Dirt Cheap Protocol

by Webster Kehr, Independent Cancer Research Foundation Inc

The Dirt Cheap Protocol uses the Bob Beck Protocol and about a dozen other inexpensive cancer treatments that have cured cancer by themselves. The Dirt Cheap Protocol, as its name implies, is the least expensive, yet highly effective, cancer treatment I have been able to design.

I learned a long time ago that many cancer patients don’t have money to eat a Subway sandwich, much less the money to buy the best of the alternative cancer treatments.

This protocol was designed specifically for them!!

In addition to the Bob Beck Protocol (most of which can be built at home for “dirt cheap”), it adds several very potent nutritional protocols as well!!

This protocol also has several independent treatments which have cured many cancer patients by themselves!! It was also designed with synergy in mind.

To see the Dirt Cheap Protocol:

TREATMENT RATING: This is an alternative cancer treatment which is composed of several highly proven cancer treatments which are each very inexpensive to buy and use!!

This protocol was designed specifically for those cancer patients who do not have the financial ability to afford the expensive protocols.

However, do not underestimate the power of this protocol!! Most of its component parts have cured cancer by themselves!!

Also, this protocol is based on solid cancer theory. After each item there is a section called: “How This Treatment Works” which explains how each protocol helps the cancer patient deal with their cancer.

Based on the components in this protocol it is rated as a “Stage IV Protocol”, the highest rating!!

The protocol comes with free support from ICRF cancer researcher Webster Kehr. See the bottom of this article for information about the support.

Warning #1: Use Only One Highly Alkaline Protocol at a Time

A person should only be on one highly alkaline protocol at a time. While this protocol CAN be used at the same time as other protocols, the alkalinity restriction needs to be addressed.

For example, if you are CURRENTLY USING the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Photon Protocol, Bob Wright Protocol, etc. YOU CAN USE THIS DIRT CHEAP PROTOCOL EXCEPT FOR THE KELMUN BAKING SODA AND MAPLE SYRUP PART.

Here is a more complete list of Highly Alkaline items:
Baking Soda, Cellect, Cesium, Calcium, High pH water (9.0 pH or above), Himalayan Salt, Real Salt, Green Drinks, Avacado, Broccoli, Cabbage, Celery, Cucumber, Endive, Garlic, Alfalfa, Kamut, Wheatgrass, Barley and other grasses, Kale, Parsley, Sprouts (alfalfa, bean, pea, soy, etc.), Spinach, Tomato, Soy nuts, Soy lecithin, grapefruit seed extract and likely other seeds. Also included is the nutritional part of the Photon Protocol.

In some of these other protocols the alkaline product is the key product in their protocol, so it is not wise to drop their highly alkaline product. So drop the Kelmun protocol while on the Dirt Cheap Protocol plus any other major protocol which has highly alkline substances.

Also note that the baking soda and maple syrup part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol contain no nutrients. For example, if you can afford, and have access to, wheatgrass, you can substutite wheatgrass for the baking soda and maple syrup!!

However, if you are on the Photon Protocol AND YOU HAVE NOT YET STARTED the nutritional part of the Photon Protocol, then USE the Kelmun Protocol until you start their nutritional protocol, then stop the Kelmun protocol and continue the other parts of the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

Read this section two or three times if you are confused by the logic.

Warning #2: Warnings For Those On Blood Thinners (or Who Have Bleeding Problems)!!

Cancer patients who are on blood thinners, and who cannot afford the highly potent cancer treatments, are in a paradoxical situation. They need this protocol to survive their cancer but they cannot use this protocol if they are on blood thinners!! Thus, some risk must be taken if they want to survive their cancer.

DMSO, MSM, Turmeric/Curcumin/Curry, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper/Capsicum, Ginger, Green Tea, Celery, Cinnamon, etc., etc. etc. are all capable of thinning the blood.

In fact, Cayenne Pepper (one teaspoon) is recommended for people who are in the midst of a heart attack. DMSO (a synthetic version) is used at hospitals for those who have had a stroke (by the way, DMSO should be in the home of anyone who is vulnerable to strokes).

Cancer patients have two options if they are on blood thinners or high doses of proteolytic enzymes.

Option #1 is to NOT use any of the treatments below which are anti-oxidants.

Option #2 is to reduce your blood thinning medication(s) as you use this protocol. However, to do this you MUST SLOWLY BUILD-UP the “doses” taken of the items in this protocol (i.e. start at 1/10th the normal dose and slowly increase the dose of each product over a couple of weeks) to make sure the combination of blood thinning medication and natural blood thinning products do NOT produce blood that is too thin.

In other words, you slowly build-up the “dose” of the items in this protocol, that thin blood, and you slowly reduce your blood thinning medications based on the daily measurements of how thin the blood is. Needless to say, this must be done with the pre-approval and under the watchful eye of a medical professional!!

Obviously, if you stop this protocol you need to resume your blood thinners at recommended doses.

See this article for a larger list of things to avoid if you are on blood thinners!!!
List of Things To Avoid

See also this list of drugs which are essentially blood thinners:
Blood Thinner List

I should also note that people who have bleeding problems should NOT use this protocol as many of the things in this protocol act as mild blood thinners!! They should look into the Bill Henderson Protocol and Inexpensive Cancer Treatments articles (but do not use herbs).

Warning #3: Important Note For Weak or Advanced Cancer Patients

For cancer patients who are already very weak or who are very advanced, it is critical that they use a combination of this Dirt Cheap Protocol and the “Weak Cancer Patients” article. In other words, they need to use all of the ideas in BOTH articles:
Treatments For Weak Cancer Patients

This includes trying to find a Photon Genius or Quantum Pulse near them or buying a Photon Genie if possible.

