Alkalinity, Immunity & cancer microbes – Advanced Cancer Theory

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Prior to reading this article it is essential to read the articles:

„Cancer Causes ” (click here)

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That article explains that cancer is caused by a microbe, almost certainly Helicobacter Pylori, when it gets inside of normal cells or when a cancer cell divides and creates two daughter cancer cells which each have these microbes.

According to Independent Cancer Research Foundation, the evidence that H. Pylori causes cancer is very solid. For example:
1) It is ubiquitous in the stomach and common in the bloodstream (all humans have some cancer cells at all times),
2) It is known to be a pleomorphic microbe,
3) The most effective herb at killing H. Pylori, turmeric, is also the same herb that is most effective at treating cancer,
4) More than one alternative cancer researcher has come to the same conclusion independently.

But regardless of what the cancer microbe is, it has been known since the 1930s(starting with Royal Rife and many others) that one of the best ways to cure cancer is to kill the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. In this way the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

A surprising number of alternative cancer treatments work by killing the microbes inside of the cancer cells. A short list of these treatments include:
1) Vitamin C IntraVenously,

2) fruit juices (i.e. dark skinned grapesberries, etc)

3) Treatments using honey as carrier( i.e. turmeric and honey, ginger & honey, cinnamon & honey, etc)

4) All DMSO / All MSM treatments ( similar to honey as carrier treatments but CAN be used by patients with severe cachexia – see my book, english/international version),

5) Ultraviolet light, etc

For most alternative cancer treatments the size and shape of this microbe is irrelevant, but for two categories of alternative cancer treatments the sizes and shapes of this microbe are critical to understand because they can affect the killing of this microbe and/or the issue of cancer remission.

These two categories are:

1)highly alkaline protocols(i.e.Cesium, Calcium, Budwig)

2)electromedicine protocols that work by vibrating this microbe until it bursts (e.g. Royal Rife or „frequency generator” protocols -see my book).

The cancer microbe is a highly pleomorphic microbe, meaning it has many forms/shapes and sizes.

Here is a chart of the 16 different sizes (not to proportion) as discovered by professor Gaston Naessens and published in the book: The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens, by Christopher Bird:


The above chart does not show the proportional sizes or the shapes of the cancer microbe.


The size of the cancer microbe can literally be much smaller than a virus (which is why it can get inside of the cell nucleus and damage the cell DNA), but can be as big as a red blood cell!!

The size and shape turn out to be significant, especially in the larger and smaller forms of the microbe.

This article will discuss the importance of these shapes and sizes in the treatment of cancer.

Cancer Theory and Alkaline Treatments

The size and shape turn out to be significant, especially in the larger and smaller forms of the microbe.

The cancer microbe changes its shape and size based on the acidity or alkalinity of the inside of the cell.

As you should remember from this article about how ancer develops in time, in every healthy person, with a strong immune system, this microorganisms can exist in somatid. spore, & double spore forms( the smallest forms). As discovered by professor Gaston Naessens with the powerful microscope he invented (somatoscoppe/ dark field microspoce), in a favorable environment(acidic/low PH/Low oxygen, eventually high in sugar) & a weak immune system, these microorganisms can take other, bigger 13 forms, that form a symbiosis with cancer cells and cause a lot of damage by themselves as well.Read cancer causes.

As the alkalinity of the inside of the cancer cell goes down (i.e. the acidity goes up), the size of the cancer microbe goes up.

As the alkalinity inside the cancer cell goes up, the size of the cancer microbe goes down.


We can look at any calcium or cesium  (and possibly baking soda) to understand what is going on inside the cancer cells.

As calcium or cesium get inside the cancer cells, the alkalinity of the cancer cells increases.

If the calcium or cesium gets inside the cancer cells fast enough, it may kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells(as now nothing holds the cell hostage and prevents it from restoring it’s normal functions).

However, in some cases the microbes may be able to survive the highly alkaline substances. As the alkalinity inside the cells increases, the microbes may die or may go into hibernation (the „Somatid” state in the above chart).

This happens especially if the alkalinity does not occur fast enough

These pleomorphic cancer microbes do not like environments that are high in oxygen/high PH/high alkaline, thus do not spread in these environments.Some of them will die in these environments but some will just go back to somatid form(just as they exist in a healthy person)

When this microbe is in hibernation, it cannot be killed by anything!! This has actually been observed by several different cancer researchers (who, by the way, called this microbe by different names, such as „bion,” BX or „microzyma”)!!

