substantia nigra.
  • Neurological illnesses are vascular diseases which lead to neuron disease. 3-4 focal stenotic areas may be the cause of a neurological illness.
  • There are 5 parameters that are looked at during a CCSVI evaluation. In MS, 2 of 5 are often observed. In Lyme, it has been closer to 4 of 5 and in autism, it is often 5 of 5. The best Lyme patient thus far was 3 of 5. Lyme patients, on average, test worse than MS patients.
  • Stenosis leads to abnormal hemodynamics, endothelial damage, vessel wall breakdown, and leakage of T-cells and iron into surrounding tissues. Iron is inflammatory which results in further breakdown of the microvascular system.
  • Outflow of blood from the brain has been overlooked. Most anatomy texts don’t even show the veins in the neck.
  • Backpressure in the brain results from CCSVI.
  • Most people with chronic Lyme disease will test positive for CCSVI.
  • CCSVI is likely an issue in most children with autism. The brain cannot develop. Perfusion (arterial blood flow) of the brain may be reduced by 70%.
  • Treatment for CCSVI includes:
    • Eradicating biofilms and endothelial infections such as Nanobacteria, Rickettsia, Borrelia, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, and Mycoplasma.
    • Downregulating the immune response. This may be done with BioPure Lyme Nosode, Sanum remedies, auto-urine therapy, and reduction of EMFs.
    • Opening circulation. This may be done with bee venom cream, nanoized curcumin with pepper, or Mucokehl.
    • Opening veins. A dental splint may be used to increase vertical dimension. Neural therapy to the tonsils and neck may be performed using procaine with either DMPS, ozone, or Sanum remedies. Osteopathy, kinesiology, or a balloon dilation or stent.
  • Rickettsia and Chlamydia pneumonia cause irritation of the veins. Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma do as well.
  • The endothelium is the largest organ in the body and is „bug heaven”.
  • Infections are covered with a protective layer of fibrin. 1000 times the amount of antibiotics are needed to address a microbe when biofilms are present. To get to this level, the patient would not survive the treatment as the antibiotics would be toxic.
  • Auto-urine therapy was big in Europe before WWII. The kidneys excrete fragments of DNA from the microbes. Drinking this gets the GALT to wake up; the GALT is where 80% of the immune system exists. 1 glass of mid-morning and afternoon urine may be used. A urine nasal spray may be used using a puff twice a day. This downregulates the immune response.
  • It is the host response that kills the patient, not the bugs. Downregulating the response is thus a key to treatment.
  • With energetic testing, a warm water bottle may be placed around the neck for 3 minutes. You often then find that most supplements that previously tested well are no longer needed. The stenosis was then the reason for everything that no longer tested beneficial.
  • CCSVI causes dying teeth.
  • Staph in the nose creates three potent biotoxins. The neck is the bottleneck of the operation where things get backed up. With energetic testing, one may focus on the neck area as this may be a location where more microbes are present.
  • You have to treat all the factors first, then have CCSVI done to dilate the veins. Otherwise, any results from the procedure may not be long-lasting.
  • One should consider CCSVI when they have ringing in the ears, sinus issues, headaches, visual problems, migraines, or dental issues.
  • Inflammatory changes cause scar tissue which lead to the narrowing found in CCSVI. The body continues to replace the scar tissue with new scar tissue. Stem cell therapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma) may change this in the future. These may turn back the DNA such that the body remodels the tissue so that it no longer creates scar tissue.
  • CCSVI will be a big focus in autism in the next couple of years.
  • Iron buildup around the veins is often a factor in CCSVI. The Klinghardt Cocktail addresses this as artemisinin is a good iron chelator for iron displaced in the central nervous system.
  • Thyroid hormone has to go through the same stenotic place to get the thyroid hormones out to the body. When TSH is elevated, consider that the higher the TSH, the more of a blockage there may be downstream.
  • There is no point in doing the procedure if C4a, TGF-b1, etc. are still elevated; the fire is still burning.
  • Dental interventions that expand space may have a positive impact on veins.
  • Artemisinin helps reduce iron deposits that result from CCSVI but does not generally impact ferritin.
  • Generally, people take Lumbrokinase for a couple of days before the balloon procedure.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Nasal Staph