In many cases, the weakness of the cancer patient (i.e. the weakness of their cells, both cancer cells and non-cancer cells) is so critical that it is the first and highest priority in dealing with the cancer!!!


Introduction: The Dirt Cheap Protocol for Cancer

Before reading about this cancer protocol, first read the “What Causes Cancer” article so you will better understand the theory behind the treatments in this protocol: Cancer Causes [Must Read!!]

As the article states, cancer is caused by microbes that are INSIDE the cancer cells. SEVERAL of the treatments in this protocol are designed specifically to kill microbes inside the cancer cells to revert the cancer cells into normal cells. This can be done quickly and safely.

Any treatment that uses maple syrup, honey, DMSO. MSM or molasses is designed to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.

So why did I design the “Dirt Cheap Protocol?”

I have dealt with many thousands of cancer patients since 2002. In a high percentage of these cases the cancer patient could not afford the most expensive alternative cancer treatments or they could not obtain the strongest products from America.

These patients need to use a combination of very inexpensive protocols which individually, and collectively, are very effective against cancer. That is what this protocol is all about.

Literally, this protocol is a list of highly effective, but dirt cheap, alternative cancer treatments!! However, there is a lot of synergism built into these protocols making this protocol far more effective than its individual parts!!

One of the protocols in this treatment is absolutely required, both because of the superb theory behind this treatment and the track-record of this treatment.

It is required to use the DMSO/CD protocol (see below).

Also, it is highly recommended the patient build up to 2x (two times) or 3x (threee times) the basic dose of chlorine dioxide. The DMSO/CD is probably the single most powerful element in this protocol, based on both theory and practice.

Important Clarification

I sometimes get emails from cancer patients wondering HOW MANY of the treatments in the Dirt Cheap Protocol they should use.

As with any “protocol,” a person should take ALL of the individual treatments every day. If you cannot obtain one or two of the products, for any reason, use all of the individual treatments that you can obtain!!

This protocol is not a Smorgasbord, it is a complete cancer protocol.

The Dirt Cheap Protocol


If there is a (+) at the beginning of the treatment it means these are things that can be purchased locally and these treatments should be started TODAY.

If there is a star (*) at the beginning of the treatment then it is a treatment which has cured cancer by itself.

If there are two stars (**) then it means that two parts of the treatment have cured cancer by themselves, etc.

If there is a (!) it means it is one of the two powerful “Crown Jewels” of this treatment.

[Newly Added – Must Read]

(*!)(+) The Immune System – Beta Glucan

Arguably the most important part of any cancer regime, the Immune System is the key to our protection and our recovery.

“If you are a cancer patient or caregiver, this should be your absolute number one priority. No cancer patient has ever recovered until they have gotten their immune system back in shape.”
– Bill Henderson, Cancer-Free 4th Edition

When looking for an Immune System Supplement, choose Purity and Potency over price. Numerous scientific journals hold Transfer Point Beta Glucan far above any other competitor on the market (this includes all other immunity products, not just other b-glucans).

How This Treatment Works

Bottle of 500mg Transfer Point Beta Glucan

“Once the Beta Glucan goes down the esophagus, it passes into the stomach. Keep in mind that Beta Glucan is a complex carbohydrate, nature’s armor, and that the stomach acid is not going to affect it at all. It will then pass from the stomach into the small intestine. The Beta Glucan micro-particles are going to be seen and consumed by M-cells, or microfold cells, inside your Peyer’s Patches in your small intestine….” Full Article Here
– A.J. Lanigan, 2013

[Click the Image to Learn More]
Note: See more powerful immune Builders rich in Beta glucans  options in my book

#1) (*!)(+) The Kelmun Protocol

Every natural cancer treatment for advanced cancer patients needs to be anchored with one highly alkaline protocol. Alkalinity slows down the spreading of the cancer (it actually slows down the ability of the cancer microbes to replicate quickly). This is the key alkaline protocol for this treatment.

The Kelmun Protocol is a combination of baking soda and maple syrup (or baking soda with molasses or honey). It is a superb cancer treatment by itself and it is very good at shrinking tumors quickly.

Before reading on, read the detailed instructions for the Kelmun protocol and pay attention to the “mixture” of baking soda and maple syrup:
The Kelmun Protocol

The importance of the Kelmun protocol is its alkalinity. The maple syrup is a Trojan Horse which is designed to get the baking soda inside the cancer cells to slow down the spreading of the cancer and hopefully kill some of the microbes which are causing the cancer. Thus this treatment is doing two things.

People ask me: “Doesn’t the maple syrup feed the cancer cells?” The purpose of the maple syrup is to get the baking soda inside the cancer cells. That is why I call it a “Trojan Horse.” It is a very important part of this protocol.

Do not use more than 1 TEAspoon of baking soda a day (pure baking soda) for the 4-6 weeks the patient is on the baking soda, except for short periods of time.

Because the mixture of baking soda and maple syrup is 1/4th baking soda, this means the “dose” is 4 TEAspoons of the mixture a day. Four TEAspoons of the mixture equates to one TEAspoon of pure baking soda.

Do NOT add any calcium or cesium to this protocol as the baking soda provides the maximum safe dose of alkalinity. Lemon juice is added below, but it will not create too much alkalinity. Nor does LIPH.