In the book: The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens is this quote:

    • „… over the years somatids were revealed to be virtually indestructible! They have resisted exposure to carbonization temperatures of 200 degree C and more. They have survived exposure to 50,000 rems of nuclear radiation, far more than enough to kill any living thing. They have been totally unaffected by any acid. Taken from centrifuge residues, they have been found impossible to cut with a diamond knife, so unbelievably impervious to any such attempts is their hardness.”

page 5

While not in the somatid state, the alkalinity inside of cells makes these microbes lethargic, which largely neutralizes the damage they are doing. These microbes damage the body and cancer cells in several ways, but in this context I am talking about the fact that they can force the cancer cell to replicate very quickly.

If the alkalinity does not occur fast enough, and thus does not kill these microbes, the microbes may eventually go into the somatid or hibernation state.

If these microbes go into hibernation, the cancer cells will be able to restore their metabolism and will appear to be normal cells!!! In other words, when in hibernation these microbes do not intercept glucose and do not excrete mycotoxins. So just like when these microbes are killed, the cancer cells revert into normal cells.

But in these cases the cells appear to be normal cells, and act as if they were normal cells, but in fact they are still cancer cells in the sense that there are still microbes inside the cells!!

When the person stops or changes their cancer treatment, and goes off of their alkaline cancer treatment, and goes back to their old acidic diet, eventually the inside of the cancer cells gets acidic and the microbes come out of hibernation and the cancer „returns” in the same location it was before!!

I personally know people in these situation, i.e.people that used Cesium for 3 months , the tumor was declared inactive, and, when going back to old habits & lifestyle, cancer returned in the same location.

Actually, the cancer cells never left, they simply „went into hibernation” because the microbes were in hibernation. When the microbes came out of hibernation they started intercepting glucose again and excreting mycotoxins again. The cells again acted as if it were cancerous.

This is a key sign as to what is happening, the cancer returns in exactly the same location it was before!!

Thus, the new cancer is not caused by „new cancer cells,” it is caused by „old cancer cells” which were cancer cells which reverted into being normal cells, but when the cell interior again became acidic the somatids came out of hibernation and again started intercepting glucose and excreting mycotoxins.

Remember, every healthy person may have these microbes inside and there are 2 things that allow these microbes to develop and spread( i.e: change from somatid, spore & double spore form to a more harmful, cancer-symbiotic form);

1) a weak immune system( a strong immune system kills the harmful forms),

2) acidity/low PH/ low oxygen( a favorable environment in witch these microbes thrive & spread fast).  

This is why people who are using an alkaline protocol as their cancer treatment,need  to strengthen the immune system as well.So that if these cancer microbes are not killed by alkalinity , the immune system will make sure it kills them if they try to go back to harmful states.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to strengthen the immune system( more than the time in witch an alkaline treatment such as Cesium will put ones cancer in remission) . 

 This is why, when people are done with their alkaline treatment they need to stay on an alkaline diet for a long time  to keep the microbes in hibernation (and keep the cancer from coming back) while stregthening the immune system or they need another powerful treatment that does not use alkalinity at core

The alkaline protocols (e.g. calcium, cesium, vitamin C IV etc.) are very good protocols and are absolutely critical to keeping advanced cancer patients alive!! Nothing can keep advanced cancer patients alive as well as these protocols!! These protocols have saved many, many lives, so this is not a criticism of these protocols.

My point is, as I say on other web pages, that when a cancer patient finishes one of these protocols they must  stay on an alkaline „cancer diet” for a long time and keep on stregthening their immune system.

I will write an article about the solution developed by professor Gaston Naessens for strengthening the immune system, 714X.

Meanwhile, some examples of immune treatments are medicinal mushrooms(see my book for a more powerful option) or even some electromedicine like Bob Beck 

Cancer Theory and Electromedicine Treatments

It has been demonstrated many times that if you kill all of the microbes inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell.

Some good examples of treatments that kill these microbes inside cancer cells , yopu can do at home right now:

1) Vitamin C IntraVenously(also  extends life),

2) fruit juices (i.e. dark skinned grapesberries, etc)

3) Treatments using honey as carrier( i.e. turmeric and honey, ginger & honey, cinnamon & honey, etc)

4) All DMSO / All MSM treatments ( similar to honey as carrier treatments but, unlike hoey/ glucose, these CAN be used by patients with severe cachexia – see my book, english/international version),

One of themost efficeint ways to kill these microbes is with electromedicine, especially if the electromedicine device has a „carrier wave.”

Using a remarkable new microscope he designed and built in 1930 Royal R. Rife cultured tissue from a breast cancer sample, in Kendall medium, and isolated a micro-organism. He followed this experiment with a series of other studies in which he cultured an organism in Kendall media, from tissue taken from a human breast cancer. He then injected this microorganism into 412 healthy rats, and found that without fail they all developed breast cancer.