  • Treatment for nasal staph consists of 4 main things:
    • Remove „gunk” from nasal mucous membranes. May use a neti pot. 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, Alkala, or Tri-Salts and 1 teaspoon of xylitol. Xylitol bloats bacteria and they then die. Molds and staph are drawn to xylitol and are then killed. Use warm water.
    • Reset the immune system and the mucous membranes by using a urine nasal spray. One can get a saline nasal spray bottle at a drugstore and dump out the contents. It can then be filled with one’s own urine and a drop of SSKI (iodine). SSKI disrupts the cell walls and exposes the cell organelles to the immune system. Nasal auto-urine is done for 2-3 months to balance the immune system. Introduces your urine to the „sleeping beauty” (your immune system). Some drink 1/2 glass of urine twice daily to stimulate the immune system in the gastrointestinal tract as well.
    • Pleo-Rec – 1 drop 2 to 4 times per day in each nostril. Has an antimicrobial effect and mobilizes an anti-staph attack. If using both Pleo-Rec and auto-urine nasal spray, these should be done at separate times. BEG spray is another option. Another option is a bottle with 2/3 pure water, and the remaining 1/3 split between Rizols and Phospholipid Exchange. Rifampin 300mg twice per day for six weeks. Homeopathic Mucosa Complex from Heel 10 drops three times per day with Heel Sinusitis nosode. Rechts Regulat in the nose may be helpful.
    • Improve air exchange through the nose with treatments such as NCR (NeuralCranial Restructuring).
  • The majority of humans are infected with chronic sinusitis. 25-30% of „normal” humans have staph in their nasal passages. Low back pain is often present. The veins of the lower body and the upper sinus are connected.
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Strep
  • Strep/PANDAS – chronic strep is the single most overlooked issue in 95% of children with autism.
  • Gargling with Rizoles or OXO may help. MMS may help. Can use Gamma as a mouthwash, gargle, or intranasally.
  • Neural therapy may be helpful.
  • Zithromax 500mg once weekly for six months has been used in kids.
  • Valkion
  • Enderlein remedies such as Pleo Not, Pleo San Pseu, Pleo Art A, and others have been used. Pleo San Pseu or Pleo Art A may be used as an injection.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Mold