Advanced cancer patients can take up to 16 TEAspoons of the MIXTURE a day, but they should only do this for a MAXIMUM of one week!! Then they should drop down to 4 TEAspoons of the MIXTURE a day for the rest of the 6 weeks.

It is very important to calculate how much baking soda a day you are taking. After the first week a cancer patient should only be using ONE TEAspoon of baking soda a day!!!

After 6 weeks on the Kelmun, the patient has two options.

Option #1: Switch over to the Barefoot Calcium protocol indefinitely (2 pills a day):
Barefoot Calcium Protocol (After 6 weeks on the Baking Soda)

Option #2: Use the Kelmun protocol six weeks on, three weeks on two calcium pills, back-and-forth, indefinitely.
For example, follow this schedule:
1) Six weeks on the Kelmun protocol at one TEAspoon of baking soda a day for six weeks,
2) Three weeks on two calcium pills,
3) Six weeks on the Kelmun protocol at one TEAspoon of baking soda a day for six weeks,
4) Three weeks on two calcium pills,
And so on.

All of the other protocols in the Dirt Cheap Protocol can be used every day, indefinitely, as desired. The Kelmun is different because it is so high in alkalinity.

WARNING: Let me make it clear that a person should ONLY be on one highly alkaline protocol at a time. Do not use the baking soda on the same days as using: Cellect (which contains cesium), Cesium, calcium, high doses of barley, etc.


It is critical to differentiate between 1 TEAspoon of baking soda and 1 TEAspoon of the “mixture.”

16 TEAspoons of the “mixture” is 4 TEAspoons of baking soda and 12 TEAspoons of maple syrup. This should not be used for more than one week.

4 TEAspoons of the “mixture” is 1 TEAspoon of baking soda and 3 TEAspoons of maple syrup.

It is critical to keep these numbers correct or you could take too much baking soda and get alkalosis!!

How This Treatment Works

This protocol accomplishes two things. The maple syrup is a Trojan Horse to get the baking soda inside the cancer cells. Once it does this the alkalinity slows down the reproduction of the microbes inside the cancer cells, meaning is slows down the spreading of the cancer.

The baking soda, inside the cancer cells, also kills many of the microbes inside the cancer cells thus allowing the cancer cells to revert into normal cells.

In addition, and in many cases the most important aspect of this protocol, the Kelmun is superb at quickly shrinking tumors.

If the tumor is external or just under the skin, also see the DMSO/CD protocol below. DMSO/CD should be put on the skin directly above the tumor and on the skin around the tumor.

#2a) (**) MSM/LIPH Protocol

This is a protocol which is based on solid theory and impressive testimonials. LIPH, being a homeopathic protocol, gets inside of cancer cells and can kill the cancer microbes, thus reverting the cancer cells into normal cells. LIPH does not need the MSM to get inside the cancer cells because the cancer cells think LIPH is nothing but water. But being homeopathic, the water is vibrating and can kill microbes inside the cancer cells and in the bloodstream.

The MSM portion of this protocol is actually organic sulfur and is a superb cancer treatment by itself as it grabs oxygen from water and shoves it inside of both cancer cells and non-cancer cells!! But the MSM also helps LIPH get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes.

Also included in this protocol is a superb mineral supplement.

Here is the detailed article on the MSM/LIPH Protocol:
MSM/LIPH Protocol

#2b) (*) “Secret Product”

Note: There is a very important “Secret Product” that is very synergistic with MSM/LIPH which I am not allowed to mention on this website. Here are the 5 ingredients of this product:
1) Milk Thistle Extract seed,
2) Bacopa Extract aerial part,
3) Ashwagandha root,
4) Green Tea Extract leaf,
5) Turmeric Extract rhizone

All of these items are anti-microbial and the product is designed to get inside of cells. The actual product, and a testimonial, are discussed on a password-protected article. Click on the link:
Username: no
Password: link
Link to “Secret Product”

WARNING #1: The exact “dose” of “Secret Product” is 2 pills a day, taken one in the morning and one later in the day. The dose is NO MORE and NO LESS than that!!

WARNING #2: NO herbs or products which contain herbs, should be taken within 2 hours, before or after, each “Secret Product” pill is taken. This is because “Secret Product” is based on a formula and any other herbs or green tea, may interfere with this formula getting inside the cancer cells. Herbs CAN be taken outside of the 2 hour window, both before and after taking either “Secret Product” pill.

WARNING #3: Another recommended herb is Artemisinin. It has done well by itself. But as above, do not take Artemisinin within 2 hours, on either side, of the “Secret Product.” Artemisinin (i.e. Wormwood) can be purchased at most health food stores.

How This Treatment Works

LIPH kills microbes and the cancer cells think LIPH is nothing but water. Thus, LIPH can get inside of cancer cells by itself to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. MSM gets oxygen inside of all cells (which can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells) and helps get LIPH inside the cancer cells.

“Secret Product” contains four herbs and green tea. ALL 5 of these items kill the cancer microbe. Furthermore, the formulation was designed to get inside of cells. Artemisinin also kills the cancer microbe.

#3) Eniva Vibe and/or Cellfood Concentrate and/or Real Salt

Every superb cancer treatment needs a world-class vitamin and mineral supplement to energize their cells. For example, the Cellect-Budwig protocol uses Cellect and Budwig to do that.

For this protocol you have three choices to deal with the vitamins and minerals (Real Salt only does minerals) which are inexpensive and very good.

One of the things key minerals can do is extend someone’s life (i.e. you “buy time”), meaning the patient has far more time to treat their cancer. For example, Eniva Vibe has extended the lives of patients with only a few weeks to live!!