 Finally, he was then able to isolate the original microorganism from the tumours which grew in the rats. In the process Rife became probably the first person ever to fulfil Koch’s postulants, for cancer causing microbes. Koch’s Postulants are a set of rules to prove the causation of disease by microorganisms. They state that to prove such causality the microorganism must first be isolated and cultured. It must then be shown to have infected a health animal, and finally the same organism must be recoverable from the now infected animal.
The cancer virus which Rife named Cryptocides Primordiales or the BX virus, was a minute 1/5 micron in length and 1/20 micron in width. It was highly motile, aerobic (requiring free oxygen for its survival) and highly pathogenic.
Rife discovered that while exposing the virus to a temperature of 42C for 24 hours would kill the virus(an additional reason why hyperthermia works), it remained unaffected by exposure to either X-ray, UV or Infra-red waves. 
While the discovery of a cancer virus was in itself an incredible feat of scientific endeavour, Rife was to make yet more discoveries destined to rock the scientific status quo. The BX virus was shown to be a polymorphic(meaning it has/can change in many forms) virus, able to change its states according to the culture in which it was grown. When a BX virus was cultivated in a different media, it was seen to change into a BY virus. When the media was changed yet again it developed into a monococcoid in the monocytes of the blood, and with a further change of media it morphed once again, this time into crytomyces pleomorphia fungi. At any stage along this journey of polymorphism, the original BX virus could be grown again by adding any one of these forms to the original media.
 Everything was documented with film, photographs and meticulous records.
Next he was able to use a certain frequency of energy produced by a machine he developed that could destroyed these cancer causing viruses in the body without harming any normal cells. All of this was in the 1930s.

Royal Rife’s electromagnetism machine had a 100% cure rate of terminal cancer patients.

NOTE: Dr Rife  observed these cancer microbes can NOT be killed faster than they can spread in an acidic (low PH. low oxygen ) environment. Thus,,raising alkalinity / oxygen levels (Stopping the spread of cancer) is more important. This can be done safely with the help of an alkaline dietalkaline minerals(Cesium,Calcium), Ozone/Oxygen therapies

So how do these devices kill the microbes which are inside of a cancer cell?

It is generally believed that each of the 16 shapes and sizes of the cancer microbe has a different „Mortal Oscillatory Rate” or M.O.R., meaning they have a different frequency at which they vibrate until they explode and die.

Think of a wine glass being shattered by an opera singer. At a certain frequency the glass will shatter. Likewise, each microbe has a specific frequency (i.e. M.O.R.) at which it will „explode” and die.

In theory, this would imply that it would take 16 different frequencies to kill the „cancer microbe.” Well, it is not that simple.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation will determine these frequencies if they ever get enough funding. But for now understand that it has been shown by those using electromedicine, by trial and error, that taking some ionized water makes the device more effective.

This makes perfect sense because at the larger sizes and shapes, finding an effective frequency to vibrate them until they explode may be very difficult. This may be exacerbated by the shapes of the larger sizes. Some shapes may prevent a uniform and consistent vibration.

By taking some ionized water the alkalinity inside the cancer cells will go up and the size of the microbes will go down into the mid-size range of the microbe sizes.

However, it has also been shown that when too much ionized water is taken, in conjunction with an alkaline treatment, that the microbe becomes too small to kill by the frequency range of the device.

These conclusions were based on case studies.

Much more research needs to be done in this area, but for now realize that the cardinal rule of using electromedicine is to take a reasonable amount of ionized or alkaline water, but do not be fanatical. By using moderation the size and shape of the cancer microbe will be in the middle range and it will be easier to kill the microbes by using vibrations.

This is a highly theoretical discussion, but the theory coincides with the actual success of the devices.


Devices that use technology that replicate  1930s Rife machines, are described in my book .

Final Comments and Summary

This article is in no way a criticism of the alkaline or electromedicine protocols. They are superb protocols that can do things no other protocols can do!! Many, many cancer patients are alive today because of these protocols!!

In fact, the alkaline „super protocols” are the highly recommended protocols for very advanced cancer patients.

However, it is important to understand key principles in how to maximize the effectiveness of these protocols.

With alkaline protocols the way to maximize their effectiveness is to stay on an alkaline diet for life or until you manage to strengthen your immune system or  to use a non-alkaline cancer protocol when the alkaline protocol is completed .

With electromedicine protocols the way to maximize the effectiveness of these protocols is to use some alkalinity to put the microbes in the middle size range and stop them from spreading faster than they can be killed, but to not use too much alkalinity. „Moderation” of alkalinity is a good term.

Cancer Research By Others

The ICRF is not the only cancer research organization in the United States, much less throughout the world. Here are links to other cancer research going on around the world:

Cancer Research on Deuterium Depletion (the research is in Hungary)

The Gabor Somyais book

good to know about: (714x) (Tamara Lebedewa)

Hulda Clark

Tullio Simmoncini

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  3. Buna seara, Domnule doctor cu Suflet de aur!