  • Americans have an unusual building situation. We have wood-framed structures with a plastic bag wrapped around it. This is the perfect environment for breeding mold. In fact, this is essentially what they do in mold labs to create more mold. We create homes like a mold-growing culture setup.
  • When two mold cultures were separated in a research experiment and one was exposed to EMF while the other was not, the one exposed to EMF had 600 times more toxic biotoxins and its growth rate was dozens of times faster.
  • It may be the case that EMF itself may not harm our body’s cells, but it may impact the microbes within us which results in more biotoxins.
  • Molds create biotoxins (mycotoxins) to defend themselves.
  • Most patients have Aspergillus.
  • Myrrh may be helpful in raising MSH when used in a diffuser.
  • People with mold issues often have a negative reaction to DMSA; though this can also be related to sulfa.
  • Actos turns on PPAR gamma receptor. Each cell has similar organs to our body; a liver for detox for example. The more peroxisomes the better. Actos turns on receptors that signal to more peroxisomes which makes the cell detoxify better. Chlorella does this better than Actos.
  • Chlorella does what Cholestyramine does, but better. God put Actos and Cholestyramine together in one substance called chlorella. High dose of chlorella is better than low dose. Low doses tend to mobilize more than they bind. Higher doses bind more than they mobilize. 20 tablets three times a day 30 minutes before a meal.
  • Fish oil in high doses turns on PPAR gamma receptor. Chlorella + Fish oil can be a very powerful combination.
  • Even mold exposure in a short car ride is enough to re-trigger the negative cycle.
  • Dr. Shoemaker is a „genius”.
  • TGF-b1 leads to remodeling of the blood vessels. It can lead to a fibrotic lung.
  • The intelligence of normal bacteria to that of mold is like that of a cabbage to an elephant. Molds are far more critical than bacteria. Parasites are elephants squared.
  • Molds incorporate heavy metals to protect themselves from white blood cells. The white blood cells are killed by mercury, but the molds are not.
  • MSH is a hypothalamic peptide which is involved in cytokine release. Low levels are associated to mold, MARCoNS (staph), EMF, and Lyme.
  • MSH may be increased with inhalation of Myrrh oil using a diffuser (not a nebulizer). It may give back energy. Dramatically raises MSH. Forget ATP, CoQ10, glutathione, etc. Bring up MSH and you see a miracle. Tincture of myrrh is a good antimicrobial as well.
  • ADH is involved in the reabsorption of water. With chronic Lyme or mold, the pituitary is affected and the body may not make enough ADH. When you stand up and lack ADH, the kidneys may physically slip downward. When people get lots of electric shocks when touching things, this may be an indicator that ADH is low. There is an RX ADH nasal spray available. 1 liter of water mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of Matrix Electrolytes, 1 capful of M-Water, and 2 tablespoons of Matrix Minerals can help here. Neural therapy may be used. Reducing EMFs and getting restorative sleep is critical.
  • VIP regulates blood flow and inflammatory response. When shaking hands with someone and putting your other hand behind their neck, if both are cold, this may represent thyroid issues. If the hands are cold and the neck is warm, this may represent a microcirculation issue or a lack of VIP. Post exercise fatigue may be a lack of VIP. When colors look funny or floaters in the eyes are present, this may be another indicator towards low VIP. There is a nasal VIP spray that can be used to address low VIP using 1 spray 4 times per day in each nostril. Before going this route, one must address mold at home and in the work environment. Sinus flush, removal of amalgams, neural therapy, auto-urine therapy, EMF reduction, and sleep restoration are important here. When VIP is low, it is difficult to mediate, pray, or connect with the Divine.