These products super-energize the very weak non-cancerous cells. They are the best supplements for cancer patients I know of for working quickly and neutralizing the patient’s situation.

Take whatever doses of these products you can afford.

Here is one of many vendors of Eniva Vibe:
Vendor of Eniva Vibe

Here is a vendor of “Cellfood Concentrate”:
Cellfood Concentrate

Here is the vendor of “real salt”:
Real Salt vendor

How This Treatment Works

Cancer cells, by definition, are weak cells. By being weak they steal energy from healthy cells. The three items in this treatment all provide key nutrients to the weak cancer cells.

If the patient is weak, they should also see this article for more ideas:
Article For Weak Cancer Patients

#4) (*) Aloe Arborescens

The Aloe Arborescens Protocol was designed by a Catholic priest in a poor section of Brazil.

It consists of honey, aloe arborescens (a type of aloe plant) and a very small amount of a substance to open the capillaries. The protocol is based on very solid theory because honey is a “Trojan Horse” to get microbe-killing Aloe Arborescens inside the cancer cells.

The protocol has been around for decades in Brazil and Europe. Of course, in the United States it is unheard of because most people get all of their “health” information from the pharmaceutical industry via the media.

By itself, it is a cancer treatment.

The dose is in this article:
Aloe Arborescens Protocol


How This Treatment Works

As might be expected by now, the honey in Aloe Arborescens is a Trojan Horse to get the microbe-killing aloe plant: Aloe Arboresens, inside the cancer cells.

How good is the plant Aloe Arborescens at killing microbes?? It is used to treat AIDS!!!

No one knows how many tens of thousands of cancer patients have been cured of cancer using nothing but the formula in this product.

#5) (***)(+) Three Honey Protocols

As already mentioned, the cancer microbe is inside of all cancer cells. Honey is another product, along with MSM, that can get microbe-killing nutrients inside of cancer cells.

Honey combined with other microbe-killing substances should be  very effective in killing cancer microbes.

In this portion of the protocol are three protocols that include honey (up to 1 teaspoon a day of the spice, and an equal amount of honey or a little more honey, it is up to you):
1) Honey and turmeric (every other day, alternate with ginger) (anti-tumor),
2) Honey and ginger (every other day, alternate with turmeric) (anti-tumor),
3) Honey and cinnamon (every day).

“Honey and turmeric” and “honey and ginger” are taken on alternating days.

All three of these items can kill the microbes that cause cancer which exist inside of the cancer cells.

With regards to the honey, the darker the better.

Hopefully, the cinnamon will come from Viet Nam, where they have the highest percentage of cinnamon oil

Cinnamon Bark, an essential oil from the Young Living company, is also recommended (use Google to find a vendor). This product is measured in drops because it is concentrated.

Finally, because turmeric is poorly absorbed by the body, I strongly recommend a brand called: Meriva, which is far better absorbed than most brands. Use Google to find a vendor.

Another recommended brand of turmeric/curcumin is called: “Super Bio-Curcumin,” in 400 mg dose, from Life Extension. Here is a link:
Life Extension (Super Bio Curcumin)

How This Treatment Works

Obviousely honey is the Trojan Horse to get these herbs and spice inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes.

Honey and turmeric has cured cancer by itself.

Honey and ginger has cured cancer by itself.

Honey and cinnamon has cured cancer by itself, but it is not as powerful as the other two combinations.

#6) (*!) DMSO/CD (DMSO / Chlorine Dioxide)

There are two “Crown Jewels” of cancer treatments in the Dirt Cheap Protocol. These have an “*!” in their rating. The Kelmun Protocol is one of them and this is the other. In fact, if I could only have one cancer treatment on the planet earth, this would be it!!

It is a DMSO protocol, meaning you mix DMSO with chlorine dioxide (usually) and rub it on the skin on or above the tumor or cancer cells. The DMSO will drag the chlorine dioxide not only through the skin, but also inside the cancer cells.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter where you rub the DMSO and chlorine dioxide, the DMSO will find the cancer cells!!

When the DMSO gets to the cancer cells the chlorine dioxide will kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

Note also that there are some severe safety rules when using DMSO. For example, DMSO should never touch plastic (except for the plastic bottle it came in, if it came in a plastic bottle), it should never touch cloth, etc. Pay close attention to the safety rules.

This is an amazing protocol even when there are dense clusters of cancer cells!!.

WARNING: Chlorine Dioxide must be made FRESH EVERY TIME IT IS USED!! Chlorine dioxide is a gas, not a liquid, and it will evaporate within a half-hour of making it.

There are two versions of this protocol. The first version is for newly diagnosed cancer patients who do not have a fast-spreading type of cancer. The second version is for advanced cancer patients.

For newly diagnosed cancer patients who do not have a fast-spreading type of cancer, see this article:
The DMSO/CD Article (Page 1 of 3)

For advanced cancer patients they need a very powerful version of the DMSO/CD protocol which is called the “Perfect Storm” cancer treatment. Here is the article which explains the “Perfect Storm Protocol”:
Perfect Storm Protocol (Photon devices ARE OPTIONAL)

#7) (*)(+) Asparagus (For Those Who Are Not on Blood Thinners)

Asparagus has been shown over and over to be an excellent cancer treatment by itself.

To use asparagus as a cancer treatment do the following:
1) Cook the asparagus,
2) Puree the asparagus,
3) Take EIGHT TABLEspoons, TWICE a day

Note that the patient will take 16 tablespoons (i.e. one cup) during the entire day.