    Va scriu ca biolog teoretician in tema propusa, fara a-mi considera cele scrie drept observatii (Doamne, nici nu as dori vreodata sa imi socotiti spusele astfel), care cunoaste a 0,000000000000…1-a parte din ceea ce stiti. Teoretic, microbii sunt bacteriile si virusurile, noi socotind microbeii astia ca fiind microbei, doar daca sunt rai….. ca exista si altii, saprofiti, ori simbionti intracelulari (aici ar intra doar bacteriile, ca virusuri bune NU EXISTA, metabolismul lor fiind cel al GAZDEI de fapt, fara de care nu sunt capabili sa se inmulteasca si nici sa traiasca. Apoi, nu prea am auzit de starea de spor pt virusuri. Ei sunt sau nu sunt virusuri. Materialul lor genetic supravietuieste unor conditii incredibile, imbracamintea proteica le-o produce gazda invadata. Starea de spor este doar la CIUPERCI. BACTERIILE AU STAREA DE INCHISTARE.

    Acum, ciupercile NU SUNT MICROBI. Ciupercile inferioare sau superioare SUNT EUCARIOTE (trad= cu nucleu adevarat), algele la fel, etc. Bacteriile nu sunt EUCARIOTE, nu au nucleu adevarat, au un nucleu „imprastiat”, ele fiind PROCARIOTE. (trad = inainte de eucariote, adica, le preced).

    Vorbind despre ciuperci, sunt o multime. Despre cele care au ASCE cu ascospori, putem spune ca sunt inferioare, majoritatea parazite, putine sunt saprofite,* Candida albicans (despre care am citit ceva articole ca o cercetatoare sustine ca ar cauza cancerele de exemplu, genitale) *ESTE CAND ORGANISMUL ESTE PUTERNIC, SAPROFITA, iar cand scade imunitatea, cand creste aciditatea mediului (scade PH-ul sub 7), es devine PARAZITA. In fiecare asca (sunt ca niste pungute alungite, in varful unui fir de miceliu) fiecare asca are 8 ascospori, produsi in urma a 3 diviziuni succesive. 1 nucleu se divide, rezulta 2, care se dinid, rezulta 4, care se divid si rezulta 8). In pungutele (ascele) amintite sunt acesti 8 nuclei cu citoplasma in jur si o membrana (adica ascosporii) = forma de rezistenta si de propagare al ciupercii. Toate ciupercile parazite sunt din acest grup.

    Ciupercile superioare sunt BAZIDIOMICETE, acestea fiind ciupercile CU PALARIE, UNELE, COMESTIBILE (de pilda, Agaricus campestris, ciuperca alba de camp, Ganoderma lucidum = numita popular „lingura zanei”, folosita in fitoterapie.


    Teoretic, in schita domnului doctor amintit in articol, microbul e microb si nu poate deveni ciuperca. Poate vorbeste despre un spor (acel ascospor) al ciupercii.

    Nu e vorba de traducere defectuoasa, ci de sensul pur stiintific al denumirilor din sistemul de clasificare al organismelor vii.

    De exemplu, niste fire de ciuperca (firele se numesc HIFE) ca si firele de mucegai, poate trai ca o ciuperca saprofita, consumand materie organica moarta, dar, daca INTALNESC O ALGA VERDE (de exemplu, „verzeala zidurilor”), se lipeste de alga, patrunde in celula acesteia, dand nastere unei noi forme de viata, LICHENUL, care poate fi autotrof (= se hraneste prin fotosinteza cu ajutorul ciupercii, ele fiind in simbioza), dar, poate sufoca un copac, un brad, mentinand-i umiditatea excesiva a cojii tulpinii, vulnerabila la alte vietati. Insa, acest lichen* Usnea barbata*, nu este parazit deloc, dar este daunator.

    Cu deosebita stima, V

    • multumesc pentru completari .

      Ce se intampla, ce spuneti dvssunt clasificarile clasice ,asa cum au fost catalogate ele la momentul respectiv.

      Domnul profesor Naesenss,, cu ajutorul perfrmantului sau microscop(denumit de el somatoscop) a descoperit aceste microrgansime, cum evolueaza si ce fac ele funtie de imunitate si PH. cadeobicei , eu prezint faptele asa cum sunt, nu imi dau cu am facut eu astfel de cercetari in domeniu. Totusi, trebuieavut in vedere ca domnul profesor are si cunostiintele si mijloacele (a dezvoltat un microscop, foarte foarte perfomant in domeniu, poate cel mai performant in domeniu) care l-au ajutat sa descopere ce a descoperit. Astfel, acestea sunt fapte, descoperi asa cum sunt ele observate la microscop.casunt ciuperic labza,virusisau microbisau ceva nou, oricum sunt niste microorganisme care evoluezafunctie de imunitate si PH si care ne pot ajuta sa intelegem cancerul,alte boli si poate chiar viata mai bine.

      Multumesc de completari!

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