  • MMP-9 will be normal once a patient has gone through treatment. It is zinc dependent. MMP-9 is a mechanism that is used by the bugs to „mush you up so that they can drink you rather than eat you”. If someone is given zinc when MMP-9 is already elevated, the tissue breakdown will be even worse. High MMP-9 rapidly ages patients. Consider interference fields such as scars, teeth, root canals, sinus infections. Reduce EMFs. Nanoized Curcumin with pepper at 350mg twice a day may help. Life Enhancement has a good option here. An important note here is that if MMP-9 is elevated, KPU treatment with zinc may make matters worse. Ensure MMP-9 is normalized before adding zinc.
  • Liposomal Alpha Lipoic Acid may be useful for mycotoxins. Making it liposomal will increase absorption before it gets to the gut where the bugs will use it for protection. 2 dropperfuls three times a day. BioPure carries a liposomal ALA.
Dr. Stephen Fry – Biofilms and FL1953
  • Biofilms are a structured community of bacterial cells enclosed in a self-produced polymer matrix and adherent to an inert of living surface.
  • Slime in a stream is biofilm.
  • Biofilm is an aggregate of microorganisms where cells adhere to each other and/or to a surface.
  • Dental plaque is a biofilm community.
  • Biofilms impact medical implants, drinking water, teeth, ship hulls, oil recovery, cooling water, foods processing, and paper manufacturing.
  • Biofilms contain calcium, iron, and magnesium.
  • Chronic sinusitis is a biofilm. Dental issues are related to biofilms.
  • Stenotic arteries and coronary artery disease may be related to biofilms.
  • Alzheimer’s and many other diseases may be related to biofilms.
  • Otitis media – 99% of the time is a complex biofilm.
  • In their smear testing, they had initially identified „Bartonella” which was then determined to be „Haemobartonella” or mycoplasma. A better term is Epierythrocytic bacteria.
  • Minocycline and Clindamycin both have anti-parasitic properties.
  • People with ALS have profound biofilm communities in their blood.
  • Fry Labs was the first lab to report a biofilm-producing protozoan (FL1953).
  • All ALS patients have Ralstonia (pseudomonas) and FL1953.
  • The FL1953 protozoan is something new. It is not Babesia, malaria, toxoplasmosis, etc. It is unique.
  • FL1953 has more profound biofilm formation than pseudomonas.
  • In microtiter plates, they cannot get the biofilm off the plates. It is stuck for good.
  • Filaments observed in a flow system with a Doppler could be biofilms.
  • CFS is a prelude to MS and other neurodegenerative disorders.
  • They caught mosquitoes in an area of Arizona with many sick patients. 81% of the mosquitoes harbored FL1953.
  • They looked at several dogs. The older the dog, the more likely they have the organisms.
  • This novel biofilm-forming organism could be the heart of the problem.
  • Dr. Fry uses tetracyclines, Plaquenil, and other agents.
  • He acknowledges that some herbals work better than antibiotics.
  • Arginine, folic acid, and magnesium are considered problematic and he does not use these in his patients.
  • He uses a McDougall low-fat diet with patients as biofilms have a fat component to them and eating fats, even healthy fats, may add to the problem of biofilms. The Swank MS low-fat diet may also be helpful.
  • Dr. Fry’s lab is working on drug sensitivity studies now for FL1953.
  • FL1953 has been renamed and is now known as Protomyxzoa rheumatica.
  • Ivermectin, anti-protozoals, and anthelmintics show best efficacy.
  • Dr. Fry talked about CCSVI treatment as a mechanical approach to addressing biofilms.
  • As you give more fatty acids, you increase the growth rate of the organism by 150 times. Organism likes fat and fat restriction may be a key to recovery. No meat, no cheese, no oils, no avocados, no nuts.
  • FL1953 is a biofilm forming, hematogenous, vector-borne infection. It adheres to the vascular walls / endothelium. It is lipid-loving. It is complex like a worm. It is drug-resistant. It can produce strong Herxheimer reactions.
  • The FL1953 protozoan is the „Foundation Pathogen”. It is profoundly immune-suppressive. Once you treat parasites and fungus, bacteria much more easily go away.
  • Dr. Klinghardt suggested that liposomal artemisinin may be helpful here given that these microbes love fats and that artemisinin is shown to be powerful against protozoan organisms such as malaria.
  • Dr. Fry thinks this may be the cause of Rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Lyme Disease