How This Treatment Works

Many websites, including the orthodox website: Snopes, claim that aspragus does not cure cancer. But the fact of the matter is that it does cure cancer, at least newly diagnosed cancer cases. There are plenty of viable testimonials for this protocol on the Internet.

Whether it will cure advanced cancer is unknown to me, but it certainly would be a viable part of any cancer treatment!!

#8) (*)(+) Carrot Juice, etc.

Carrot juice is well-known to be an excellent cancer treatment!! In fact, carrot juice, by itself, has cured many, many cancer patients, though I suspect some people add a little beet juice and other things to the carrot juice. I would add between 1 and 2 TEAspoons of beet juice, per eight ounces of carrot juice.

See this article:
Carrot Juice Protocol

How This Treatment Works

Some people criticize this protocol by saying there is a lot of “sugar” in carrots and beets. GOOD!! That allows them to target the cancer cells!!

I actually got into cancer research by reading testimonials of people drinking carrot juice, usually with a little beet juice mixed in, who cured their cancer at home. I saw many testimonials, and I even interviewed one person. The evidence is overwhelming.

Carrot juice kills cancer cells. Some people also add apple juice to this protocol.

#9) (*)(+) Six Lemons a Day (Alkaline)

While a cancer patient should only use one highly alkaline protocol a day, this protocol is not alkaline enough to intefere with the baking soda.

A person should freeze many lemons. Then take six of them a day and grate them (including the skin). Take them out of the freezer and eat them one or two at a time.

You may have to wait for them to thaw for half-an-hour or so before you can grate them. Here is a YouTube video on how to grate the lemons:
YouTube video on grating lemons

The patient takes six grated lemons every day!!

People have been cured of their cancer doing this, though as a cancer researcher I would certainly do other things as well that would not interfere with this protocol.

How This Treatment Works

This protocol has a lot of solid testimonials. Also, at least one clinic in Mexico uses this as a main protocol.

Most likely this protocol works by killing microbes inside the cancer cells and reverting them into normal cells.

#10) Phytoplankton: The Super Nutrient

Ocean’s Alive (Phytoplankton) contains an enormous number of minerals and other key nutrients from the ocean. Totally natural fuel for your mitochondria:
Ocean’s Alive (Phytoplankton)

#11) (*) Hydrogen Peroxide (Optional)

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best-known alternative cancer treatments. However, by itself it is not strong enough to be a complete treatment. But combined with the items in this protocol it can be a very potent addition!!

The dose for this protocol is 15 drops of 35% H2O2 in a glass of purified water!! There are some extreme and severe safety warnings when using this protocol and there is a build-up to condition the stomach to taking this protocol!!

Whether you take the 15 drops once, twice or three times a day is up to you.

When hydrogen peroxide is used as the main cancer protocol, 25 drops, three times a day, is used instead of 15 drops. So use the dose you think you need.

There is another option for this protocol: using hydrogen peroxide in bath water. The instructions are in the article.

Study this article very, very carefully, pay close attention to the safety rules and build-up (i.e. Note that Vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide should not be in the stomach at the same time):
Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol

How This Treatment Works

Some people think that hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells. I disagree. Most likely it kills the microbes inside the cancer cells in much the same way that LIPH works. The cells “think” this is water.

#12) Rife Machines and/or ParaZapper UZI

The “root cause” of cancer is microbes which are inside the organs, especially the liver. These microbes, such as roundworms, tapeworms, etc., steal nutrients from the organs. This weakens the organs and a chain reaction causes the immune system to be weak!! When the immune system is weak, the cancer cells grow out of control, the body is full of microbes, etc.

One of the major ways to deal with cancer is to get rid of these microbes and parasites. The Liver Flush, described below, is one way to help get rid of these microbes. Doing these things supercharges the immune system and the immune system becomes a cancer fighter!!

But redundancy is critical and either Rife device may kill the microbes/parasites in the organs, in the bloodstream, and inside the cancer cells. However, even with these devices the Liver Flush is still recommended.

The Rife SR-4 is not recommended for cancers in or above the neck as the electrical signal does not get directly to those areas. The Rife M.O.P.A. gets everywhere.

The Rife M.O.P.A. is ALWAYS recommended for those who can afford it because Protocol D can be used for 8 hours while the patient sleeps. Plus, it is more powerful and does not require wires.

The ParaZapper is listed because this is the Dirt Cheap Protocol and many people will not be able to afford either of the Rife devices. However, the ParaZapper will get rid of microbes in the bloodstream and likely will get rid of the microbes and parasite in the organs, but we are not entirely sure.

With any of these three devices a “liver flush” is still highly recommended.

All 3 devices also act like a Bob Beck device as they will also kill microbes in the bloodstream, so the Bob Beck Protocol is not needed when any of these three devices are used, but it will not hurt to use it.

In this article theRife M.O.P.A. is called the “High RF Frequency Device – Plasma:
High RF Frequency Protocol

The recommended ParaZapper is the UZI device. Follow these instructions:
1) Go to: http://petzapper.com/UZI.html
2) Search for: “UZI Bundle”
3) Select the UZI (not the UZI-2)

Here is another model of ParaZapper we are getting ready to research, the MY, it is 3.915 Hz:

Having said all of that, the maker of the ParaZapper is coming out with new models: UZI-3 and CC2, so check them out.

How This Treatment Works

Cancer is a microbial disease, make no mistake about it.

Microbes and parasites in the organs are the “root cause” of cancer because they weaken the immune system.

Microbes in the bloodstream also weaken the immune system. But the microbes inside the cancer cells are specifically why any cell is cancerous.

The Rife  devices deal with all three of these microbe/parasite situations.

The ParaZapper deals with two of the three, but it will help build the immune system even if you cannot afford a Rife.

With the ParaZapper, the electrical current between two electrodes (one positive and one negative) would look like a football if you could see it. Place the electrodes to make sure the “football” area covers the organs. It will automatically cover the bloodstream.

Another ParaZapper option, from the same vendor, is the ParaZapper MY.

#13) (+) Real Sunlight (Optional but important)

It is very helpful to get out in the sunlight for about 45 minutes a day. One needs to start slowly so as not to burn, maybe starting with as little as 15 minutes per day working their way up. Do NOT use any type of sunscreen. Sunscreens filter out certain wavelengths of light and can actually cause skin cancer.

How This Treatment Works

I have several books in my library that mention the benefits to cancer patients of sunlight. Exactly why sunlight helps cancer patients is not clear. It could kill microbes in the bloodstream or it could be energizing the cells or it could be helping the immune system or some combination of these things.

It is quite possible that the vibrations of the sunlight vibrate the blood hemoglobin which then carries these vibrations to the cancer cells where the vibrations kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.

#14) (**)(+) Other Inexpensive Protocols

This is an article with more ideas for using inexpensive cancer treatments. For example, for those with tumors, there are protocols in this article for shrinking tumors.

See this article:
Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

The Frolov oxygen device is high recommended.

#15) (*) Essiac Tea

Instead of a coffee enema to protect the liver, I chose Essiac Tea. Essiac Tea contains 4 herbs (though some formulas contain more than 4 herbs), two of which are designed to protect the liver. The other two target and kill cancer cells.

However, if the patient does become weak, due to stress on the liver (even if they take Essiac Tea), one or more coffee enemas a day may be needed. Contact me if this is the case.

While this item is here to protect the liver, Essiac Tea has cured many cancer patients by itself. Here is the article:
Essiac Tea

How This Treatment Works

This is another protocol that has been around forever. The most common formula has four herbs in it. Two of the herbs are used to kill cancer cells. The other two herbs are used to protect the liver from being overburdened by debris.

#16) Ultraviolet Light Therapy (UVA) (Optional)

This protocol uses ultraviolet light to safely kill microbes in the bloodstream (much like the Bob Beck Protocol does), but it also kills microbes inside the cancer cells. Thus, it not only supercharges the immune system but reverts cancer cells into normal cells.

Here is a link to the article:
Ultraviolet Light Therapy

How This Treatment Works

One of my daughters had a viral infection. She used this protocol and got a severe case of Herxheimer’s!! What this proves is that this protocol kills microbes in the bloodstream and thus supercharges the immune system.

When I used this protocol I listened to music because it can be boring to lay on the ground for half an hour or more.

Whether the vibrations are carried to the organs to kill microbes in the organs is unknown.

Note there are some very important safety rules when using this protocol!!!

#17) (*) Liver Flush (Deal With the “Root Cause” of the Cancer)

Everyone has cancer cells in their body so why is one person diagnosed with cancer and another is not?

Normally, the reason is that one person has a weak immune system. So what can make an immune system weak?

The most common cause is microbes that are in the organs. These microbes intercept glucose headed for the cells in the organs, excrete mycotoxins and do other things to weaken the organs and thus weaken the immune system.

When a person gets rid of these microbes the organs can re-energize themselves and the immune system can be made normal and the immune system can frequently get rid of the cancer by itself. Of course, many things in this Dirt Cheap Protocol also help the immune system do that!!

See the items in this liver flush article:
Liver Flush Article

How This Treatment Works

Like the ParaZapper, the main goal of this protocol is to kill microbes in the liver and other organs. These microbes intercept glucose and thus weaken the organs. When the organs are weak the immune system gets weak.

A person would be advised to use both the ParaZapper (or GB-4000) and a liver flush because this is an important part of this protocol and in this case synergy is welcome.

#18) The “Cancer Diet” For This Protocol

The “Cancer Diet” is a list of things that you should not eat or drink during this protocol. Since you are trying to kill microbes, or revert them into normal cells, it is not good to eat or drink things that feed

You should avoid all dairy products and as many sugar products as you can. In fact, any acidic food can feed microbes.

But remember that honey, maple syrup, etc., even though they are “sugary,” are Trojan Horses so they are good things in a cancer treatment if they are combined with something that kills microbes.

Also, the cancer diet should be on the “alkaline” side of the steet. Highly acidic diets allow the microbes in the body to proliferate more readily.

I should say something about blood pH in this section. Some peole measure their blood pH as if this had something to do with cancer. Well, to some degree it does, but the pH of the blood is nowhere near as important as the pH inside the cancer cells!!

While the blood pH may affect the proliferation of the microbes in the bloodstream, the pH inside the cancer cells affects how fast the microbes inside the cancer cells proliferate!!

Protocols such as the Cesium Protocol and Cellect-Budwig are highly alkaline protocols (as is the Kelmun), but their main target is the pH inside the cancer cells.

See this article for more information about a “cancer diet:”
The “Cancer Diet”

How This Treatment Works

This is not so much an “offensive” attack on cancer as much as it is a “defensive” tactic. The diet of a cancer patient should not sabotage the cancer treatment by feeding the microbes or the cancer cells!!

#19) The Importance of the “Will To Live”

Many cancer patients are in extreme pain and are very fearful they are going to die.