  • It is important to remember that one can have Lyme disease and that may not be the cause of the symptoms. There could be 50 other things that are causing the symptoms.
  • Microbes exist in communities. Lyme surrounds itself with Staph, Strep, Mycoplasma, and molds.
  • Symptoms are rarely caused by the Lyme spirochete. Joint pain is often the result of Rickettsia, Mycoplasma, or Clostridia. Gut issues are often related to parasites or Babesia. Borrelia alters the immune system and opens the door for other infections but does not generally create significant symptoms itself.
  • Transposing letters is a common sign of Lyme. „Messy Syndrome” is a symptom of Lyme; can work as a professional but cannot manage a home.
  • The hardest Lyme patients to treat are those on psychiatric medications. Klonopin is among the worst for making treatment more difficult.
  • Cysts or nodules that are at times deemed to be related to Bartonella may actually be due to elevated TGF-b1.
  • Lyme disease causes insulin resistance which can lead to fatigue, skin tags, interstitial cystitis, osteoarthritis, insomnia, and hormonal problems. Elevated total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides may result. Treatment for insulin resistance is 1000mg niacinamide three times a day with 500mg of Berberine twice a day. The best option for Berberine is BioPure Viressence 2 dropperfuls three times a day. Modifying the diet using Diet Therapy Software or ART is important. Insulin resistance is induced by chronic infections. Niacinamide has less of an anti-psychotic effect but the same antimicrobial effect as niacin.
  • High protein diets are acidic and a disaster for people with Lyme disease. Stay away from fats. ART test protein powders and coconut for protein and fat needs.
  • When we were younger, we needed fish oils. Teenagers need meat. The older you get, the less meat you need. As you get older, more vegetarian and raw food diets make sense. For vegetarians, it is good to look at beans based on your blood type.
  • Dr. Klinghardt uses the Klinghardt Lyme Cocktail (KLC) to support the body against infections and toxicity. It is a liposomal blend made at home from a number of different ingredients and personalized to each client. The basic recipe is:
    • Cover the blades of the blender with pure water and add: 200-400mg Artemisinin, 1/4 bottle of Phospholipid Exchange or 2 tbsp of non-GMO soy lecithin or 2 organic raw egg yolks, 4-8 dropperfuls of Quintessence, 4 dropperfuls of Viressence, and 4 opened capsules of Vital Nutrients Aller-C.
    • The mix is blended at high speed for 5 minutes and then poured into an ultrasonic cleaner for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
    • While the mixture is in the ultrasonic device, blend: 2 apples (pectin is a good binder), 1 scoop of protein powder, 2 scoops of soaked Mila, 1 teaspoon of ACAI, 1/2 teaspoon of Flax oil, 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil, 20 drops of BioSil and 2 ounces of grapefruit juice.
    • After the 15 minutes in the ultrasonic device is complete, pour the mixture back into the blender with the other contents and blend further.
    • Drink 1/2 30 minutes before breakfast and 1/2 30 minute before dinner. 5 days on 2 days off. 3 weeks on 1 week off.
    • This is a powerful compound. 1 gram of vitamin C is equivalent to about 8 grams when it is made liposomal.
    • Can mix in other substances such as Ayurvedic Trikatu or Ayurvedic Mimosa Pudica (Mimosa is for parasites), or one cap of Passion4Life.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – General Topics