It is important that the family and friends overwhelmingly show support for the patient and urge them on to fight the cancer.

Those who do not believe in natural medicine, and “bad mouth” natural medicine, should be politely (if possible) invited to stay away from the patient and keep their opinions to themself.

The “Will To Live” is a powerful ally of a cancer treatment!!

Important Note: Dealing With Cachexia (A Patient Who is Very Weak)

For those cancer patients who are already weak from their cancer, there are several supplements that can help deal with this issue. To understand the issues and treatments see the “Understanding Treating Cancer” article.

The cancer protocols in this article (e.g. High RF Frequency Generator with plasma ray tube) are far too expensive for this protocol, but in this article there is a long discussion of “buying time” and dealing with cachexia, thus it should be studied by every cancer patient:
Understanding Treating Cancer Article

See also this article:
Article For Weak Patients

How To Determine If This Protocol is Working

Because this is an inexpensive protocol, and because many cancer patients, even those with dangerous cancers, use this protocol, it is important to know if the cancer treatment is working. This is easy to do.

First, go to this website and use one of the two methods to get an accurate measure of how much cancer you have:
How Much Cancer Do You Have

Second, several weeks later (depending on your comfort level) take the test again from the same vendor.

If the amount of cancer has stayed the same or gone up, then you will need to switch to a different protocol (assuming you have been using all of the items in this protocol).

If the amount of cancer has gone down, then stay on this protocol.

Either way, please email me both scores (see below).

Another Dirt Cheap Protocol To Consider

The Brandt Grape Cure, for those who can obtain and afford organic purple grapes, is an excellent alternative to the above protocol. It is NOT an addition to the above protocol, it is a completely independent treatment.

Purple grapes have more than a dozen nutrients that kill cancer cells!!!

Since purple grapes are full of glucose, cancer cells love purple grapes because cancer cells have 15 times more glucose receptors than normal cells.

The cure rate on this protocol, for those who use it for 30 consecutive days, with NO cheating, is very high.

However, non-food items CAN be added to this protocol.

For example: the ParaZapper or Rife SR-4, ultraviolet light, MSM/LIPH, Cellfood, Real Salt, hydrogen peroxide, the Bob Beck Protocol, and the things listed in the Brandt Grape Cure article, CAN be added!!

Food products would dilute the effectiveness of this protcool.

But I would NOT recommend the Brandt Grape Cure for very weak cancer patients. Weak patients need a lot of nutrition which does not feed the cancer.

This is a very effective protocol for those who can stay on a strict diet!!
Brandt Grape Cure

Free Technical Support For This Protocol

Even though this is an inexpensive protocol, every individual piece of this protocol is well known in alternative medicine to be highly effective. If you decide to use this protocol the support is free. Look at these four items:

1) Use only ONE highly alkaline protocol with any cancer treatment. In this protocol, it is the baking soda. The lemons are not considered highly alkaline so there is no conflict with using both.

If you are combining the Dirt Cheap Protocol with the Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride or any other highly alkaline protocol, do NOT use the baking soda and maple syrup. This would be too much alkalinity.

2) Email me with any questions you have.

3) Please email me once a month and let me know how things are going (good or bad!!).

4) Once you have received an email from me, ALWAYS “Reply” to my emails so all of our correspondence is in every email.

Note: The first time you email me remind me to give you the name of two products that I am not allowed (by the vendors) to mention on this website. One is used in conjunction with the MSM/LIPH protocol. Both have cured cancer by themselves.

My email address is:
Webster Kehr email

7 gânduri despre „Dirt Cheap Protocol


    • asa este.Am postat pe pagina de facebook. o imagine TERMOGRAFCIA ce arata ca Iubirea si fericirea sunt cele mai energizante sentimente

      • buna sant ancuta si va rog sa ma ajutatzi am fata mea este bolnava de cancer tumora maligna a tecilor nervilor periferici dupa 5 ani a recidivate este operata de 3 luni si acum are o alta recidiva este un cancer agresiv medical vrea sa ai amputeze piciorul vom ancepe cytostatic de pe data de 19 -02-va rog mult spunetzi-mi ce tratament sa ia ca sa nu ai taie piciorul din suflet va rog ajutati-ma nu vreau sa ami pierd copilul va rog

      • Buna ziua. Regretsa aud despre fata dvs.Totusi cel mai bine este sa nu disperati(desi situatia e grava ,am vazut si cazuri mai grave care si-au revenit; sanse EXISTA)

        Acum, problema este urmatoarea.Ca adult,ORICE TRATAMENT si decizie referitoare la viata si sanatatea prorprie iti arartine.Asta insemana ca operatia , citostaticlee , radioterepaie si rice alt tratament puteti sau nu sa il urmati , duap cum dorit dvs.assta la ADULTI, La copii(MINORI) nu stiu daca nu internvine vre-o lege ce tine de protectia copilului.
        TREBUIE SA VA INTERESATI (la un aviocat )

        in continuare prezint ce poate face un ADULT
        Legat de OPERATIE: daca tumaorea pune in pericol imediat viata, si nu exista alta cale, trebuie facuta.
        Daca nu , este alegerea dvs daca alegeti sa faceti operatia sau nu.