  • ILADS is a fantastic group that is gaining followers. Its core teaching is fantastic.
  • Coinfections are microbes acquired from the same bite that introduced Borrelia into our system. Opportunistic infections are the result of a suppressed immune system and are much more important.
  • Heavy metal symptoms are identical to Lyme, to Mold, to PTSD. The common final pathway is the detox pathway. Mold must be processed through the same liver and kidney as mercury. The detox system is severely overwhelmed in our modern world. There are 200,000 chemicals in the environment. Difficulty with the elimination of biotoxins presents in the same way.
  • Heart rate should be 60 beats per minute or lower. We have a set number of heartbeats and then we die. The faster our pulse, the lower our life. Healthspan, if not lifespan, shortens.
  • Night sweats related to hormones is often treated with Vitamin E; whereas night sweats related to Babesia requires antimicrobials.
  • Many RX drugs often have long-term implications. Can find Valium residues 32 years after having taken it.
  • A good drug detox is needed before pursuing Lyme treatment if one is on psychiatric drugs as these may still be blocking receptors.
  • What some perceive to be striae (stretch marks) from Bartonella may actually be the result of elevated MMPs (Matrix metalloproteinase). It can be the result of multiple infections but is an indication of the breakdown of tissue. Microbes activate an enzyme to mush up our tissues and make us a comfortable food.
  • For every medical drug, there is a natural option that is better, faster, and more effective.
  • C3a is elevated in the presence of bacterial membranes such as Lyme. It may not be elevated in chronic Lyme disease, however.
  • C4a is an inflammatory marker for Lyme disease, mold, EMF, and other contributors. It may be more of a fungal/mold marker. If C4a is elevated but C3a is not, it could be mold or Lyme.
  • If inflammatory markers such as C3a, TGF-b1, MMP-9 are high and ADH, MSH, VP are low, this is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) from Dr. Shoemaker’s work.
  • If only C3a is high and C4a is normal or both are high with low CD57 and IGeneX Western Blot +, think Lyme and co-infections. Arthritic patients typically have elevated C4a.
  • In Dr. Klinghardt’s experience, there are rarely patients with elevated C3a. C4a is almost always elevated and C3a may be slightly elevated or not at all.
  • Treatment is from largest organism to smallest. Parasites, molds, bacteria, then viruses.
  • Sleep Cocktail – 80-120mg Lithium Orotate, 100mg 5-HTP, 3000mg L-Tryptophan at bedtime.
  • When IgA is low, consider electrosmog. To increase IgA, consider Lactoferrin and Vitamin A.
  • 4 Basic Steps to treating all chronic illnesses:
    • Balance the basic body chemistry. KPU and Insulin-Resistance induced by microbes.
    • The response of the host makes the disease, not the microbes. Need to modify the host response with immune-modulation. Downregulate upregulated portions of the immune system. The immune system is like a biting dog. Auto-urine therapy may be used. No homeopathic can ever come close to what your own urine can do for you.
    • Detoxification (including biofilms). QUIN, a Borrelia biotoxin, has been found 32 years after the bugs were gone.
    • Kill microbes.
  • Dr. Klinghardt prefers Heparin over Boluoke, but likes both. He has said that almost everyone with Lyme should be on Boluoke daily.
  • Acid vs. Alkaline Water – has tried various alkaline water instruments and does not feel that they do anything. Alkaline water is not where the gold is at.
  • pH – normal pH for urine is 6.2 with .2 up or down fluctuation (6.0 to 6.4). It should go up and down within that range. Saliva pH should be around 6.7 or between 6.5 and 6.9. Often times the difference between the two is too narrow or there is an inversion/reversal. When the saliva pH is higher than the urine pH, acids are not getting out. Longer term, this could be a sign of kidney failure. When one has an inversion, homeopathic 12x Phosphorous or Standard Process Phosfood may be good options.
  • Nutritional approaches, B12, folic acid will not work when the pH is off. One becomes too acidic if there are unprocessed emotional issues. The common denominator when the gap narrows is electrosmog. Electrosmog acidifies and shuts down the kidneys.
  • For water, reverse osmosis ( with the addition of Matrix Electrolytes, Matrix Minerals, and M-Water is a good option.
  • The best alkalinizing agent is Tri-Salts – this will slow down detoxification.
  • When the pH is too alkaline, life is fading. In patients with ALS, when the pH becomes alkaline, this is the end of the process. Being too alkaline is the most serious state of an illness.
  • Reduce EMFs and allergic foods – acidity is a state of stress.
  • Acidity is treatable, but being too alkaline is much more concerning – especially when there is no undulation/variation in the pHs.
  • Magnesium stearate is an ideal food for biofilms.
  • Liposomal artemisinin treats protozoal infections, possibly FL1953. Malaria has never become resistant to artemisinin. At the bottom of these illnesses may be a protozoal infection. Lyme may be just another factor. Protozoa are more advanced than bacteria and viruses and on the same level as the molds.
  • Liposomal medications penetrate biofilms. Makes Lyme much easier to solve.
  • Many patients are on inhaled iodine using Omron nebulizer. 4 drops SSKI (Tri-Quench) in the inhaler.
  • Frequency options such as Rife and PEMF may breakdown biofilms.
  • We are approaching 1 in 35 children being on the autism spectrum.
  • Asperger’s is 20 times more common in boys than in girls. Testosterone has a negative synergistic effect with mercury, EMFs, etc.
  • The first boy is generally the most challenged as he gets 2/3 of the mother’s toxicity.
  • EMF levels at the sleeping location of the mother directly correlate to the incidence of autism in the child.
  • Antioxidants are contraindicated during the killing mode as they protect the microbes. It may take 10 times longer to address microbial factors when antioxidants are being used. When doing energetic testing, antioxidants often do not test once you have antimicrobials on board in the testing system.
  • Borrelia mitosis is every 28 days and it takes 18 cycles to treat effectively – 1.5 years.
  • For longevity, Viressence and curcumin may support lengthening of telomeres.
  • Radiation – sea salt baths in hot water. Chlorella and cilantro. Chaparral. DMPS. SSKI (TriQuench) – 7 drops a day for 7-10 days for acute exposure, then less than 1 drop per day for maintenance.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Heavy Metals