        Cu CITOSTATICE EFECTIV nu stiu in ce scop sa faca .DE CE le recoamdna medicul?
        Trratamente chimio si radio , conform studiilor extinse, nu numai ca nu ajuta dar reduc drastic atat timpul ramas de trait daca nu s-ar urma nici un tratament (cei care opteaza sa nu fac nimic traiesc de pina la 4 ori mai mult) cat si calitatea vietii (pe lange efectele vizibile la exterior, mai grav este ce se intampla pe interior: se distruge imunitatea aproape complet, se produc daune organelor interne precum inima , ficat, etc, daune de multe ori ireversibile, se distruge flora intestinala si tractul digestiv (chimioterapia tinteste sa distruga celulele cu dezvoltare rapida asa cum sunt si cele din stomac) , radioterpia se alimenteaza de pina la 30 ori cresterea tumorilor (celulele stem tumorale), de multe ori se ajunge la DECES datorita acestor daune- multi mor datorita tratamentelor conventioanle,nu datorita cancerului) .

        Asta spun studiile, NU e parerea mea(nu am sa reiau informatie deja publicata dar am sa va recomand insistent sa citit isi dvs pentru ca sunt lucuri pe care trebuie sa le cunoasteti si de care trebuir sa fiti constient;In plus, asa cum mi-ati spus, de unele v-ati lovit deja):

        Avertismentul Prof. Dr, chirurg Teofil Lung(Cluj) despre chimio si cobaltoterapie (interviu TVR

        Studii despre tratamentele CONVENTIONALE(operatie+ chimio/radio):


        Studii CHIMIOTERAPIE: https://tratamenteanticancer.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/de-ce-chimioterapia-citostatice-nu-da-rezultate/ ;

        STATISTICI oficiale chimioterapie: https://tratamenteanticancer.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/official-statistics-of-chemo-therapy-2/
        Chimioterapia(CITOSTATICELE ) nu numai ca sunt INEFICIENTE, dar ALIMENTEAZA CRESTEREA TUMORILOR ( le fac de pina la 30 ori mai agresive).Cititi studiile de mai sus.

        Nu cumva a mai avut pina acum chimio daca vorbiti de recidive?

        Studii RADIOTERPIE si radiatii( Raze X, mamografie , CT, etc.): https://tratamenteanticancer.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/razele-xradiografii-ct-radioterapia-sursa-majora-de-cancer/187253

        Studii radioterapia alimenteaza cresterea tumorilor de pina la 30 ori:

        Studii stiintifice referitor la METODELE PROMOVATE DE ACEAST CARTE SI SITE:

        DEMONSTRATIE si MARTURII IN JUSTITIE ca Tratamentele alternative functioneaza si sunt persecutate:https://tratamenteanticancer.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/tratementele-cancer-alternative-functioneaza-burzinski-antineoplastoni/ https://tratamenteanticancer.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/tratamentele-alternative-funtioneaza-si-cancere-mortale-sunt-curabile-demonstratie-partea-ii/

        Va rog sa retineti ca NU ofer pareri , nici sfaturi.Pentru mine faptele, datele si rezultatele directe ale studiilor si a cazurilor clinice vorbesc. Atat si nimic mai mult. Si asta petrnu ca , prin pareri (mereu impartite si subiective) sisfaturi NU ajuti un om a carui viata este in pericol sa ia o decizie mai buna, mai rapid, ci doar ajuti la mentinerea starii de confuzie care se doreste mentinuta. De aceea, consider ca si pentru dvs tot faptele, datele si rezultatele directe ale studiilor stiitifice si cazurilor clince ar trebui sa vorbeasca, daca doriti sa aveti o sansa reala sa va ajutati intr-adevar.

        Bazati-va pe lucruri concrete, NU va lasati influentati de pareri pentru ca , prin pareri , ajungeti in bataia vantului si vantul s-ar putea sa nu bata din directia portrivita…
        Lucrurile nu vor fi mai bine daca noi ca societate nu le vom schimba, multa lume va suferi si deceda in continuare, insa imi doresc ca macar copii nostrii sa aiba parte de o soarta mai buna!
        LUPTATI pentru viata dvs si in special pentru copii dvs.:
        AVETI si DE CE si CU CE!

        Referitor la ce puteti face efectiv,aceasta este decizia dvs, insa daca va hotarati sa urmati calea alternativa puteti sa alegeti o combinatie de tratamnte sinergice(asa cum este acest protocol de mai sus sau cele din carte(mai puternice ) sau altele ) si sa TESTATI PERIODIC sa vedeti daca faceti progrese(este sau nu suficient de puternica si pentru cazul dvs specific, sau trebuie modificari sau schimabri in planul de tratament)
        TESTE BUNE care se pto face DE ACASA:

        Sper eu ca v-am ptuu fi cat de cat de folos.Oricum in primul rand trebuei sa vedeti daca puteti (conform legii , NU conform sfatului medicului) sa optati ca sa nu faceti operatia si citostacice.Oricum , TREBUIE DISCUTAT si cu medicul chirurg si interesat daca tumaorea pune in pericol viata(de exemplu apasa pe si BLOCHEAZA un vas major de sange) si e URGENT SA amputeze piciorul? Asta in primul rand.Apoi vorbiti cu un avocat daca puteti opta sa nu urmati calea medicala (daca va hotarati pentru aceasta abordare alternativa).

        Daca mai sunt si alte intrebari, eu va raspund cu drag, in limita timpului(mai devreme sau mai trziu, tot va raspund, pentru ca efecetiv nu pot ramane indiferent la cum ne mor parintii, fratii si copii de tineri.multi ma judeca,dar eu unul nu pot ramane indiferent. Macar am constiiinta impacata si dorm linistit noaptea ca am incercat sa ajut ). succes si sper ca sansa safieside partea dvs!

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