  • If you remove amalgam fillings and the patient gets worse, they may have Lyme. If you remove amalgam fillings and the patient gets better, they had heavy metals.
  • Heavy metals like mercury, while creating a terrain that makes us hospitable to infections, also have been used as a treatment for Lyme disease. Thus, while the metals generally still need to come out, if one is not on good treatment for the Lyme disease, the patient may initially feel worse. Mercury slows down spirochetes, and thus, chelating removes one of the treatments.
  • Heavy metal detoxification can also result in immune activation and may impact related markers such as TGF-b1.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Tonsils

  • If the patient is 22 years old or younger, miracles occur from having the tonsils removed.
  • Strep is often living in the tonsils. It may lead to attacks against the joints and myelin even if the tonsils are not pussy.
  • Cryotherapy in Germany may be useful.
  • When kids have the dance of St Vitus, think tonsils.
  • Compulsive behavior can be related to tonsils.
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – EMF
  • X-rays may result in leukemia.
  • The only known ALS survivors are those that 100% mitigate microwave and cell phone radiation.
  • To ensure optimal sleep: 1) Turn off all fuses at night, 2) Use a EMF-reducing sleep sanctuary/canopy, 3) consider earthing.
  • During the day, no wireless internet or cordless phones.
  • Bluetooth headsets increase exposure from cellular phones.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Hormones

  • People with untreated infections don’t generally do well with hormone therapy.
  • The body is adaptive. Microbes are using the hormones. The body downregulates the hormone production in order to protect itself against the microbes.
  • The addition of supplemental hormones may strengthen the microbes.
  • Hormone therapy feels good at first, but long term, the bugs benefit more.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – XMRV and Viruses

  • GcMAF is not likely to be the big winner. It is probably a small part.
  • GcMAF may be a very expensive intervention with very little ground gained.
  • Viruses create nagalase which is destructive to our system.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – KPU / HPU

  • White spots in the nails are related to zinc and magnesium deficiency.
  • When someone intends to supplement zinc, they should always ensure that MMP-9 is not already elevated and correct this prior to zinc supplementation. If MMP-9 is already elevated, zinc supplementation may elevate it even further as MMP-9 production is zinc dependent.
  • KPU is likely induced by microbes.
  • Zinc is a core mineral that drives WBC function. WBCs need zinc in order to make enzymes to kill microbes.
  • All the soldiers in the immune system need zinc to have bullets to fight the battle. The microbes impact an enzyme which then forces us to pee out our zinc. Once this occurs, the army has no bullets.
  • White blood cells that have spirochetes attached to them cannot make antibodies which may be one reason for false negative Western Blot results.
  • Pale skin is related to KPU and heme deficiency.
  • When you have KPU, you cannot mount an effective immune response.
  • Germans with parents from WWII all have KPU. It is passed down epigenetically through the methylation pathways.
  • Clostridia in the gut can be involved in KPU; treat infections to address KPU.
  • Have been able to resolve KPU with trauma work in Family Constellations.
  • The body downregulates zinc as an adaptive response to stop MMP-9 elevation which melts tissues and leads to excessive inflammation.
  • Up to 8-10 capsules of BioPure The Core may be used for 2-3 months. This displaces lead, cadmium, mercury, and other metals which will result in the need for detoxification support. High doses of chlorella may be helpful.

Scot Appert – Healthy Homes

  • 900 MHz phones may be better than the 2.4 GHz, 5.6 GHz, etc. phones
  • Measure body voltage while flipping circuit breakers until the body voltage goes down. Then turn those breakers off every night.
  • Open the windows regularly; inside air is often more toxic than outside air
  • Dr. Klinghardt commented that none of the protectors you wear around your neck have been proven to protect us from EMF stress.

For more information on many of the products discussed in this blog entry, visit BioPure at For more information on upcoming events and other materials provided by Dr. Klinghardt, visit the Klinghardt Academy at

The entire seminar from which this content was derived is available as a DVD set by contacting I highly recommend it!

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